Hauwa Gambo: The truth about Tunde Bakare (YNaija FrontPage)

Save for fire and brimstone, no one can distil in a nutshell what exactly Tunde Bakare and Buhari were going to do better than Jonathan and Sambo.

Let me quickly share one truth: anyone who believes, even for one second, that President Goodluck Jonathan won the 2011 elections because he rigged the polls will never win an election in this country.

Let that sink in.

Another truth: the above is the crucial distinction between the political operation of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and that of Muhammadu Buhari. The former counts his losses and gets back to work; the other spends the rest of the time blaming everyone but himself for his own incompetence.

Indeed, there was no more fascinating spectacle in the run-up to the last presidential elections than President Jonathan canvassing votes with the intensity of an underdog, deploying his wife to woo low-information voters, amassing celebrities to reach out to the elite, employing the image of Yar’Adua to seduce the north, taking his plea for votes from every state and to every demographic. Humbly and lethally, Goodluck Ebele Jonthan made an ultimately winning case why he was the man for the job.

His major opposition, however? They were busy turning up their noses at a merger they have now embraced with a whimper, arrogantly declaring that they were the Jesus to Nigeria’s Nazareth, and that all must bow down to their superiority of their message.

This is the problem however: they did not have a superior message. Save for fire and brimstone, no one can distil in a nutshell what exactly Tunde Bakare and Buhari were going to do better than Jonathan and Sambo. In fact, when young people came together and asked Buhari to make his case directly through a national debate (and get crucial free airtime on television, where Jonathan was walloping him), his response was arrogant dismissal.

Even on the question of character, neither Buhari, who led one of the several coups that crippled our nation, nor Bakare, who called him outdated before he decided he was the best thing since Abraham Lincoln, nor for that matter Nasir el-Rufai who left the government of Olusegun Obasanjo under a cloud of influence peddling and audacious manipulation of the PDP primaries have a superior record.

This doesn’t mean they are not more qualified than Goodluck Jonathan or even more capable of transforming Nigeria in a way he has sadly fallen short of. But, as Pastor Tunde Bakare might want to read from the bible he masterfully preaches from, God resists the proud.

Indeed, if the terrible arrogance from that party of righteous men that they have something of a God-given mandate to rule this nation because their cause is just will stop them from humbling themselves to do the hard work of convincing the electorate, then they will be better off planning a military coup.

Because the currency of politics, of which they have a crippling deficit, is persuasion. It is not well-couched insults, petulant cynicism, or broken-record Sunday sermons.

Indeed, it was easy to identify adherents of Pastor Bakare on Twitter and Facebook as he celebrated his birthday last Sunday (and indeed, the accomplished pastor deserved the felicitations). There was a sense of righteous indignation that surrounded them, an outrage identical to their shepherd’s that this country has fallen so short of its potential that has to be rescued from the clutches of mediocrity and corruption that has tightened upon Nigerians courtesy of the PDP.

And they are probably right.

Unfortunately, they are too few, much too few, to influence even a local government election. So, as they celebrate their hero’s birthday, it might be time for some sober reflection: time for them to take a break from attacking everyone and everything and begin the hard work of winning hearts and minds.

They have already wasted the past year engaged in the equivalent of political masturbation. Guys, you now have barely two years to get your act together.



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  1. This piece, has not only highlighted a deficiency, it gave the remedy to the problem. it is laden with TRUTH, as evidenced by the fact that the man and party that got it right, are in power today in Nigeria. there is a lesson there for those that wish to emulate and employ that strategy, PERIOD.

    All other considerations including vituperative incursions and excursions, should be sheathed, in favor of common sense and superior logic.

    2015, would then be an interesting year of above average political activity cum bazaar. We are waiting!

  2. seun A

    Evil is EVIL, there realistically no such thing as a lesser EVIL, period . Now lets continue the debate!!!

  3. Sometimes, you just have to admit ynaija is deperate for popularity and page hits. What 'truth about tunde bakare" has been revealed in this write up? You guys just put up titles to attract traffic? The content of this post reveals nothing about the man in question. You guys at the ynaija editorial team should get ur acts together and stop looking for cheap publicity! This could have been better titled. SMH

  4. TEE This one just to correct you that Buhari stays only in the North and campaigned. Not true ask people from lagos, ibadan,akure,etc in d west portharcourt,asaba, benin,warri etc ind south, onitsha,omuahia,owerri,ect ind east like wise all states in the central they have seen Buhari and his team campaigning there. He did not only stays in d North alone . Thank you.

  5. ignoramusa, the likes of u shouldn't be called 'man'…i rest my case.

  6. The definitive article "THE" in Hauwa's title took away most of the punch from her write-up. Personal opinion cannot have the word "THE" (which means an absolute)in english.

  7. To the best of my knowledge,Goodluck Jonathan is the best for the season,just as scripture states: He was lead to the slaughter and before His shearers is dumb and He opened not his mouth. Oh yes! Dr Ebele Jonathan is a good man,but you really cannot achieve much if the adversary is all out,only God can help,and only him can fully restate if you succeeded or failed. Buhari destroyed our booming second democracy,and lost to indolence,Bakare lied to us,he said in PH. That he does not carry any card of any p

  8. All the writer did here was take personal opinion and label it as truth. But that doesn't make it true. How is this the truth? What qualifies any of it as truth?

  9. the truth is that buhari and bakare are lossing time,they should be selling themselve now with d advantage of this failing policies of Goodluck,they don't even need ACN becos tat party will lose in d next election especialy in lagos or d south-west,CPC wake up

  10. A beautifully written piece of inaccuracy. Well done, and may the Truth prevail!

  11. And you are….Trash. Its such a good thing you already know what you are.

  12. who wrote this…u are an idiot. goat cow.. asshole

  13. Jonathan and Sincerity in the same sentence? Very funny.

  14. I believed GEj got there fair n Sq but he will neva win another election in Nigeria, mehn his tenor has bought nothing but badluck n evil to Nigeria,am not saying ths cos I hate the man o,but in hs time nigeria has had the wiredest happenings.Somethings I just used to watch in CNN is now happening live

  15. I'm done arguing with you. Whatever you feel is right for your country in your heart do it. That is all I care about.

  16. I agree with mr Adenika. he could not even be fair and present realistic fact about the two men involve. 2 he did not seem to know any deep knowledge of goodluck or bakare or even buhari. I expected him to relay what each person has to offer and give superiority arguement in favour of good luck.He seem to be too basic in analysis as he count things that are not relevant to the case. he also was not realistic about goodluck as his illustration was like something from the comic book.I give him cudous for his last advice.Finally he does not even show any signs of independence from the character. but show definate bais as his evidence does not lead to his conclusion. It is like a forced relationship…nt meaning harm is just to make u better.

  17. Whao

    I really enjoy the post.

  18. Wow this article points out some truths, Nigerians need to understand that there are different classes of Voters. If CPC/ACN want to win in 2015. They'll need to reach every strata (Demography). D new Coalition against PDP has to start its Campaign now, however lowkey they want to do it. Get Voluteers for 2015 in every local government. Try to reach ppl on social media, newspapers, radio and tv. Do Grassroot campaign. Feed on the needs of the masses. And Ultimately tell the electorate what they have to offer that is better than PDP (Power, Transparency, Security, Education, Employment), and Propose how they'll achieve their goal. Nigeria, the time is now. Hauwa this is a well written article. Looking forward to more write-ups from you

  19. I can't remember the last time I read a more balanced op-ed like this. And can't therefore comprehend the foul-mouthed tirades directed at the writer.

    Reading a little below the surface, I think, the writer expressed a vivid disappointment with the way things are under the GEJ administration but couldn't see any viable alternative. This was largely due to the attitude of the opposition and their leadership.

    I have always argued that CPC lost in Kano and Katsina states due to the arrogance and/or indecision of their national leader – GMB. And sadly, they aren't making any effort to make amends. CPC, ANPP and ACN largely remain regional parties with little/no national presence.

    What was even the reaction of PDP to the news of the opposition merger? And were the opposition busy restructuring as suggested by the writer, would PDP's reaction have been so dismissive?

    The writer was blunt and direct, probably because she was fed up with the way things were, are and possibly continue to be given the way the opposition are at the moment.

    The earlier we accept the mess we are in, the better for our future.

  20. The jus concluded american presidential election should serve as a yard stick for our presidential candidates. Romney kept finding Obama's faults and campaigned about solving them, and he almost won. Opposition in Nigeria only attack pdp, but never try to make d voters feel that they know their plight and would solve them if elected. The times of promise of roads, water and electricity has passed. Nigerians want someone to promise them equality, fairness and honesty.some one who would speak up at the wasteful spending of government and promise to cut it down. Some1 who would reduce d recurrent expenditure of this country and push the recovered funds into capital projects. Some one who does not see Nigeria as a 6 geo political zone arrangement, but see's the country as 1, with people all over needing the basic amenities to survive. Our president must be prepared to call the hausa man, igbo man, yoruba man etc Nigerians and work for their development without showing favorism to any section.These and a more are what Nigerians are looking for in an opposition candidate, not some1 who attacks everything the pdp govt does but has not used his vast knowlege or resources to implement a little change in his immediate environment. How many politicians criticizing the pdp have helped the flood victims? How many put aside the politics and were on hand to support govt get those people back on their feet? When they start doing that then we know they truly are working in the interest of the people. ACN and CPC have a lot of work to do starting immediately to make their influences felt, not jus in the states they rule, but in states they aspire to rule. They also need to weed out the pdp elements within them who only join when looking for ticket for positions, but return to pdp after they win or lose with no shame.

  21. I said, before the elections, that Buhari and Bakare (both supported by elRufai)were just busy telling us what Jonathan wasn't doing instead of telling us what they would do. Jonathan has exhibited incompetence as a president but, truth be told, he ran a better campaign.

    The writer has stated an opinion which s/he is entitled to and which I totally agree with.

    On whether the writer is male or female, how is that important? George Orwell turned out to be female but that's not what we remember about Animal Farm.

  22. Too bad. Look at what tribalism has done to our minds. We even cannot identify good anlysis when we see one.kudos to Hauwa.if u diagree with her do your own write up

  23. @Mene, the concept of democracy is a little more than the people choosing leaders, it is whole when the leaders consciously realise that there are ready and available options to the mandate they represent. Most of the time its only then the cliche "dividends of democracy" bring something forth. You are not wrong and I understand you quite well, but realistically, assuming every politician represent the same thing would be an unfair hasty generalisation. While I don't agree our political parties differ on ideological grounds, I believe the PDP could be pressured by the presence of a viable option to bring about the same intervention ACN/CPC have been preaching. Our immediate problems in Nigeria don't need rocket scientists but the political will to tend to our relativelly primordial challenges. The PDP is getting spoilt by the day thanks to the other guys and we are the victims…and yes, I am contributing my quota in making my immediate environment socio-politically aware. But how much can I do. Time,space and access hasn't blessed me enough. Abi na

  24. Abbas Musa is actually a whore expert,he's been ignoring the good advices of his sluts,now he's doin same to every single good advice he reads

  25. The problem is not with the writer, the truth is that the opposition do not have the spread , structure or numbers …. and they are not likely to have it at the next elections , rigging or no rigging

  26. @Mene you're unrealistic. It is wise to choose the lesser of the two evils instead of condemning all.

  27. IMHO, pple like you are the real problem this country has. You are to unrealistic to push this country foward. Do you want to form honesty or push this country foward. You also talk like as if the people ruining this will just leave after you insult them. Man stop dreaming wake up.

  28. Wildeyeq indeed, you should go into politics you may help get the right person in govt


  30. Bakare, Buhair I can say are the few men that can lead this country they are not just going about it the right way

  31. No need to lie about past event when u actually don't have an idea what occurred. Buhar's coup was a saving grace for Nigeria then as the shagari govt was crippled with corruption and abrupt indiscipline. Get ur facts right before publishing ur articles or they will look like u are currying favours from the pdp.

  32. Evidently, the writer's goal is to invoke thought, this is not a doctorial dissertation – mission accomplished!!!

  33. See this inept..watery piece…I shame for d writer sha

  34. Guy! You dey try talk sontin, the sontin I no get am!

    Una too dey talk inglish for this kontri, na ihn make ahn still be like dis.

    If den make Pidjin awa official laguaje, Naija go be beta place.

    But before then…


    1. @Olu: you don't have to remain as you are if you feel you are not in a good place. You can always take steps to better yourself. I wish you all the best.

  35. Everytime I read am article that attempts to inform,I come face to face with how sadly deficient Nigerians are in comprehension. The opinion expressed by the writer is merely that,but rather than either challenge this opinion with a superior argument or pick holes in this opinion based on fact, we resort to name calling & forget the issues while chasing after the shadows…..I tire oh!

  36. Everytime I read am article that attempts to inform,I come face to face with how sadly deficient Nigerians are in comprehension. The opinion expressed by the writer is merely that,but rather than either challenge this opinion with a superior argument or pick holes in this opinion based on fact, we resort to name calling & forget the issues while chasing after the shadows…..I tire oh!

    1. Now I know what the Buhari people fear the most. A dose of their own medicine of insult and social media space. Attack them with facts and they are running helter skelter. But what this writer wrote is an. Admonition in truth. They will do well to heed

    2. My grouse is not even with what the writer has written but this inability to comprehend simple English that seems to afflict the educated in Nigeria. Nuances, suggestions, inflections, all are taken at face value and reacted to without any intelligence and I despair that the ability to comprehend is being lost & we are unaware, for how then shall we redeem from the stark illiteracy in governance if this becomes firmly entrenched as is in evidence. Its the reason some barely sensible people tout themselves as messiahs and are hailed as such & for many, the fear of verbal assaults from the many followers of these 'worevas' (rme) prevents engagement and education, again, I say, o ti su mi mehn!

  37. I understand Hauwa's sentiments. Maybe too well.

    For from the 2011 elections one thing has never stopped bothering me.

    The 'us" and "them" tone that is strong and pervasive in every discourse on Politics in our country. Patriotism is still something of a myth to 98% of us.

    And permit me to say that it still drips in Hauwa's Piece.

    If we erase in our mind the delusion of "them" then we can start getting there.

    GEJ,Buhari,Bakare, Tinubu are as Nigerian as the rest of us.

    I won't dissect the dynamics of Obama's recent victory. That's take home for each of us.

    But I will say this, America is a model democracy not because its an utopia or there is no graft but because the people

    are not deluded that their own personal destiny is unaffected by that of their country.

    The questions I would rather each under 50yr olds that make 70% of our population were asking themselves is this.

    1)Do i like how i am being governed now?

    2)Was I impressed with the metier of the opposition in 2011?

    3)Why do we still have CPC ACN as the main opposition parties.

    My point is this, its not 2 more years for Buhari ,Bakare Tinubu or anyone to decide for you to or not to retain the status quo in 2015.

    Its 2 more years for us to decide if its okay for us to fail again.

    I am unconvinced that money is any challenge if we all refuse to be compromised by Unaffectedness!

    So pardon me if this is how I file this piece as another "na them sabi"

  38. A good piece of informative writing for the uninitiated.
    It will probably take NIgerians a long while to understand the political process known as Democracy, as it is run in NIgeria today. It is somewhat different than the Democracy run in the Western world from where it was taken. So Ms. Gambo I see nothing wrong with this: "Indeed, there was no more fascinating spectacle in the run-up to the last presidential elections than President Jonathan canvassing votes with the intensity of an underdog, deploying his wife to woo low-information voters, amassing celebrities to reach out to the elite, employing the image of Yar’Adua to seduce the north, taking his plea for votes from every state and to every demographic. Humbly and lethally, Goodluck Ebele Jonthan made an ultimately winning case why he was the man for the job." It is called 'using what you have to get what you want'. It is done everywhere in politics so I wouldn't read too much into it.
    Good challenge to the duo of Buhari and Bakare. I hope they listen and act appropriately.

  39. Hauwa Gambo has written a nice piece here instead for folks to critically examine it, we have resulted in calling her names and all that. Where are we going to in this nation? What Abbas Musa said as shown the kind of youths we have in Nigeria. Block heads and zero thinking level. Shame on you and where you come from…

  40. Hauwa has written well, I read this article repeatedly. I wish every Nigerian will do so, & with understanding. Calling her names for differing in her opinions just shows how shallow minded you are.

  41. Well said. I will share this piece because nigerians need 2 know d truth about this guys [Pastor Tunde Bakare, Tinubu and Buhari ]

  42. I think the message couldn't be more succintly put. I also differ with a certain comment crediting Gej's victory solely to his access to govt funds. That's too easy to assume. The ACN wrestled the SW out of the grip of the PDP despite the money, influence and the power they were drenched in. The PDP has always been the only party with concrete plans to hold power in the centre, in my opinion they respect the enormity of the position, Its no joke and it shouldn't come cheap! Like the saying goes 'its easy to criticise, as a matter of fact most fools do', I want to believe laying down a vibrant political machinery might most likely win polls rather than 'easy' criticism on pages of newspapers. A virile opposition to the PDP in Abuja especially in the face of their failure so far is one thing the ACN/CPC owe you and I and Nigeria at large. If all you can do to Hauwa after this truth of an article is to insult him/her, like the PDP you are an equal problem.

    1. @OMO: I agree with a lot of what you said and am nodding my head in complete agreement with Hauwa but I disagree with this line:

      A virile opposition to the PDP in Abuja especially in the face of their failure so far is one thing the ACN/CPC owe you and I and Nigeria at large

      ACN/CPC are like PDP and believe they owe us nothing. You, I and every other Nigerian owe it to the unborn ones to sort things out. Our parents prayed; we are tweeting, writing articles, pinging and ranting; different methods, same outcome. We need to get involved in the political parties themselves & rid them of every GEJ, Sambo, Tinubu, Buhari & Bakare as they are all children of the same parents.

  43. This has to be the worst & disjointed op-ed I've read in a while

  44. This is a piece with a deep insight. I cannot agree more. I'm not a PDP fan but I've always marveled at Buhari's sheer lack of insight any time he and his CPC talked of a stolen mandate in the 2011 Presidential election. He failed to realize that, in a democracy, you do not win an election without canvassing for votes. CPC never really canvassed for votes in the Southern states but expected to win all the same! Tunde Bakare is a pastor, a civil rights activist and a partisan politician. He doesn't see any conflict of interest. Apart from Bakare's arrogance, his real burden is his inability to grasp the simple reason why President Jonathan won the 2011 presidential. The offshoot of that are the seeds of violence planted by Buhari and Bakare which claimed many innocent lives, including those of NYSC members serving in the Northern states.

  45. Whatever be the subplot of the aspirations of Muhamadu Buhari and Tunde Bakare, had direct contact to do with the funds available at their disposal, take Dele Momodu's effort for example, as much as the business man did all he believe was enough to campaign, he cud not liquidate his business to. Finance a presidential campaign, which wuld have given his effort, still a lesser shadow compared to the funds in control by thr ruling PDP. If only u attended few press conferences of other political parties in running to the election, then u wud agree wit me that election campaign in its simplest form and widest reach inks a hefty budget in its bid to reach all electorates, which the PDP has in abundance by using the riches of our country!

    1. I'll accede the fact the PDP being the incumbent party had a lot of our commonwealth at their disposal to win the elections. But also agree with me that the opposition were not ( still aren't) selling themselves to the masses, they were engaging in name calling and trying to make themselves appear better that "this monstrous evil called PDP".

      It's like a a poor guy trying to make the rich suitor look bad. You'll end up pushing the girl into his arms.

  46. Nice writeup.

    Let people know what you have for them, tearing others roof off wont get yours in place!

    Tinubu has learnt that the hard way.


    Name calling will not get us anywhere…nobody holy pass o!

  47. Jonathan and his party campaigned with the money they stole from us all and you commend him? We need help in this country. And why on earth would you hack Buhari down for refusing to team up with someone who obviously doesn't give a s**t about Nigeria?

    Again I say we Nigerians need help. If all of una like stay there and watch these termites eat up whatever it is we have left to call home.

    1. Democracy is expensive Imho so you need money. Buhari came across as a divisive element and couldn't attract rich people to bankroll his campaign. Everone is a rogue except him. If he sits down on his haunch come 2015 and think he will win then we are stuck with PDP again for the next four years.

      1. No wahala, make him sef go steal money abi? No wahala. I don talk am say we need help.

        And let's get something straight here – Jonah did NOT attract rich people. He stole money.

        By the way, I do agree with Buhari about everyone being a rogue! Why do you think we are where we are today. Personally I prefer the word 'retarded'. If you deliberately run your own country into the ground e mean say you no well.



  48. Great article. Been saying this even before the last elections.

    GEJ won last elections because he connected emotional with the voting public. I have heard people arrogantly say Nigerians failed to vote for 'Common Sense' unfortunately, they conveniently forget that moral suasion doesn't win elections.

    Hauwa has told the inconvenient truth bluntly.

  49. The Truth that we never like to hear as Nigerians is what Hauwa has just spoken. Calling her names or questioning her integrity only goes to solidify her message that some of us merely react to the whims and wiles of "our masters".

    Political battles are worn by men who not only possess intellect, or have a plan to turn thing things around: they are worn most importantly by men who can sell their message (of salvation or damnation) to the masses. As such, you find that millions were devoted to Hitler as he carried out his insane ventures, and millions clung to the message of Winston Churchill as he promised victory over a more motivated Germany. Both men, on opposite divides of global peace, sold themselves more than what they had to offer.

    It is really shameful, and quite insulting that we still allow politicians and opinion leaders to sway us like sheep because of their "reputation". We must learn to demand a little respect from them, let them woo us, dine us and sweep us off our feet. Then maybe like those who "voted GEJ and not PDP" we then will sweep them into political office with our loyalty and love.

  50. LOL! Political Masturbation. That stood out. Such a weist!

  51. The problem with we Nigerians is we do not like hearing the truth. Y abuse and call the writer all sort of names when all she is sayin is CPC should get there act together and get Nigerians to understand their cause and not waste time rainin abuses on pdp officials. CPC and ACN need to quickly iron out issues, get a structure in place that can reach the grass roots and begin the hard work of educating and convincing voters, and not rely on sympathy or ethnicity to win political offices in Nigeria. Just an advice, I wonder y people will rain abuses at an advice

  52. Wonderful piece,elections are not morality tests.

  53. Hauwa, you conveniently forgot that President GEJ reached every nook and cranny of this country because he spent government funds to fund his election, funds that neither General Buhari or Malam Ribadu had.

    Funds that if they had they would have also used to accomplish the same feat.

    You also conveniently forgot that GEJ have employed arrogance in the discharge of their duties. Of course, to you only General Buhari and Pastor Bakare are arrogant.

    I see you an apologist to the PDP. I will refrain from cursing you out like I have in mind to do. You should bow your head in shame. Your parents should be ashamed they had you.

    1. Musa, you conveniently forgot that Buhari and Bakare arrogantly alienated those that would have bankrolled his campaign. They did not learnt the strategy of "Stoop to conquer" and they lost. I see you as CPC apologist. Same caustic tongue; same shallow mind that cannot that think strategically on how to get things done.

      1. Musa, you conveniently forgot that Buhari and Bakare arrogantly alienated those that would have bankrolled their campaign. They did not learn the strategy of “Stoop to conquer” and they lost. I see you as CPC apologist. Same caustic tongue; same shallow mind that cannot that think strategically on how to get things done.

    2. You say buhari and ribadu didn't have money? I beg to differ..

      Lets even say buhari didn't have money was that why he took his campaign only to the north? You go only to the north yet you want the other regions to vote you? Did you sell your message to them? Did you try to win their hearts?

      That's nonsense.

      El-rufai needs to get busy with something other than twitter. It's funny how people there see him as the best thing after sliced bread.this was the same man who accused buhari of been corrupt and today he is there kissing his ass? And these are all the people that we want to lead ? I don't want to go into his story on this post..

      Hauwa very well said..

      1. Buhari did not campaign only in the north if you need to be corrected about that. He campaign in the south too. Haven said that, let me ask the so called Hauwa Gambo if she thinks Jonathan won this election fairly. We know of how they took public money to prepare for the election. This information did not come out after GEJ has won. It came even before the election. It is the attrocities they committed then that has resulted to for example, the fuel subsidy issue and why Jonathan cannot touch any of the thieves.

        Hauwa Gambo has the right to air HIS opinion, but most of the things HE said are very wrong. Does HE expect Buhari, Bakare and co to keep quiet in the midst of all these sleaze going on under Jonathan?

        I would have taken this article serious, if not for the fact that we know who HE, Hauwa Gambo is, but time shall catch up with HIM.

        1. He?

  54. Well on point. U said it like it is. Straight forward and directional. "take a break from attacking everyone and everything and begin the hard work of winning hearts and minds"

    There it goes…ose

    One of the very best write ups in recent times.

    Commendable Hauwa, well written.

  55. @Abbas and Hamisu – you just proved Hauwa right. I guess there should be better ways to defend your political idols than calling her 'slut' and 'whore' and 'tart'

    BTW, I endorse her message

  56. @Abbas – you just proved Hauwa right. I guess there should be better ways to defend your political idols than calling her 'slut' and 'whore'

    BTW, I endorse her message

  57. Rubbish, how much did they pay you to write this rubbish you are nothing but a tart.

    1. It is only small minds who believe that anybody who doesn't agree with the opposition has been paid off by the government in power. Some of us actually do think different from the bandwagon

  58. Well said and well put. U have my uttermost respect. This is a piece I will share with friends. I believe it to be work that inspires the mind to thinking. God bless you.

  59. Is it Hauwa you called your self thet piece you wrote sounds like a love latter bfrom whore or slut, you will fail just like your PDP masters.

    1. All this venom because somebody has an opinion different from yours? This is the same arrogance this article is talking about.

    2. This kind of Abbas Musa's reasoning is one of the problems Naija has been cursed with. This is a good write-up. This lady does not deserve name-calling from someone that is not even worthy to untie the thong of her sandals. Kudos milady. If CPC wants to be relevant it needs to shed the toga of self-righteousness and work for victory.

    3. Abbas Musa, I will say kudos to you because it takes someone that patronises a whore to recognise one. But I think you made a mistake in that this lady is not the whore you know; this is a case of mistaken identity.

      From the tone of her write-up, she is not against the candidacy or rulership of the duo, she was only pointing out what, from her own point of view, they are doing wrong which they must correct in order to win an election.

      There seems to be an underlying admiration for them which she didnt make open.

      If you dont understand something next, you hold your peace, and then you may be considered wise.

    4. @Abbas Musa: I think it quite inappropriate to infer that a journalist/writer is a slut/whore simply because you disagree with the comments of her piece.

      By all means disagree, but state the basis of your disagreement especially where you use such inflamatory words. In short, why is Hauwa Gambo a slut just because you are not in support of PDP as you have alluded to?

    5. I omitted to add that I disagree that Goodluck Jonathan won the elections fairly. There was a certain amount of rigging because not all the ballot boxes got to certain areas of the country. So how were the votes counted?

      For those of you who have commented in the same vein as Abbas Musa, it is quite sad that you feel the need to use abuse to put your point across. There is no need to call her or any other journalist names just because you disagree with their leaning towards a particular political party.

      I speak as a journalist from the'old school'.

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