Get some Omawumi on your phone!

Pop diva Omawumi has opened up another medium of excitement for fans. Courtesy of Mtech, you can now download your favourite Omawumi song on your mobile phone!

Work sometimes gets hard; life sometimes gets boring. It’s time to jazz it all up with those amazing songs you have always loved from this wonderful artiste: In the Music, Serious Love Nwantiti, Today na Today, Miss my Baby and the latest hit released just last week: If you ask me!

Now, Omawumi has given you a reason not to forget your phone anywhere – get your ringtone now!

TODAY NA TODAY 702705 4555 11106
TODAY NA TODAY 2 702704 4552
MISS MY BABY 702703 4549 11104
SERIOUS LOVE NWANTINTI 703176 12733 11568
SERIOUS LOVE NWANTINTI 2 703177 12737 11569
Get into the Music 702832 4546 11103
If you ask me 2 702761 17625
If you ask me 702759 17621

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