‘I had sex with Mercy Aigbe countless times’ | Fashion designer alleges

by Azeez Adeniyi

An Abuja-based fashion designer, @Bostonroland on Instagram has alleged that he slept with Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe in 2014.

According to him, he was unaware that she was a celebrity and was married.

He alleged that Aigbe told him she was a single mom and they had sex a couple of times.

The fashion designer also claimed that they travelled to South Africa together.

He added that he has proof and will post them if the actress continues to act as a ‘victim of domestic violence’.

See his posts below:

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Comments (34)

  1. U people shouldn,t judge like dat….we accept dat dis guy had sex wit dis lady right.. wat is his own ransome of saying dis? please let, s ask him

  2. The fashion designer ,has just displayed the nature of his business. changing when it looks out of fashion and calling names when it fits another person better.

  3. this is a mere play its just like a ludo game

  4. this is a mere play its just like a ludo game

  5. oloriburuku nie were lomamaran aso fun oniran aso eniyan gidi mo ishallau

  6. u young man called fashion designer u are heartless haha what is ur reward on earth and in heaven hmmmmm pls think of it


  8. whatever happened between two of you shld remain secret if you are a responsible man. you just expose youself as a blackmail. My boss is really angry with you for he hold you in high esteem before now. you unconsciously telling the whole world that you are stupid and irresponsible

  9. The fact is that the so call fasion designer is not a gud person at all,bcos am begining 2 wonder what should prompt him 2 cum out with dis cook story just 2 worsen d whole situation at hand instead of praying 4 them.pls God dey…ooo.

  10. what is ur problem young man& what is merci problem both of them are not serious of there life,both of them write letter of punishement to God.

  11. u,ll one d sleep ur mother or ur daughter & stll post it,vry stuppid & hoppeless . if u want to confess ur sin, why nt cnfess all ur sin so dat we all may no u made public confession.wait for god is comng wt hs angr & u mst cnfess all ur sin openly since u re lukn for sme bdy n to broadcast idiot.


  13. it is arrant nonsense Mr fashion designer bringing the issue up at this moment.whether true or otherwise.what do you intend to achieve.for God,s sake keep quiet or you perish.

  14. u need to keep shut man ! stop insulting her personalty u are a lier seeking recognition you are nothing but living sinner. repent ! accept Jesus As Ur Lord And Saviour 2day..I Say Now !.

  15. the fashion designer has no evidence of justificatio. he is a shameless sinner.yet he is proud of his irresponsible act.THE ALLMIGHTY GOD’s anger is high against him.

  16. fashion designer u a confused bitch

  17. d so called fashion designer is a foolish idiot margot gudgement of God is waiting for him in the nearest time, Mercy if the story is true go for deliverance and ask for forgiveness of God

  18. even If he sleep wit her is never d right tin to do posting it on social
    media, sleeping with somebody’s wife is not something to b proud of.

  19. what is wrong with some people only God knows, how can some one be proud of committing adultery ? his wife will oneday do the samething to him, don’t forget that women are the birds of the feathers

  20. if it is true, mercy should be a shameless mother in her entirely life, bt if it is to frame her up nd spoil her name nd her carrier, whoever the person may be, he or she wil dieeee, instant death, pls my brethen behave well

  21. Mr fashion designer u ar a big fool.repent from ur sin now.

  22. confidence and courage makes a he now trying expose himself that he is a type man or that they had commited sin against GOD or the lady

  23. some women of dis day denied there Husband’s of there conjugal rights all f one thing or d order nd d husband dien f what don’t know!my advice is dey should stop cheating nd make a Hpy Home!tanks nd remain bless.

  24. Why are u pple blaming d fashion designer, d fault was not his own, Mercy made him 2 believed dat she was a single mother. She was d one to blame. She is a slut.

  25. You are not living with her how did you know she was acting as a victim.Why threaten to release your evidences ?,are you now fighting for her husband and you are so proud?,bros mind your ways

  26. The fashion desighner is a play maker sharp gy

  27. I dont know how stupid pple use 2 be dis days.They cant blame a married woman 4 Infidelity but they are blaming a single guy that had afairs with her but does nt know she is married.What eva u support wil sure comes ur way.Nonsense.

  28. Somebody Must Have Paid The So Called Fashion Designer To Stain The Image Of That Lady, SHAME TO THAT FASHION DESIGNER, U ARE A SHAME TO MEN HOOD.

  29. Judgment Day Is Coming Fashion Designer Remember

  30. Adultrous Must Go to hell fashion designer wait 4 God judgment

  31. This man is a fool, even if he has sleep with the lady, its a big deal did he know how many men that slept with his mother befor his father marries her, to me that fashion desiner is a big fool and idiot

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail
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