[The Injustice Blog] #EndSARS: Why is the Federal Government silent?


The # EndSARS campaign which started on the social media last week is still generating ripples across the country with many well meaning Nigerians calling for the scrapping of the unit. This crop of Nigerians involves social media influencers / users, celebrities, opinion moulders and Politicians including former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo, Senator Danjuma Goje, Senator Misau, Alhaji Umar Nasko former deputy Governor of Niger state among others.

The stand of  these individuals is for a total overhauling of the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad unit of the Nigerian Police due to the level of complaints from Nigerians about it but as expected the Federal government has been silent on the # EndSARS campaign as it has always maintained silence on previous occurrences too.

A responsible government is expected to feel the pulse of its citizens and respond to their complaints. This is necessary to build good faith with the people and assure them that the government is  committed to ensuring their well-being.

The Federal government since 2015 till date is known for poor citizen engagement. The Federal government under the leadership of President Buhari is not known to respond to burning issues being discussed by its citizens, this government since inception has labeled all complaints that doesn’t massage its ego as one from opposition political parties as if the ruling party was not once an opposition party.

In less than seven months in office, the government through its spokesman labeled Nigerians not comfortable with its governance style as ‘wailers’. What an awful word!

This has premised its decision to categorize any complaints not soothing to the government as one from the opposition parties. The Nigerian Police also re-echoed this when it describes Nigerians agitating for the reform of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) through the Endsars campaign as armed robbers and political lackeys seeking to discredit the present administration.

The Federal government of Nigeria has never placed the right premium on its citizens as expected of a democratic government. It has been grossly inefficient in communicating with its citizens and it’s high time that is worked on.


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