How IPOB members stopped soldiers from entering my house – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has narrated how soldiers allegedly invaded his compound in Abia State.

While speaking with journalists, Kanu said the soldiers, loaded in an armoured tank and three Hilux vans shot his supporters.

The Biafran agitator added that some of his members formed human shields to prevent the soldiers from entering his house.

He said, “I was sleeping this evening (Sunday) when suddenly I was woken up by the blaring of sirens. Initially, I thought it was the Commissioner of Police who lives in the neighbourhood that was returning home. But the blaring persisted and was followed up by sporadic gun shots.

“The soldiers wanted to bulldoze their way into the palace but IPOB members formed a human shield and resisted them. They wanted to break the shield and fired at three persons and wounded others before leaving. Everybody including children was running away in confusion.

“They want to use force and beat us into submission because they have lost the argument but they will fail. They want to trigger war but we won’t oblige them because we are committed to our non- violent philosophy.”

Kanu’s father, the traditional ruler of Afaraukwu Community, HRH Eze Israel Kanu, also described the invasion as “unwarranted and shocking.”

The Nigerian Army has however said troops did not invade Kanu’s house, but were blocked by IPOB members while on parade.

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  1. hmm biafra is our last hope so no going back

  2. Only God!can gudge”Nigeria soldier keep keening the innocent people of Biafra, only but one day the sun must rise.

  3. Only God!can gudge”Nigeria soldier keep keening the innocent people of Biafra, only but one day the sun must rise.

  4. I dont think we are interested in nigeria anymore. They said igbos are not good but they dont want us to go. Why? Nigeria is big for nothing country. The whole world are watching. The zoo military are all liars. BIAFRA FOR REAL.

  5. Buhari is the most coward human on earth,you can’t fight boko haram,but just unarmed civilians.Dead body on human flesh zombe man .

  6. don’t be decisive pls he is just do I g it for his selfish interest be wise one Nigeria

  7. up Nnamdi Kanu, up Biafra . if you don’t know what to say. just say your prayers and conclude with an amen.

  8. I’m surprise Nnamdi Kanu’s father have forgotten so much in hurry on how AHMADU BELLO, TAFAWA BALEWA, MAIMALARI,etc were killed.. Let the looters continue to remote Nnamdi Kanu to make mockery of BIAFRAUD AGITATION..Directionless criminals IPOB aint see nothing yet. Watch out part 2 and 3. After court may have revoke Kanu’s bail. OJUKWU EMBRACE ONE NIGERIA BEFORE GRANTED STATE PARDON. IT IS A GRAVE CONSEQUENCE WHEN SOUTH EAST LAWMAKERS ARE MAKING LAWS FOR THE FED,REP,OF NIG. WHILE BIAFRAUD AGITATION IS BEATING ANOTHER 30MÖNTHS WAR DRUM.. 10.000 NIGERIAN ARMY HERE WE GO..FEMI FANI KAYODE / AYO FAYOSE / EVILBUNWO WIcKEd must be arrested at the appropriate time for treasonable felony..for sponsoring Kanu’s Ipob

  9. These yoruba cowards,why are u people following biafrans? Nigerian military can’t stop biafra freedom.

  10. Tolulope you are very selfish. I think your brain is getting hot and dehydrated. fool

  11. Kanu you don’t like your igbo people,ur just pretending u have something in mind so better stop dis nonsense,igbos don’t allow kanu to deceive you is just a politics.

    1. did the igbo ppl compain? y are you complaining for them, protect your ppl against bokoharam leave us alone

  12. Nigeria Amry, South east has turn to sambista forest?
    Ure dancing python dance why don’t you dancing it in sambista forests? I thank God that technology has come, anything that happens the whole will know within a secs

  13. one day all of us will suck in our blood, when your ideas finish then you shall see us coming to your doorstep, watch out.

  14. Those who gulp their mouth about Kanu could only do it for a short time from now and they wl b shocked at their own insurmountable problem.

  15. Forget Small Rat Come Nigeria Army, If Meat Escape Today Them Tomorow Is Another Hunter.

  16. Forget , If Meat Escape Today Them, Tomorow Is Another Hunter.

  17. Let God be the judge over all these killings of innocent citizens with no regret, and let these soldiers and their backups from A to Z be paid back with what they deserved.

  18. Nigeria soldier should set away from biafranland, befor heavens provot , biafra is our last hope

  19. Let God be the judge over all these killings of innocent citizens with no regret, and let these soldiers and their supporters be paid back with what they deserved.


  21. Where re your children KANU? Time waster like u

    1. you guys should stop supporting what is evil. you create an evil society by that. this young man kanu is fighting to liberate his people from perceived shackles using the international laws that UN laid out which other nations have been applying. why don’t the Nigerian government and forces also use accepted means to start them?

  22. Hmmmm kanu ipob and the Nigerian soldier OK let’s gooooo

  23. The army will surely pay for that unwanted act .

  24. Kanu, you’re imagine what may happen to you, no single soldier appeared on the video posted online, keep wasting the touts you called your supporters while your own children lives abroad

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    2. Ekechukwu Azubuike Frank, you wrote all that without a ‘fullstop’ or a ‘comma’, it’s not good enough. Even when commenting, never make a fool of yourself. You don’t even know the difference between ‘no’ and ‘know’.

    3. so abidoum u don’t see d armored tank.may God visit you with his fury that u may understand that you are supporting evil called zoo Nigeria

    4. abiodun when Kalu came to Nigeria and was put in prison were u not in nigeria then? people are looking for sincere person in this country that is why people follow Kalu nothing else. there is no politician that can do wat he is doing cus they are all thieves even the so-called Igbo Leaders are not in support cus they know that the government will not favour them cus is for the people.

    5. You are the Tout. Selfish senseless Fool.

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