How Nigerians use fake documents to apply for Italian visa – Police

The Nigerian Police has expressed concern over the alarming rate of Nigerians allegedly involved in using fake documents to seek Italian visa.

The spokesperson of the special fraud unit (SFU) of the force, Lawal Audu, said the Italian embassy sends an average of 50 Nigerian passports with the fake document to SFU monthly, The Cable reports. 

“The Italian embassy sent to SFU about 50 Nigerian Passports monthly with complaints of forged documents,” he said.

“We have charged more than 15 persons to court for presenting fake document between January and May 2017.

“Documents the applicants always forged include bank statements, health insurance certificates, invitation letters from Italy, letters of introduction and letter of employment from multinational companies.

“Italian consulate normally checks all supporting document for any applicant. They are very meticulous in checking.

“We have many passports with such complaints in large numbers.

“Once any embassy or high commission discovers irregularities in any application, they request the applicant to come to SFU for clearance; many never came to us.

“After waiting for some time, we go out to look for such applicants.

“Many of the applicants used fake names and addresses. Even their mobile phone numbers are with fake names and addresses. Some phone numbers have babies’ names for registration.”



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