#FuelSubsidyRemoval: It’s Don Jazzy… Again!

While a lot of celebs have been catching heat for endorsing the President’s 2011 candidacy, Don Jazzy was practically getting thrown under the bus on Twitter for his overt involvement in the affair. Between the negative tweets and those in defence of him, the Mo’Hits maestro trended worldwide for a brief period, another milestone for the award winning producer. It all started with a tweet on the third of January in which he made the following comment on his decision to back Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential bid –

I hardly regret decisions i make. That my 1 vote added to put the current Govt in power is one decision i regret with all my heart.

This comment might have slid past unnoticed if the sum of Don Jazzy’s involvement in the election were just his one vote. But as it turned out, this isn’t the case, and the tweet set off an avalanche of vitriolic comments from his near 200k twitter follower base, most of whom are Nigerian and are not exactly happy with the government right now, considering that it had just hiked the pump price of fuel on New year’s day. The overt involvement of Mo’Hits stars Don Jazzy and D’Banj in the GEJ presidential campaign has, in the opinion of some of his fans/followers, made them personally responsible for the actions of the administration, especially if they had “plessed their hand” on account of their influence. Here’s what some of them had to say –

@HazelMajor: You’re scared of GEJ seeing your tweets concerning fuel subsidy removal? Scared he might ask for the money back? @DONJAZZY

@OluwaWanaBaba: What we need from you is to commit suicide and end your worthless existence. RT @omobabz: we want from him (@DONJAZZY) is a public apology

@dududazzzle: @DONJAZZY is one of the cabal abeg.

@mayoveli: Now Don jazzy is saying he didnt collect shit from GEJ n PDP…lyk seriously all dose Jingles n shit r for Free qiut BSing us joor.

Don J however, has not been taking any of this dissing lying low, and his last six or so tweets show just as much –

My TL has just showed me dat some of us dont know what our problem really is. If spitting venom on here is going to help. pls go ahead.

If only u have an idea wot i ve been tru for saying i regret my vote alone. yet some of u re here chatting dust.

Rather than face the problems some dey attack me? and yet u say u re ready for a revolution? come on

If dem snipe me now the best y’all can do is put up avatars and say eyaaa RIP. then wot next? will u feed d multitude depending on me? plsss

U tweet and it stays online. i tweet and it ends up on a newspaper in Aso Rock. And i did the best i could. u want me to now over do?

Naaaaa some of us re not ready for this change we shout about mehn.

I don talk the matter finish mehn. if u still dey vex for me, check ur head. Good day.

As is always the case with celebrities, a hater invasion is always countered by a voltron defence, and a not a few of them were on hand to hand out scathing ripostes to the disgruntled fans. Between them, they managed to get Don Jazzy trending worldwide in third place for a brief period, and that’s certainly no mean feat.

Our man made it clear that he was done talking about the issue. But whether he’ll be as quick to throw his weight behind another political brand in future is however open to question, given the level of personal integrity that are often invested in such transactions. Love him or hate him though, while hater tweets stay online, his tweets end up in newspapers and soundbites. And if that is influence, Don Jazzy’s got it.

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