Japheth Omojuwa: Presidential Lie: Dr. Goodluck Jonathan got caught pants down (YNaija Frontpage)

The shame is not the fact that the president lied, the shame is the fact that the president chose to believe his own lies.

Nigeria’s president Jonathan abused the truth two days ago when he claimed Transparency International had commended his administration for fighting corruption. In his usual delusional state, the president claimed his administration was the best thing to happen to the fight against corruption in Nigeria when in fact, corruption has been transformed from an illegal endemic to a menace that goes with a presidential seal.

The president said “In its latest report, Transparency International (TI) noted that Nigeria is the second most improved country in the effort to curb corruption” but this has been proven to be a blatant lie by Transparency International itself who said “Transparency International does not have a recent rating or report that places Nigeria as the second most improved country in the fight against corruption,” the global agency said in an email to Nigerian news site Premium Times who had sought clarification from the group after the president’s bold claims. The shame is not the fact that the president lied, the shame is the fact that the president chose to believe his own lies.

It amounts to a pig accepting a prize as “the cleanest animal” in the Animal kingdom. I am sure even the pig would have to ask the presenter of the award if the word “cleanest” had been altered to mean dirtiest. What with the pig still the dirtiest animal around. Mr. President was quick to ascribe success to his fight against corruption because of some efforts with fertilizer. Seriously this is hilarious and indeed makes the president look like an expensively dressed jester. The President has refused to declare his assets and when he finally saw a need to do something close to that, he declared same but did so secretly. The paradox should not be lost on you. The president was so desperate to keep the information concerning his assets secret he invented a new reality; the ability to make a secret declaration. Talk about transformation in absurd terms, not absurd for a presidency more regarded for its consistency with absurdity. According to Premium Times and indeed as widely reported “In August 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan secretly ordered the payment of $155 million to Malabu oil, a firm owned by an ex-convict and former petroleum minister, Dan Etete. Not only was the payment done without the knowledge of the Finance Minister, as revealed by PREMIUM TIMES, Malabu transferred the money into dubious accounts including that owned by a man with links to Mr. Jonathan.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have agreed to investigate the Malabu scandal.” But of course like the many cases of corruption in this administration, not only are the culprits walking as free men, they are indeed regular visitors to Aso Rock. The fuel subsidy scam that has since been proven to be a monumental heist in the history of corruption in Nigeria has been pushed to the sidelines as no major person fingered in the reports has been prosecuted let alone convicted. The minister of petroleum under whose watch the scam happened is not only still in office, she remains as powerful as ever, even able to draft the Petroleum Industry Bill independently through her personal lawyers.

There are cases around Security and Exchange Commission scam, Police pensions scam, and to date, no single high profile prosecution has been recorded let alone a major conviction. If a president in the position of Dr. Jonathan gets handed the report he quoted in his speech, he would have rejected same just to at least show there was a drop of honour in his name.

To underline his distance from honour, the president indeed claimed what never was. If this is the same man that says he is currently transforming Nigeria, the word “deluded” will never fit a better head.



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  1. Who saw the mail from T.I?, we are not threatened by critics, instead we gain strength 4rm dem. Add more facts to ur claims if ur sure of the lies el rufai and dino melaye fed u wit.

  2. Well I am not really surprised by all the finger pointing, who is lying or not. Japheth Omojuwa, all there is to say is when we all stop lying and finger pointing deal with the corrupt people even in our family, friends and place of work.then and only then will Nigeria move forward.

  3. And yes I'm reffering to u mr ebikegba dimaro who wud hv done better without saying anything and kunle who obviously has an axe to grind and thanx a lot for showing off ur immeasurable knowledge of the constitution but I got bored half way thru for sum odd reason.

  4. Pls abeg who are this jona voltrons gripping at useless straws. The man lied ok he is a liar and a disgrace, why would a president with integrity give out facts he can't back up I'm sure the internet is handy nowadays google ur facts its not rocket science abeg so if u have been paid just say so and go to bed.like who r all this people always jumping down omojuwas throat go and say your own publicly as opposed to waiting for his articles so u can feel smart for 10seconds

  5. No matter how you want to look at it, GEJ has become a LIE!

  6. Presidency itself admitted they didn't verify the info before adding it to d speech so what else do we need to discredit d president…mr ebikegba, you must not comment o, u could have just read and keep to your self…who knows may its even one of the PA or SSA disquising as ebikegba…rubbish

  7. You also dint provide enough fact to back your claim, citing an "invisible" mail is not the best way to rubbish a presidents' statement.

  8. Just like GEJ, you have also lied in this your write-up.GEJ did not invent secrecy in the declaration of assets as you would have us believe. The requirements of the 1999 constitution on asset declaration by public office holders is a "solemn declaration" and NOT a public one. Read your constsitution or better still,ask your mentor – El-Rufai, who as a public office holder did not also declare his assets publicly.Yar'Adua made a public declaration of his assets because he had made an electoral promise to do so.It has never been a requirement of the constitution.On failing to declare his assest publicly, you may fault GEJ on moral grounds but certainly not in violation of the constitution or that he fabricated secret declaration.We've already been mis-informed on October 1. Don't add your own lie to it!

  9. After reading Reno's reply I cant help but doubt if he is really with his right senses. GEJ has to be carefull with all those he parades as SSA and PA

  10. You also dint provide enough fact to back your claim, citing an "invisible" mail is not the best way to rubbish a presidents' statement.

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