How to nail the job interview and get a job

by Monique

A lot of employee are afraid of losing their jobs. If you’re looking for a job and you have some anxiety, then you need to relax before the interview. When you walk into the room and meet the interviewer, you need to own the show.

Looking the interviewer directly in the eyes and telling them, with determination and confidence, that you are going to run the place will help you get a leg up in the process. Let them know what your assets are. Most employers want to hear that you are not only a team player, but that you are also flexible, and you can handle anything that they may need to throw at you.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to show someone how hard they can work after they have already been employed. The fact is you need to lay it all on the line during that first interview and really sell it. The interview should not merely be an ask and answer process. As the subject of interest, you should take that opportunity to display your brand and charm the interviewer.

Before you go into the interview, educate yourself about what they are about. Doing this will help you take control of the situation. During the interview, be engaged and engaging. Make the conversation go both ways. Then, most importantly, follow up after the interview. Write to the interviewer thanking them for the interview. It is best to do so by hand-written letter because it shows that you are invested.



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