Interview with Niyi Osidipe, Inside the world of Nigerian OnlyFans creators | The best Nigerian articles of the week

Niyi Osidipe

Each week here at YNaija, we round up the best Nigerian writing on the internet, highlighting the stories, profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting that rise above the daily churn.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:

Remembering my father’s Biafra: The politics of erasing history – Innocent Chizaram Ilo

But in Nigeria’s quest to erase and amend its history, it has forfeited the opportunity to learn from it – and this is something that continues to haunt us. Decades after Biafra, we have witnessed this past replicate itself in mini-episodes such as the Odi Massacre in 1991 and Zaria Massacre in 2015. And just like the Biafran Genocide, the memories of these gruesome incidents are forgotten quickly, erased and distorted, downplayed by the media, and the perpetrators are never held accountable.

Nnamdi Okeke embodies the broken Nigerian dream in ”Living in Bondage” – Tami Makinde

In contrast to the other male characters in Living In Bondage: Breaking Free, Nnamdi seems to be the least ruthless, and also manages to be the one with enough backbone to break the generational curse on his head.

Niyi Osidipe: The blessing, curse and management of Nigerian pop stars – Joey Akan

Niyi returned to Nigeria in 2015 after scoring degrees in communications and Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College, and working for lifestyle firms from the US and from London. She signed up with Hans and Rene as a marketing manager and PR consultant, establishing the brand as the first Gelataria in Lagos, Nigeria.

6 Fashion insider tell us what Nigerian fashion post-COVID 19 looks like – Culture Custodian

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on unsustainable business models across various industries, it has dramatically changed our day-to-day lives and would undoubtedly shape the future. The fashion industry has been tested, particularly with the impact on the fashion calendar and the downturn in events which are a significant driver of business.

What it takes to be a Nigerian OnlyFans content creator – Nasir Ahmed

OnlyFans could also clear a path for aspiring adult performers who may be hesitant to tread the muddy waters of the Nigerian porn industry. Connecting directly with fans cuts out potentially shady middlemen, STIs, and possible abusers. A younger crop of performers will lean towards a situation they’re more in control of, while they enjoy their work.


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