Igbo is trending and there can hardly be a more beautiful conversation

Besides its prominence as an essential channel of communication with people of diverse backgrounds, Twitter has become a handy tool for most people to let the world hear their voice, especially as a platform to rant and vent out grievances.

This makes it evident that the more controversial a topic may be, the more likely it is to trend. Hence one might begin to wonder at how conversations filled with tribalist sentiments usually become top trends every other day. Importantly, it is not uncommon that most times, when people speak on just any tribe in Nigeria, it is usually centered around one (or more) toxic cultural practices that seem to have no place in the modern world today, in the mind of the debaters or discussants.

The tone for today appeared different as users took to their keypads in appreciation of the Igbo tribe, as opposed to the regular criticism. This time, it was a practice of pride for the Igbos and more beautifully, the civility with which the subject was discussed.

The idea of apprenticeship or ‘Nwa boy’ or ‘Igba boi’ as it is popularly known in Igbo tribe was brought up and a number of people seemed only to sympathize with the sort of struggle that coerces young men to forfeit their education and childhood as a whole in an attempt to provide for their family. Some even eluded to the fact that this practice has contributed greatly to the economy of the country and has provided a means for young men to make a livelihood for themselves outside of crime.

People even came out to testify of the positive impact this system has had on them.

While discussing the Igbo tribe, the beauty of the Igbo women didn’t escape the discussion, as people took to appreciating the beauties that seem to originate from the east.

Of course Igbo women loving money quite excessively was discussed but of course, as a joke. All in good spirit, even though it sparked a few conversations.

In all, it was heartwarming to see Nigerians agree on a subject concerning tribe and appreciate the fact that a number of young men out there are benefiting from an old cultural practice that still has some relevance in today’s world.

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