I regret moving to Igando…Jakande was good for business – Billionaire kidnapper, Evans

Billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike popularly known as Evans has said he regrets relocating his camp in the Jakande area of Lagos to a place in Igando, Lagos.

While speaking when he led detectives to his camps, he said the place he kept captives at Green Street, Jakande Estate, was good for business.

“I only have three camps; one in Igando, another in Jakande and one in Gowon Estate. The one in Jakande, I rented it for N750,000 a year, that was it in 2010. For the Igando house, I rented it for N1 million,” he said.

“I don’t go to the camps because I have my boys on the ground. They give me information on a daily basis.

“Jakande was the place was where I kept Udoji, a businessman. Five others were also kept there and I collected millions from them.

“I collected $1 million from Udoji. Emesbose paid $300,000 while another person I can remember, paid $250,000.

“I kept just two victims in Igando: Chief Umeh and Chief Donatus Duru who, escaped from the house. We collected 23 million euros from the family. Actually, we were demanding for 300 million euros. We were expecting the balance but since the family did not bring it, I told my boys to release him, but they kept holding him. I was sad when my boys called that Duru escaped from our camp.

“Jakande was a good location for business, but I had to leave that place as soon as I noticed that people were becoming suspicious. I moved to Igando after Jakande. If I had known, I would have been using the place. See what has happened to me at Igando?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    surely u ar destiny to have money but wat ave done,u ave run pass ur destiny,wen i pray God should forgive u amen

  • linguistic says:

    pls bro,stop bleming urself bcos our God is not sleeping he is at work evry time.

  • godswill says:

    lol… funny,stupid, greedy man why don’t you stop and use the money and start up a use full business when you collected 1 million dollar???? but the greed of money kept you good … in fact I can’t wait for when you are being sentence to death…. now is the best time to ask oluwa for forgiveness… OLE OLODO

  • Akinlolu babatunde oluwasegun says:

    ojo gbogbo ni ti ole, but, ojo kan ni ti oni nkan, your cup has full, and your time has expired that is why you are caught, don’t blamed yourself God catch you by himself

  • Bawa Likita Ogbaigo. says:

    Anything one does have it prize at the end.

  • Please tell the police that you’re ready to die and stop fooling yourself there…

  • Ioryar Akombu says:

    Many days for the kidnapper but one day for the law enforcement agents.
    There is no need for kingpin Evans to regret as it was just a matter of time. Even if he remained in Jakande, he would have been caught when his cup was full.
    He should not forget the fact that what goes up must certainly come down one day, no matter how long it takes. This should serve as a lesson to all who indulge in evil.

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