I, Robot? – Man records assault in McDonalds with computer installed in skull

by Adeniyi Abdul

What do you do if you ever get assaulted in a McDonalds outlet and the authorities refuse to believe you?

If you’re Dr. Steve Mann, you show them a picture taken with a computer attached to your brain. Dr. Mann is a Professor at the University of Toronto who has invented a wearable computer called Eye Tap. The word wearable might be slightly misleading as the device isn’t simply placed on the face like a pair of glasses (though it bears a slight resemblance) but is installed and cannot be removed without a set of special tools.

The device is capable of recording images, videos, and conversations and stores them for long term use. These special functions have come in very handy for the professor, as he was the victim of an assault at a McDonalds where a man tried to force the device off his face.

Mann released the following statementon the case:

“Subsequently another person within McDonalds physically assaulted me, while I was in McDonand’s, eating my McDonand’s Ranch Wrap that I had just purchased at this McDonald’s. He angrily grabbed my eyeglass, and tried to pull it off my head. The eyeglass is permanently attached and does not come off my skull without special tools.I tried to calm him down and I showed him the letter from my doctor and the documentation I had brought with me. He (who I will refer to as Perpetrator 1) then brought me to two other persons. He was standing in the middle, right in front of me, and there was another person to my left seated at a table (who I will refer to as Perpetrator 2), and a third person to my right. The third person (who I will refer to as Perpetrator 3) was holding a broom and dustpan, and wearing a shirt with a McDonald’s logo on it. The person in the center (Perpetrator 1) handed the materials I had given him to the person to my left (Perpetrator 2), while the three of them reviewed my doctor’s letter and the documentation.

After all three of them reviewed this material, and deliberated on it for some time, Perpetrator 2 angrily crumpled and ripped up the letter from my doctor. My other documentation was also destroyed by Perpetrator 1.”

McDonalds has, however, released a report claiming that no assault took place and their investigations revealed the men only had a polite interaction with Dr Mann.

“We share the concern regarding Dr. Mann’s account of his July 1 visit to a McDonald’s in Paris. McDonald’s France was made aware of Dr. Mann’s complaints on July 16, and immediately launched a thorough investigation. The McDonald’s France team has contacted Dr. Mann and is awaiting further information from him.In addition, several staff members involved have been interviewed individually, and all independently and consistently expressed that their interaction with Dr. Mann was polite and did not involve a physical altercation. Our crew members and restaurant security staff have informed us that they did not damage any of Mr. Mann’s personal possessions.

While we continue to learn more about the situation, we are hearing from customers who have questions about what happened. We urge everyone not to speculate or jump to conclusions before all the facts are known. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment and stellar service to McDonald’s customers around the world.”

– McDonald’s

Unfortunately for the ‘good’ people at McD’s, Dr. Mann’s contraption had recorded the altercation, and the professor released the following picture as evidence.

Well, at least we know the device works.

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