Opinion: Jungle Justice: I am with Aluu Community

by Desola Ade-Unuigbe

After seeing only two of the pictures that were being circulated about the 4 “innocent” boys murdered by the Aluu community, and hearing bits and pieces of the story surrounding their deaths, I did not even bother to watch the murder video as I again got angry at my country and tweeted a couple of things about how I had lost all hope in the country, and the countrymen.

One of my brothers immediately tackled me on bbm and tried to get me to see things differently. The truth is that I do. And my anger has simply been misinterpreted. And allow me admit here that my deep hatred towards Nigeria has been overly convincing. I do not hate Nigeria and probably never will. I will probably always carry an unlit torch of hope for her in my heart. Because I am like a mother when it comes to Nigeria; your child does something bad and you want to punish her, let her know that it is unacceptable to treat people in certain ways. But then in the next minute of a positive achievement you are proudly displaying medals and showing her off to your friends.

I am that mother.

Let me start off by pointing out two things that this situation has made me become aware of, firstly, we obviously do not know the whole story about this alleged laptop and phone theft or cultism or armed robbery resulting in the murder of these four students of University of Port Harcourt. Secondly, the Nigerian people have become so confused that they now do not know where to direct their anger. Or humanity. Or inhumanity.

Just to be clear, I do not in anyway whatsoever support that gruesome murder, I do not support the video of that murder, I do not support the people circulating it, I do not support the people who where murdered, and I do not support the community that carried out the murder. But I understand that community.

I am that community.

Humans are by nature animalistic and barbaric people. Before education and literacy, we had no clue how to live, what to eat or what to wear. The only thing that has helped us achieve some sort of civilization and sophistication is education. So all of this, is just a cover up. Because inside of me, I am an animal, and if cornered, the only defense I have of myself and my family is too attack and attack blindly. Animals do not see reason.

It is because we are animals, dressed up as humans, that we have created the law. We need some sort of regulation and guide because if we are left to wander and control ourselves, we would hurt ourselves.

So we have put our faith in people that we have chosen, people that we trust to help us hear our voice and make sane decisions to profit us as a group of people. That is why we have the government. Not to rule us, but to guide us. Somewhere along the line, the Nigerian government must have gotten the wrong message about why they were put in the positions that they are in. I think it started with the oil, but that is another anger entirely.

I’m not going to focus on the empty promises that we have gotten over the decades, or the unfairness to most Nigerians in their own country, because I don’t even know their story. What I do know is this. The Nigerian people have now reached a point where our government is pointless to us. Our ears are filled with empty promises of change, quelled corruption, discovered secrets and hidden loot. We have heard it all, and we have seen it all.

We do not have a functioning police system. The legal system is flawed. The media is tilted in ways we can’t even begin to comprehend. And the government is king. So let me ask this, if there is a crime, a crime so painful and hurtful, one that personally affects you, one that there’s every possibility that the prepertartors will go free. And if you could, if you were given the opportunity to take matters into your own hands, what would you do?

That’s jungle justice.

If someone walks up to me and says to me, “See this man, he is the one that killed your father. We are not totally sure yet, but we have certain reasons to believe he is the one. And if we let him go now he will get away. So take him”. I will take him. I will hurt him. I will cause him pain in all the ways that I have felt pain. That’s jungle justice.

The law says that every man is innocent until proven guilty. True. But who is doing the proving? And how long is it taking? Nigerians are tired and are having to resort to their own hands for justice. And humanity is dead because we are not human, we are animals. The law should be the human, and Nigeria has no law.
So what do we do?

With jungle justice there is usually no fairness or patience to listen to sides. But even our legal system now has no fairness. Are there no innocent people in jail? Are there no innocent men who have been hung while the guilty ones who sacrificed them sit and watch? Nigeria needs jungle justice. And that’s why I am on the side of the Aluu community. Not because I have no emotions, and not because I am completely evil, but because we have gotten to a period where our actions can be our only words. And the government must be forced to hear.

The Nigerian people do not know where to direct their anger. We are now confused people. We should be angry at the system, and not just empty anger, we should be angry such that our actions are our words. And if we can kill ourselves for minimal reasons, why can’t we fight this bloody system? Because the system is bloody. The massacre in Mubi is still fresh off our lips and again we are dealt with another atrocity that the Nigerian government will slyly push aside till a more convenient time.

A lot of people are condemning the act. A lot of people are condemning the people who acted so barbaric and evil. I will not condemn. I am the people. I have been pushed aside and waited and waited for investigations to finish so that I could have justice. For decades. I am tired of waiting. I will take justice in my hand and pull it out whenever I please. I will misuse justice. I will spit on justice like I have been spat on. I will walk all over justice like I have been walked on. I will hurt whoever I have to hurt for the government to see that Nigeria is in chaos. And that they need to make a turnaround. I will shit on justice till the Nigerian government sees me and stops investigating long enough to actually act.

They are still investigating the Mubi Massacre.
They are still investigating the ABSU gang rape.
They are still investigating Boko Haram bombings.
They are still investigating James Ibori’s theft.
They are still investigating corruption in the power sector.
They are still investigating the Dana crash, Sosoliso crash, Bell View crash.
They are still investigating the death of Rotimi Williams.
They are still investigating elections MKO Abiola should have won.
They are still investigating the fuel subsidy scam.
They are still investigating the 2013 budget.
They are still investigating offshore accounts that Abacha had and we can’t find.
They are still investigating.

While they are investigating, let us take justice in our own hands, and channel our anger towards the government. Let them see that we have had enough and won’t just mouth off for a couple of days and return to our lives. While they are investigating, let us take a moment to not reflect on the crime of Aluu community, but to reflect on what pushed them there.

That anger is also in all of us.
We are Aluu community.

Again, just to be extra clear on the matter, I do not in anyway whatsoever support that gruesome murder, I do not support the video of that murder, I do not support the people circulating it, I do not support the people who were murdered, and I do not support the community that carried out the murder. But I understand that community.


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  1. you say you stand by a community that murdered four people unjustly yet you expect a better nigeria. how are we supposed to prosper as humans if we keep behaving like animals. sure things arent great now we still have the future. tell the kids that you stand by senseless murder and not only will you have a bad past you will also have a fucked future. check your philosophy before you doom us all.

  2. Now if this was about four high ranking politicians losing their life to an angry mob I might be tempted to share the author’s sentiments, even consider it’s merits. but the dead boys are not the ruling elite and didn’t deserve to die no matter the crime. They were not notorious armed robbers with the blood of innocents on their hands. Must I go on? I grew up in the notorious 80s of Enugu and Onitsha where market traders placed tyres around the neck of shop lifters and thiefs, doused them with petrol and burnt them alive. Is this right? Back then the same arguments where put out – “the police will do nothing”, “our legal system will let them go”. Did any of them bother to fight the system? No. required to much brain power and personal sacrifice from a bunch of co-opted and corrupt people. Is today any different?

    The author’s article is a very dangerous one. I’m sure one can comprehend where jungle justice leads to. we will eventually turn on ourselves and massacre each other in the name of taking the law into our hands, balancing the scales. It happened in Rwanda and they found a compelling justification for it

  3. I am so sure u re motherless or not married or has never borne a child in its entirety.So u sit in d comfort of ur home to jabber nonsense..how I wish u were one of the mothers..by now maybe u wud have taken ur life after bn unable to come to terms with such reality.your thoughts re so beastly nd ur equating ursef with ALuu is animalistic…Whoever u re married to needs to put a check on u before u bring a curse upon ur home. What is evil should be condemned outrightly as evil..needless to give it a pitiable look…Our Govt is Cruel,Bokoharam is evil,the Policing system is evil,ALUU as a community have done great evil and the blood shed in their soil will hunt that generation nd lineage. John Friday

  4. It is sad non of ds kids re yours,I wish one of dm was just yours nd then I will see if there will be any heart in u anymore to write ds piece.Aluu's Sin is one thing nd should be dealt with as such…the govt's Sin nd evil is another thing all together…Whatever Pains a man is going through does not give enough justification to take his life or the life of another person. Let us all share in the grieving of the parents of these children nd thank God that ours were spared nd even warn our children to take learning from ds. John Friday

  5. Bola, please oblige us and provide evidence of their terrorism. I have no proof of their innocence, but I would appreciate evidence of their guilt. Thanks.

  6. Seun, this is a stupid metaphor. If the writer does not support what happened, then he should not use it as a metaphor. And he should not have a title that says he's with the Aluu community. Since when is it okay to use gruesome murder as an analogy for a pain we are all suffering as Nigerians? He should gerrout jare. Nonsense article.

  7. This is an idiotic article, very poorly timed and idiotically referenced. I do not care about what analogies you are trying to use. If you do not condone the ALUU killings, then don't use it as a metaphor for the Nigerian story which we have told and told again. There's nothing new to your write up, it's just idiotic. And yes, i am very angry.

  8. you are nothing but a stupid retard, you can even make one correct sentence..in fact i seriously lack words for illiterates like you..listen to yourself and tell me if you understand anything you wrote,"IM WITH ALUU AS WELL!" and believe me like you said you will die with them too BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I once had armed men wake my husband and I up frm bed and robbed us silly. Smacked us arnd and scared life out of us. We reported to the police next day and we had to pay for the photgraphers dt came to take d pictures of d crime scene, paid for the transportation of d police officers and tipped dem to take d matter serious. A few days after d over zealous officer asked us to come in to identify a suspect. Getting dere, d guy had been battered seriously and was limping. Frankly he bore resemblance to one of d thieves. The police asked for confirmation of d guy and I asked d police officer wat will happen if I said it was him, he whispered to me " we will take him to d back and kill him at night. I was shocked and immediately claimed he wasn't d one. U see, in as much as I was 80% sure it was not enuf to snuf his life. Even if it was 100% certainty, still will not go ahead and allow him to be killed. Dis is not bcos I wasn't manhandled and scared crazy after d incident (on contrary I was so scared dt I neva slept in dt house again until I forced my husband in less dan a month to forfeit d rent and move to a less suitable but safer area). I said NO bcos dts wat differentiates me frm an animal. We are higher animals. Yes the state has failed and d system doesn't work but unless u'r a monster, no normal human can batter kids like those anomals in Aluu. I hv lived all my life in dis country and no how irrelevant our police and judicial system is but I still will not kill a fellow being. Even in animals, very few practice intra-specie killings! If we say ok to dis den we might as well excuse crime, robbery, boko haram terrorism and assasinations. Afterall we hv d excuse of state failure. I say "NO TO JUNGLE JUSTICE"

    1. My sister this is a 'hit d nail on d head' yarn. Spot on.

  10. Whether we choose to believe it or not everyday in Nigeria there are cases of jungle justice from the killing of law abiding Nigerians in the north by Nigerian soldiers just to prove they are killing boko haram, to the killing of a nigerian citizen by the police force in Aboru Lagos state in the name of 50 naira roger(used to be 20) #Aboru1,the policeman was not even arrested….there a thousands of random lawlessness in Nigeria because the system is not corrupt anymore it has completely FAILED

    I have witnessed armed robbers just a little over a month ago in our family house, we went to the police station and after collecting 1000 naira from to open a case file,and write a police report, all the police could ask us was, 'who do you suspect?' ,like seriously?

    they didn't even take the case seriously we had to pay for the transport of just one police man that followed us to the crime scene and he asked us to take snap shots of the point of entry and bring to the station. Is that my responsibility?

    What happened to the young men is a tragedy,but mark my words until I stop providing light for myself,water for myself,road for myself and security for myself if I catch an armed robber,i will not hesitate to burn him/her ALIVE.THE REALITY IS NIGERIA WILL BE A SOMALIA SOON unless we start holding our leaders responsible

    The wordS of Eedris Abdulkareem in Jagajaga will be evergreen unless we fight for a change


  11. if you are trying to justify this barbarism, you should be arrested and put in jail for life. u r not fit for civilized climes!

  12. may their gentle souls rest in peace, Amen.i commiserate with their various families and uniport community at large.believing that justice shall prevail.

  13. Desola or whatever yur name is, yu're only trying to seemrelevant bt l'll nt waste time to help yu achievethat. All yu must bear in mind is that as yu wish it that bc of delay in justice system yu can administer jungle justice so shall it be unto yu. It doesn't matter hw yu feel, those boys went thru pain and toture so shall it be unto yu bc as much as yu can voice out yur selfish opinion, yu're as guilty as those who perpetrated that evil.

  14. I have 4 words for you: "SHUT THE FUCK UP"

  15. You talk with so much certainty, so much clarity, so much confidence, u talk like u r a really gutless Nigerian loving sister/brother…..but my dear u cannot give an accurate opinion if u haven't seen the video, I advice u to grow a pair and have some clarity, I see what u r saying though, but I don't think ur seeing d full picture and I don't think u tabled out ur points properly

  16. men are talking fine creamy boys are dead you talking nonsens.. do you fucking know if one would have been the one to save the so call lawless nigeira? to bring holistic cleansing of the system? you just dey write anyhow… see ehh I dey bino for this matter this your rubbish talk come even make me dey bino more… make dey no shout ole one day for your head when you nor do anything.. when you see stick and fuel you go know how life be that time.. rubbish talk… even my grand mother read and she is upset….. talking like a real animal ,,, rabbish…. people like you nai go use person do ritual because of hardship…

  17. men are talking fine creamy boys are dead you talking nonsens.. do you fucking know if one would have been the one to save the so call lawless nigeira? to bring holistic cleansing of the system? you just dey write anyhow… see ehh I dey bino for this matter this your rubbish talk come even make me dey bino more… make dey no shout ole one day for your head when you nor do anything.. when you see stick and fuel you go know how life be that time.. rubbish talk… even my grand mother read and she is upset….. talking like a real animal ,,, rabbish…. people like you nai go use person do ritual because of hardship…

  18. I don't know you but with tears in my eyes and with a heavy heart may GOD FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT ARTICLE OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT.. the fact the govt or the system is bad.. does that call for a barbaric act? if you were the parent would you be saying this crap of a rubbish? so if you were there you would stand bring out your phone cheer them all? ohhhh what a life… pls if you have nothing reasonable to say I urge you read the bible more.

  19. I don't know you but with tears in my eyes and with a heavy heart may GOD FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT ARTICLE OR WHATEVER YOU CALL IT.. the fact the govt or the system is bad.. does that call for a barbaric act? if you were the parent would you be saying this crap of a rubbish? so if you were there you would stand bring out your phone cheer them all? ohhhh what a life… pls if you have nothing reasonable to say I urge you read the bible more.

  20. To an extent, I see where the writer is going. Those boys were victims of a failed Nation. Aluu Community, knowing the corruption that exists might have thot reporting to the police will see the the boys who they suspected walk free. However, science has taught us that we are higher animals with reason and ability to make rational decisions. i wondered to myself, if i was at the scene and made a case for arrest of the boys instead of burning, would they have heeded my advise, shut me up or burn me along with those poor boys? theres no justification for wat Aluu Community did. @Desola, do u honestly think that the govt will see dis as a reaction to their incompetencies and failed promises? i doubt it.

  21. You know, reading all these comments makes me sad!!! Cursing the writer in Jesus'name doesnt solve nything. Besides, knowing the God I know, that prayer didnt reach heaven, cos its a curse and God doesnt curse. We have become a people with low sensitivity that we hardly care for each oda nymore. cant we make statements without curses or insults. we only make headway by dialogue and trying to see reasons with each oda,persuading ourselves to see the truth. Aluu Community, Nigeria, Our leaders, You and I are to blame for the State of our Nation today!!! May we learn to do right and love even in tough situations

  22. U are an animal may u and ur entire family never know peace. you dont deserve with normal people.

  23. My first question to this writer would be this "would you still have writen the same words if Ur blood brother was involved in this massacre"? Irregardless of what the crime(s) of these young people may have been, there really is no justification for the community's actions. It only goes to reflect how totally we've sold out our souls to the devil.

    'We should be angry at the system', are those not your words? If torturing, killing & setting fellow human beings equate to being angry with the system, you surely deserve a place with them in Alu Community. Seeing as you said without mincing words that you would have done same if U were in their shoes. God! How my heart bleeds for this nation where everyman takes law to his hands & is his own government!!!

  24. Most of you here are ignorant and stupid. Ever heard of metaphor? Don't you read before commenting? Y'all busy abusing and cursing without understanding the article. Shame on you ignorant animals. How are you so different from the aluu murderers?

  25. Whoever Ȋ̝̊̅§ siding τ̅hξ community Ȋ̝̊̅§ a depraved animal. Why do we have a constitution? Why do we have security agencies? Why do we have courts and prisons? If every community should decide settle issues like this we have chaos.

  26. When I first started readin the post, I was really disappointed & angry with the writer.Then I decided to calm down & re-read.Let's forget about the videos for a minute & read again what is in the article.I know those boys were really unfortunate to be in that circumstance.The failure of our law enforcement & justice system led to this.It was no longer about what the boys were purpoted to have done but of old angers let loose.Its so sad such had to happen for people to realise we need better enforcement of laws & justice system in Nigeria.Everything seems to have collapsed

    1. its a totally wrong time to address the issue, whether or not the writer was trying to make her point, i am personally blind to her supposed depth. the title of the article totally puts me off, in a bid to be poetic/patriotic.

    2. whatever curses she gets she should swallowq it up cos the same way she claims to understand that bastardly act is the same way i understand the curses and even more to come

    3. Rubbish, people like this just think they are intelects when they are just plain stupid. maybe the animals in the uniport students should get a whole of him, then we will know how animalistic we all are.nonsense

    4. @Deji I don't know where to start from now, first of all I am not an animal, I am human with human emotions, emotions borne not from my education but from my knowledge of right and wrong, even by our traditional the act in question is abominable. We all know of the failures of our Government that's old news, so let no social critic use our Governments failures to justify this act. So becos our legal system is flawed innocent people should be bludgeoned to death becos of a mere suspicion. Abeg the writer isn't being realistic.

  27. This is the most ludicruosly erroneous arjticle I have read in my life.U r a danger to ur society if u can reason with these people

  28. The simple truth,the post was biased…she should have watched the video.

  29. U said total bullshit nd absolute rubbish we re nt jst ordinary animals we re higher animals nd by dat we should av commonsense nd feelings if it was ur son out dey wat wiLl u do I stopped readin ur shit wen u said u support allu comunity u re jst an animal like dem

  30. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow indeed…You have to be a deep thinker to understand what the writer is saying. After reading several comments by Nigerians on the Internet saying things like "the whole village should be bombed" etc I can feel a part of myself agreeing with the writer that most Nigerians are no different from the demons that brutally killed those students. And if your justification for slaughtering or destroying the whole ALUU community is based on what you saw on that video then maybe their own justification is based on the various murders that armed robbers have committed in their own community or similar videos "they" have seen of "other" community members commiting exactly the same crime against supposed armed robbers (or in some instances petty theives). This sort of reaction from angry mobs is not a new thing in Nigeria so why the suggestion to slaughter a whole community in this case? Is this justice? Instead of focusing on the real message the writer is sending out, as usual you're all allowing your ignorant, evil and selfish motives blind you from "truth"…Where were the police who were supposed to be protecting the ALUU community from armed robbers and the innocent students from the ALUU mob? Let us channel our anger towards our government that has failed to govern its people instead of crying for "more blood"…Lets find the killers and make them pay dearly but to support university students, police or soldiers going to reap havoc and more violence on the whole community makes us "no different" from those murderers…Where does the killing of innocents seize?

  31. U r nurrin but an idiot. How I so wish it was ur son,brother or a member of ur family dis happened 2. U just wanna get noticed 2hell wit u.

  32. Where are the ASUU what are they doing about it or are they sleeping

  33. You are trying to make us understand dat those boko boys dat are throwing bombs in da church killing innocent people are doing da good thing because they have to put law into there hands? I think the Government need to put people like away from the humans because you are one of them, you speek for them. ANIMALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

  34. I wish that this should happen to you or one of your immidiate family member then if you come out and say all your stupid aticle I will accept with you idiot

  35. @Desola, I believe no religion preaches dearth for justice. No matter what those boys must have done of which I believe they are innocent cos, none of the items claimed stolen was found in their possession,the act of Aluu community was barbaric. And a point of correction, u don't generalize all human to be animals. U may be an animal, dat doesn't mean all human shld be animals cos you are an animal. If those guys were to be your relatives and confirmed armed robbers, would u have been happy for them to be killed that way? Don't forget that whatever u say, depicts the real person in u. U are truely wicked, heartless and above all, an animal. Whatever u wish for others will definitely come back to u in triple folds.

  36. U said if someone points to tell u dat this was someone who killed ur father, u wouldn't stab patience and wouldn't even wait to find out if it was true or not, u'll jump on whoever d person is and call out d animal in u and serve him/her murder in return? Well, it's a reflection of how ur mind works Desola. & it tells of ur personality. If u kill that individual, only to later find out d person u killed wasn't d one who killed ur father, what remedy would be made than for d family of d one u killed too to take laws into dia hands and kill u too. Then d cycle goes on and on. Don't feel too smart to question ur own reasoning. I was amazed u could be quick to get upset bcos ppl were placing curses on ur loved ones, well then, just like u would protect ur loved ones, so were d brutally murdered boys also loved by some individual who cherished them and will forever miss them. If u kill my grandfather and I bring out d animal in me to kill u, and ur uncles too bring out d animals in them to kill me, & my own cousins too call out d animals in them to kill ur uncles, we will all turn up dead. Jungle justice can never be justified. It is barbaric! I've witnessed a seen where a robber who was bn chased threw d stolen bag on a guy who was patiently waiting for a bus @ d busstop, d bag was found on d confused guy and before he could say a word, a big rocky stone was hit on his head. Large stick followed and d life of an innocent guy was ended. If supporting Aluu is ur song, stop blaming Nigerians or saying they have problems understanding english. Bcos we all were raised with different values.

  37. Desola, whilst I think I sort of understand your point this is a bad write-up because you didn't quite make your stand clear. You contradicted yourself a few times and the article is ambiguous at best. It is difficult to grasp the crux of this article and I think this is why the majority of the comments have been derogatory. Pick a side, stick to it and elucidate your points better in future.

    You don't support the aluu 4 murders or their murderers but you don't support the aluu 4??? Do you truly believe that the ineffectiveness of law enforcement mechanisms in this country is justification for taking the law into our hands? Do you truly believe that? Have you ALWAYS been an upstanding citizen? Never committed even a misdemeanor such as littering or been economical with the truth on the job or not done your job to the best of your ability? If we are all truly animals as you opine, what would happen if we all decide to get angry at those we perceive to be law breakers no matter how minute the crime is and start meting out punishment randomly? Do you not understand the reason why even suspects that have confessed or were caught in the act still go through the court process and must have legal representation before they are formally convicted and sentenced?

    If we adopt the jungle justice mechanism as you seem to propose, do you not think it'll make an already bad situation even worse instead of solving it?

    And to those screaming blue murder saying that the boys were rapists, cultists etc and that justified their brutal murder, I am amazed that you condemn them and that you cannot see yourself in these "criminals" for even thinking that jungle justice is justified. Do you not see the folly of your argument?

  38. Congrats to Our very first clinical psychopat! Desola, becareful of what u wish for, because u just might get it. Life for Life.

  39. If this crap you just wrote is your own angle of being objective, then you are more heartless than the people of aluu community. Hopefully one day you or a member of your family (father, mother or sibling) will be a victim of jungle justice, hopefully one day you will be accused falsely, stripped naked, beaten & stoned to death then I'll see if that hurts. So the next time you want to write a foolish article in support of jungle justice, remember that the four guys who were stripped naked, beaten and stoned to death have families who are hurting somewhere. Foolish animalistic writer!!!

  40. Yeah, Humans are capable of evil…we get the gist, but I beg to differ, I am not Aluu Community. I am Human not animalistic. I am not covering up with education. No one said Aluu community should not be annoyed at the spate of disturbances from miscreants (which is not proven that the boys are), but com'on, what excuse did they have in brutally beating the boys up and then setting them ablaze? I am judging, but it would be folly for me to understand a community that enjoys watching young men burnt up after being brutally beaten. Aluu in no way is not a true picture of Nigeria, it is an Aberation with the likes of Boko Haram, the Mubi Killers and people who foster the cause of this kinds of people.

  41. I write this response because I am deeply saddened by the thought process of a mature Nigerian male who obviously education has done nothing for but to completely close an already closing mind.

    You my dear sir are the problem. Nigeria is in this state of decay & rot due to opinions such as yours.. The moment we, you or anybody conceives the idea of tackling a wrong with a wrong is the moment of birth of the endlessness of the problem.

    We are not 'Animals' as you wrongly put, we are human beings that is why we have the faculties of a conscious mind, personal judgment, conscience and emotional compassion which define us.

    We cannot and will never prompt positive response or bring about progressive change from the government by attacking each other, that is addressing a problem with a bigger problem where we increase our occupancy at the receiving end of the stick.

    Your so called and proposed "jungle justice" will only ultimately bring the entire Nigerian people to their painful end and demise where you, me, my brother, my sister, my father, my mother, my son, my daughter and yours are the only victims because your "Jungle Justice" and its effects only come back around and are exponential in Nature meanwhile, the corruption thrives. (How do you separate the Jungle from the Justice?)

    The solution can only be found in togetherness and unity, one body, one voice, one goal… The Nigeria people Vs the Nigerian government, not the Nigerian people Vs the Nigerian people.

    What have we learned from Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dr. King & many more progressive change fighters and heroes apart from the fact that mass unified movements and peaceful protests with the right agenda & approach aimed in the right direction brings recognition & births solutions.

    By hurting ourselves we only highlight our weaknesses and put them on 3D 'cinema type' big-screen display, we show that we are divided, misguided and cannot even identify the problem, we tear down our much needed strenghts and alliances, we divide ourselves and we fall.

    Jungle Justice is NOT the answer but the catalyst to a problem.

  42. As a Nigerian n probably a father I thought u had sense but ur fancy dressing is just a cover up 4 ur stupidity

    God what makes u different frm an animal is ur ability to preserve n value human life, yes if I hear that this is d man dat killed my dad I wud be in rage but I wuDnt take laws into my hands by killing d person. What is d difference blw me n. D guy if I killed him.

    Shut d fuck up old fool if it where ur children that were murdered wud u say this. Hypocrite like u.

  43. desola or wateva you called God punish you you are nuffin but an idiot wat stupid education are you talking about….My parents aren't educated and will neva act like this..so stop the flimsy excuse that we using education to cover up our animal nature..please speak for yourself..you alone and your generation are aluu.

    1. who d fork is he.. with his ugly looking self.. there is no way to justify taking laws into ones hands.. he needs 2 STFU!!!!

    2. @desola…raining abuses on dis animal won't do any good!! He's welcomed †☺ say ds at the UniPort Arena dis week!! He shld also cum wiv his kids and wife f he has 1ne!!,Stupid ALUUmaniac!!

  44. You make no absolute sense with your write up, your thoughts are so morphed & despicable.If you give half a chance to jungle justice then just about every mob group will take up the opportunity to commit crime & murder.Who cares if you don't support the gruesome murder.The truth remains the people of Aluu Community are agents of Lucifer.GOD WILL JUDGE THEM ALL.

  45. God punish your generation do u know wot it tks to bring life. idiot, olodo, mumu, stupid creature, WITCH.



  47. Thank you jare,don't mind him,he who hasn't sinned before should cast d first stone.

  48. As a Nigerian n probably a father I thought had sense but u fancy dressing is just a cover up in ur stupidity

    God what makes u different frm an animal is ur ability to preserve n value human life, yes if I hear that this is d man dat killed my dad I wud be in rage but I wuDnt take laws into my hands ny killing d person. What is d difference blw me n. D guy if I killed him.

    Shut d fuck up old fool if it where u children that were murdered wud u say this. Hypocrite like u.

  49. U re a very stupid fellow and if u re aluu God ll surely purnished u . Those guys wre human u and didn't deserve such a slow and painful death even if they wre arm robbers. Except God is nt God,that community ll know no peace from present generation to generation unborn.

  50. I'm stunned to my bones you even turned out a female. A specie meant to have a softer heart than a male, a nurturing mind as a sister/mother, a virteous woman? Ohhhhhh, sorry, I don't expect you to know who a virteous woman is judging from your write-up.

    # There have been 3 sides of allegations to those boys. First, it was handset and laptop theft,then armed robbers, and finally cultists. Did you take time in your very posh manner to pause and think that they may have been accused falsely?

    # ALUU community claimed they were caught with machetes, knives and guns. How come till date, none of the community indigenes can provide just one of those weapons as evidence?

    # I schooled in UNIBEN and if you want to learn about cultism, go and speak to Ex students. You CANNOT harm 1 cultist and not have a reprisal attack from their "brothers", yet we are talking of 4 here. ALUU would have been up in flames by now, trust me.

    # There is a reason God didn't make you walk on 4legs or crawl on your tummy. Don't turn yourself into an animal when he hasn't made you one. I have been robbed and had a gun put to my head on more than one occassion but I could NEVER bring myself to wanting my assailants heads bashed till their brains spill out while begging for mercy.

    # what would you do if the main tormentors in this whole saga do confess that the boys were innocent. Would you hold your head high in pride knowing you wrote this piece about them. Their souls cry out from their graves. You don't need mystical powers to hear them.

    # I took out time to go to your twitter account. My dear, if you wrote this articule for popularity and to gain followers by increasing your numbers then that's just heart breaking. You don't need to be semi-naked and speak vile words to gain popularity. Just do right before man and God and watch your popularity rating soar.

    Your write-up seems too much to me like one with personality crisis.You obviously have a flair for writing so I suggest you pick up your pen and write a good, sound, piece of literatue.Take a cue from Chimamanda Adichie. Become popular for positives not negetives…

  51. Permit me to say you are very shallow!you really should have watched the vidoe before jumping the gun and making your 'we are aluu'speech.we are not 'aluu' we are 'Nigerians'and we condemn this act!

  52. Even u that wrote this article, u r guilty of one thing or d other. Haven't u stolen anything in ur life b4?haven't u wronged God in any way? Yet u r alive. I am not among aluu pls I have conscience. M sorry that u can think like this in this century.

  53. By and large, you are a fool! If ur fingers are itching you go put them in hot coal! Rubbish.

  54. I read dis piece 2 nites ago & was disgusted wit d height of some people's insensitivity. People with minds like dis shld be cleared off our streets & govt & locked in asylums. So sad 4 their loved ones 2 watch d gory torture dat led 2 their deaths. Aluu 4- RIP

  55. God will punish u for this article. Even Clifford orji that ate humans was nt treated this way. Even if d govt do not give justice God will. U are a potential killer my friend n may God help u. Nobody deserves to die in such a gruesome manner. May God help us all.

  56. You contradict yourself, I think you are so angry, you cannot see, you do not understand..by 'being animalistic or aluu', you become just like the system you are fighting..what is the gain? Less thiefs and more murderers? No, I'm not an animal, neither am I aluu! We have all been burnt one way or another, trust me, but if we all let loose, then we totally miss it, then,we have no more justification for demanding anything from the government. The so called government are people from amongst us, if we act like this and justify it, what should we expect from the 'government'? Afterall they are a reflection of what our society is..all that energy should be channelled into positive measures, nowhere in history has evil overcome evil, none! It's simply impossible! We do not need jungle justice! Somewhere along the line, people have let themselves go, blaming everyone else for everything, but at the end of the day, you are in control of your choices, when all is done, you will stand alone and give account before your creator..i could go on and on, but bottomline, babaric, animalistic, inhumane treatment of another human being is evil and unjustifiable, whether in Government or ordinary citizens!

  57. Desola Ade since u are saying dat jungle justice is de best fine, form today what happen to does boys will happen to u and ur family members,ur relatives all of u will surfer what does boys suffered.fooooooool

  58. Let he dat iz witout sin cast d 1st stone, r the murderers hands clean? R ur hands clean? If they where ur children wud u b in support, itz easier 2 judge odas bt we don't see ourselves. Can u create life? Y not let d law handle it,@ least somehow d truth may just surface. Am nt sure therez anywhere where d penalty 4 theft iz death, pls b wise

  59. There re 2 sides 2 a coin. Dis boys re nt alive 2 say their part of d story, a pity. But I pray we dnt fall victim of dis kinda innocent lukin boys, they can b very brutal. I ve xperinced it, and it still hunts me in my sleep…. Young boys with bright future, terrorisin d neighbhod, all you will wish them is painful shameful death!!! And pray dt hell also reject their souls… We dnt kno d true story, if reali dis boys re thieves n cultist, and you ve seen wot they can do or done wen they re in action….hmmmmm. I agree dt d system has failed us, so we ve 2 stand and take laws into hw hands. It either you kill me or I kill you. If I ve d opportunity 2 strike first, I will!!!! God help us all.

    1. Ebere u spoke my mind about two sides to a coin, if those guys were not guilty y did they not scream for help? all dis broadcast has really been upsetting cos even the people sending whatever they are sending have no clue to the truth , its becos the boys did not render casualties thats why, what if they were about causing some huge disasters and they were stopped? am not a party to the killing but i have alot of questions that even the dead cannot answer so i just rest my case and let God allow the whole case be resolved.

    2. Ebere u spoke my mind about two sides to a coin, if those guys were not guilty y did they not scream for help? all dis broadcast has really been upsetting cos even the people sending whatever they are sending have no clue to the truth , its becos the boys did not render casualties thats why, what if they were about causing some huge disasters and they were stopped? am not a party to the killing but i have alot of questions that even the dead cannot answer so i just rest my case and let God allow the whole case be resolved.

    3. Pls I totally disagree with dis! Ok if we feel they were guilty where are the phones and laptops they stole? Who did they steal it from? What happened in Aluu is jst very heartless! Those boys cried for help and were helpless! They claimed dy were cultist who did dey oppress? Frm all d stories dt circulated those boys were innocent abeg! And if truly dey were guilty d way dey were killed was too bad! Y didn't dy take them to d police?

    4. Whether they were thieves,cultist or innocent,seein dt video broke my heart,nobody deserves to die in dt gruesome manner,nobody has a right to take away sombody's life in that manner.I can imagine the trauma der family wil be goin thru,I don't knw them,but I'm traumatized myself.may we nd our loved ones nt fall victims of d lawlessness and insecurity in ds nation.

    5. Whether they were thieves,cultist or innocent,seein dt video broke my heart,nobody deserves to die in dt gruesome manner,nobody has a right to take away sombody's life in that manner.I can imagine the trauma der family wil be goin thru,I don't knw them,but I'm traumatized myself.may we nd our loved ones nt fall victims of d lawlessness and insecurity in ds nation.

  60. In all honesty, I think you should have taken some more time to find out how the mob built up and who was/were the instigators before you wrote this piece. Secondly, I agree with you that we are that tired community and all but until a man is proven guilty he is innocent. You are not so different from the Government you are quick to put blames on…………. Think of it, It could be you or your son in this situation. The boys are dead now and will be missed by as many people who saw their death on mobile phones. There are two sides of this divide, please take a peep into the other side and feel the pulse. In conclusion you talked about misplaced anger; I can see a lot of that in your piece. The fact that you are fed up does not justify an unlawful act neither does it make doing wrong a thing to be proud of. Negative emotions built up over time can never justify a negative act, what is wrong is wrong.

  61. I feel u are writting on impulse without taking time to think,Lemme correct ur ignorance in 1 of ur statements,Humans are Humans and Animals are Animals,there's a reason God seperated the two,if u want to be scientific be scientific,don't mix herbs and tablet's for 1 sickness.

    Fact is that all the people in that village are illiterates,when u catch a thief by 5:00am and Execute them by 12:00 i see no time frame for explanation and there are ways to judge a case even if u decide to take law into ur hands,Now Aluu will know that it's law is smaller compared to that of nigeria and this is warning to other vigilante groups who think the can do whatever they like.I hope it doesn't happen to u or any1 u know cos i don't wish this kinda death for my enemy even.God Rest thier Souls as we continue to fight for Justice for them.IJN Amen.

  62. I wish same treatment on u Adesola Ade-Unuigbe fool!!!!!

  63. U r a standard idiot, u ve not even watched d video and u open ur mouth to spit out this ton load of shit!! U r indeed an animal and a very unprofessional writer!! Watch that video desola!!

  64. Am not wit aluu and can never be wit them infact if am d one in ugonna's mum shoes rite now they will nver be aluu again by d time am thru wit dat community.ur brother dat made u see ur rubbish view shud have bn d one whose brain was smashed n let's see if he will be alive to love aluu..bitch get a hold wat u r blogging cos u don't want d spirits of d dead to punish u and if u r an animal dat likes jungle justice nt all nigerians do.y wld u think by killin eachother will make d govt see reasons wit d pple,do u want us all dead?next time biko keep ur fuckin opinions to ursef(devil's reincarnate)tschewwww

  65. U r just a demon who has no right to live! U brother and urself will be d next to die! U hopeless fool!

  66. Some day,this so called on 'anger' will turn on u and u will be murdered in cold blood like those boys! U useless demonic man!

  67. may they souls and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in peace..

    if you'v not watched the video, PLEASE DONT watch it..

    cos it will change a part of you..

    believe me is something you would not want watch given the option.

    just wish i can get it out of my head..

    Even a snake have not been killed that like that.

    this the worst thing my eyes have had the displeasure of seeing,

    it wud be kind of u to spear 1minute and pray for the repose of they souls.




  70. He who is without sin cast the first stone, Aluu community should be shut down by JTF shi ki na.

  71. U should have taken time to inhale and research* I meant

  72. Awww! Desola, u used have been patient to carry out a few research before writing this article. That is what great writers with credible opinions do to dia works before sharing it. Crying about d plight of d nation on this platform is not wise enough. I schooled in a university where most students lived off campus as well, and in the villages we lived, the natives have nothing that the students wants to steal. Instead, they r d Okada boys who will snatch ur bag at every opportunity. They break into students room when we are on break and steal our things. D students hardly go near their illiterate girls either. So d rape cases couldn't hv been their own people. If there is anything, those jobless native boys(youths) only envy the students, try to make friends with to obtain d guys and they try to have a share of the female students sexually as well. Laying ambuish especially when sch freshly resumes and a few arrives early. These communities even benefits from d students becos students buy domestic stuffs & food from their mini markets & stalls. Those 4 boys were murdered unjustly. it's sad to know that they are gone and d act is irreversible. so sad! May God console their loved ones.

  73. How can a human being have that kinda heart, the people that killed those boys are from the pit of hell and as it goes, "A head for a head". Let them face a death sentence just in thesame manner they killed those boys.

  74. Applause pls! This dude deserves a standing ovation for his unparalled stupidity! Wth re u talking about? Now that this kids re dead,nigeria's problem I s solved? They have become sacrificial goats? Chei! I weep 4 naija. Our brains have become so warped that every idiot will write nonesense 4 cheap fame. Okwa umu aka jelu akwukwo! Okwa nwa mmadu,okwa nwanne mmadu,okwa oyi mmadu! Mmadu ncha sikwa obulu ya! Chukwu gbaghalu anyi.

    1. Chukwu gbaghalu anyi!

      My greatest sad moment was dat despite pleads of mercy from these unfortunate guys,Nobody,NOBODY was touched to spare them their gory death. What has happened to our sense of being humane? No matter d grievance. I've never imagined d possibility of this type of thing.

    2. Chukwu gbaghalu anyi!

      My greatest sad moment was dat despite pleads of mercy from these unfortunate guys,Nobody,NOBODY was touched to spare them their gory death. What has happened to our sense of being humane? No matter d grievance. I've never imagined d possibility of this type of thing.

    3. Chukwu gbaghalu anyi!

      My greatest sad moment was dat despite pleads of mercy from these unfortunate guys,Nobody,NOBODY was touched to spare them their gory death. What has happened to our sense of being humane? No matter d grievance. I've never imagined d possibility of this type of thing.

    4. Chukwu gbaghalu anyi!

      My greatest sad moment was dat despite pleads of mercy from these unfortunate guys,Nobody,NOBODY was touched to spare them their gory death. What has happened to our sense of being humane? No matter d grievance. I've never imagined d possibility of this type of thing.

  75. Mr Man, there is a clear difference between violence and judgement.

    You didn't do your homework, I think you need mental check – up.

    Should we now become Aluu in a quest to get the Government's attention to step up their committment to deliver to the masses.

    You have no point and have made none, you just ended up showing everyone your grieviances against the government and how up-to-date you are with the on-going investigations.

    There is NO justification for this barbaric act. It is easier for you to blab, your relative is not involved.

    Believe me, if it were your relative that was brutally murdered in that manner you won't be giving this lecture on history of on-going investigations.

    Your lecture will definitely take a new turn.

  76. As I read this article, I was getting angrier and angrier. I wanted to write about how wrong you were until I realised that you were actually craving attention and enjoying it. Not just you; you and Ynaija. And honestly, Ynaija, I'm so disappointed!

  77. Its obvious this writer is just looking for attention. Rubbish.

  78. Desola pls save your political reasonings for urself, we are not animals and as such we should not act like one I agree Animals do not reason but humans do that is why Adam had dominion over everything.. Jungle justice is not acceptable in our society so it should not be condoned.. you claim you are angry with the govt but I bet if you happen to hold a govt position you too will be corrupt.. The aluu people should face justice and if I am going to agree with u in anyway is only bcos I will like for the Aluu people to face the same jungle justice they dished 2 those boys…

  79. desola or whatever ur bloody name is, this is d dumbest shit I ever read, jeez! are u for real? do u tink dis is d stone age? jungle justice indeed. ur a psychopath who needs to be checked. u do not understand anytn, u support d murder of those boys, ur just as babaric as d people of dat community, has it crossed ur mind that the just might hv been innocent, which is very likely. I schooled in UNIPORT, I lived in aluu for years, I know what those people are capable of, they feel they are invincinble, always threatning students and causing troubles, when u hear of a robbery,its usually d community boys coming to rob students not d oda way round , jungle justice huh? so When next dat guy/girl in ur office or wherever feel they've been wronged by you or anyone they shld take matters into their hands and carry out jungle justice, right? ur jungle justice is closer dan u think. u r as babaric and primitive like d people who carried out d murders plus those who watched with glee as dey were killed. stupid! I wonder why Ynaija published such an article, Chude shouldn't have allowed this. its heartless abd insensitive to publish such an article as dis when people are mourning and still trying to get ove d shock of d whole mess. desola u r a heartless being. I hv too much to say.

  80. go and watch the video 1st…..then imagine Ugonna was ur son…..then come and edit this ur long story. There is no way u can justify the murder. No matter how much sense u try to make with this ur long talk. If not because I'm civilized and have good home training……I for insult u sir.

  81. Anyway I don't blame you cos you already called your self an animal

  82. Daydesola I am ashamed of you! This is not the kind of issue to use in making your point [whatever point it is you are trying to make]. Those guys are senseless barbarians and there is nothing to justify what they did and there no message (not even subliminal) they are passing to the government.

    If one of those boys were your relative, you would not come out here talking all the balderdash I have read!

    The Aluu community: if they really want to pass a message to the government (the same government responsible for their poor and inhumane mentality), they should pick up their local government chairman [for starters] and burn him to death! Then it might make a little sense (just a tiny bit of sense)

    All I see in you is someone trying to get some cheap fame … and trust me you did a very awful job at that! Please use your writing skills to do some good for humanity!

  83. Like seriously, you need to chill. Which one is the cursing? How is the blood of those guys on her head? Na she kill them? For airing her views? Chill the fuck out yo!

  84. U r an animal.

    Bastard n hopeless

    U call urseldf a woman

    @Daydesola u will live 2 regret d day u supported d killings.

    Its ur type dat crucified Jesus.

    May peace b very far from ur genration.

    D curse on Aluu will flow ur way.

    D blood of those kids will hunt u

    U will strive all ur life 2 achieve half of wat dey hav acheived….n won't get a quater…God is not a man dat he should lie….d same measure in which u metted out shall it b metted unto

    Like Mrs Nkechi said…….Eziekel7 is 4 u n d d people of Aluu.

    1. I'm not going to be daft and curse like you do too. Just know ur curses won't work! Whoever the self-righteous person you are, are. Don't go around opening ur gutter cursing people randomly.

      Resign yourself.

  85. Its nice to see u are tactically re-aligning ur comments to the feelings of others. If that's what u meant for sure, the its ill timed. Guess u are trying to justify that d society has played a role in d mentality of d aluu pple. That can't still hold water for what has happened. I have been a victim of kidnap and the days I spent with them was horrible; not knowing if I would be "wasted" the next second. However, I have not allowed that to turn me into one that will uphold jungle justice. Articles on this issue should be written in clear terms bcos as sensitive as it is, u are bound to draw d ire of pple with d slightest atom of ambiguity. The way forward would be to arrest d perpetrators before delving into how the society is culpable for their actions. As far as am concerned, the only message they have sent out is that inhuman cannibals exist in Aluu. They should thank their stars that no army general's child is involved else the lot of Odi would have been their portion. By the way, that's another form of Jungle justice I don't subscribe to. Apologies to Desola for my earlier comments precipitated by anger. I thought you were justifying the action of the Aluu pple

  86. Let God b D̶̲̥̅̊ jugde of evry1 supportin dis barbaric act. RIP boyz

  87. Who is this clown? If ur brother or your son was among those boys, you won't be here sayin all this… Tell me, havnt you taking what's not yours before?… All this leaders stealing didn't u see them? Phucking nerd…

  88. It is the nature of justice that punishment is in proportion to the crime. That was not the case with the Alu killings. The punishment far exceeds the crime. The same Alu people would probably hail politicians who stole billions of Naira, and yet they could burn to death people suspected of stealing phones and laptops. It does not make sense to me.

  89. You double speak. You claim to be aluu community and yet you are not in support of their actions, but you think its justified because you understand them. I felt a tightness in my stomach as I read your piece. Well articulated, but very cold. These nation just lost 4 young men for a crime they probably did not commit. With actions like this where do you think this nation is headed? Nobody has the right to take life no matter the percieved wrong. If these boys were armed and the lives of indigenes were threatned, then the action of community would have been out of self defence, but was that the case? We cannot vent our anger and frustrations due to our governments non-performance on our fellow citizens. I totally condemn the killing of those young men, guilty or not.

  90. I don't blame you, is uncivilisation is your problem.Am sure u don't have CNN channel or read news about what is happening in the civilised countries.Your brother who tried to bomb American airline with hundreds of people on board has he been killed? American govt is still investigating his case, didn't you read the news about the American man who spent good 16yrs in prison while they investigate the accusation of rapist accused on him? At the end he was not guilty of the crime which they released him and compensated him with money.Why would you in anyway support this barbaric acts.Is so unlawful.alots of innocent people have been killed this way.Please lets not be supporting bad acts, it could be your brother tomorrow.

  91. Blah blah blah. Please shut the fuck up. I don't follow you on twitter ßυt I visited your page, I saw your tweets and I know you portray the same pride and snobbishness I can read in your article. I don't know about other humans ßυt for me, parading me naked is the ultimate disgrace. I will never ever do what prompted it again! I must admit, I have stolen before, and I was caught. Why didn't they kill me when they found me tho? They should have broken my head open without giving me a chance to explain and be remorseful. I am a girl and those boys were young and promising. Why didn't the aluu people give them a chance? They were handsome young men, loved and cherished by friends and family. Then because of assumprions and unverified facts and claims, a bunch of illiterate barbarians reduced them to animals and took delight in beating their brains ut. You also sat in the comfort of your home or office and turned the poor boys to objects of speculation. Tools to be used to obtain fame and acknowledgement. I understand the whole shii about If I was raped, I wouldn't be saying this ßυt please Desola, you're human and you're a christian. Parade them naked, beat them, expel them, put them on national TV. Its enough. Karma and GOD above will do the rest. Your article is contradictory and I had to read it twice ßυt its still trash to me. I have the feeling that this is a publicity stunt gone wrong. You expected praises and the usual cynical comments ßυt what you got was different. I couldn't watch the video to the end without crying, yet you have the guts to say 'I am the mother, I am Aluu, I am the community' please come and kiss my ass. Must you write? Must you talk? Can't you keep your trap shut and just observe? You were even now saying rubbish on twitter. I feel like slapping your retarded face. I'll advice you to delete this article, apologise to Nigerians and pray to God to rebuke all the curses fired at you. That's all. Peace..

    1. STFU!!!!!!! Ion give a fuck! Must you write too?? Bitch!

  92. (THEThe truth is finally out!!!One of the four boys borrowed some huge amount of money to 1 Aluu boy who is his friend and for a time now d aluu boy has being trying to play smart(not to pay back) and on that faithful friday, d boy arrenge(uniport boy) with his other 3friends to surprise his debtor very early in d morning to ask of his money but unknown to him d animal had plans too, after some arguments d aluu boy called his fellows and started shouting that d uniport boys a cultist/thief, after much beating they swear that they must be killed so that d uniport boyz won't report to police or call other students on them, pls as u read this ask urself some simple questions like y did they insist d boyz must die b4 other student or police will hear, (2) listen very well to what was said in d video, painfully getting those aluu boys to me is as easy as ABC, aluu is a small place, let's start frm ppl living around d scene, d boy that was owning Him, etc dis hardworking boyz were very happy boyz whom were very popular in organising shows, we ve just lost our future celebrities,media youths, dis are boyz that travel abroad now tell me what's a laptop to them and where on earth is d laptop they stole????we won't sleep on dis, noooooo justice must prevail—–phina. Uniports students re rioting in Aluu,dats d evil community dat killed d youths And Gov Rotimi has arrested d chief of d community. We should never let this happen in our country again, cos tomorrow it could you, ur brother or ur friend. Rebroadcast Truth so their soul can rest in peace ugonna menh TRUE STORY)

  93. There is obviously something wrong with you.I wish it was your brother,nephew,son or friend's son involved, then I will know if u will still have the guts to write this rubbish. I am not aluu and can never be.

  94. Can you imagine this NONSENSE write-up what is it that will convince someone to see the ok angle in the murder of 4 young men in that manner. Clearly you have said you are an Animal….we are not!

    1. The idiot was just looking for attention, leave him.

  95. After taking a look at ur pic on twitter (http://twitter.com/@DayDesola) I can already deduce that you have a dark and cold heart. I wonder what you would do if your boyfriend cheated on you with ur good friend,you'll probably pour acid on them with no remorse. You are against the killing but you are with the community…what a high state of confusion.Instead of talking about and aggravating the problem,you should be talking about the solution and how to educate Nigerians to call the Police when they see this kind of thing happening around them. Its rather unfortunate that YNaija's Editor in Chief allowed this article be posted bcos of PageViews and Hits. Talk about Greed,I never really liked YNaija but now i've lost whatever little respect I have for them.

    And to my brothers out there don't be wanting to make a girl ur girlfriend bcos she has nice boobs and ass…some of these girls are Animals in Human Skin..this is despicable coming from a young girl *SPITS*

  96. The writer I would say is poetically stupid and maybe a bit of a retard also. The dude is definitely an Animal and it will suffice if we don't agree to be categorized as animals like he chose to categorize himself.

    YNaija, please get seasoned writers.

  97. Agree with every word u said: can’t be better said than u already did. You all shld just look @ d list of endless investigations & even more not listed here…its a lopsided place we r livi

  98. Onwochei, I totally agree with your comments! I wonder if the guy that wrote that piece had one of his blood brothers in that group that was that gruesomly killed, would he still be taking the same position after watching the video? That the police is not working, the law is not working the system is corrupt, does not give any excuse for the kind of barbarism exhibited. I regretted ever opening and watching that video. Every Aluu inhabitant should be arrested to come forward and explain their role – that is how far my anger has taken me. Imagine any of those boys was your son, brother or close relation! P-A-I-N!

  99. To d person who said curses can't do anytn,it shows u have no idea how much the spiritual affects the physical,Gods word for aluu is in Ezekiel 7,he showed me dat dis morning,wen u start witnessn d calamity that will befall dem,u'l remember today,God said dey would seek peace n not find it,dat he would turn his face away from them,dat every1 wuld know he is God!

  100. Desola the writer, I don't blame u, after all u said u didn't watch the video, I feel so sorry for you , I wont rain causes on you because I can see you have gotten a enough that will last u a life time, even you have manage to get some for all your generations because of your so call writing. Kudos to u write more.

  101. One of the four boys borrowed some huge amount of money to 1 Aluu boy who is his friend and for a time now d aluu boy has being trying to play smart(not to pay back) and on that faithful friday, d boy (uniport boy) went with his other 3friends to surprise his debtor very early in d morning to ask for his money but unknown to him d Aluu guy had plans too, after some arguments d aluu boy called his fellow Village guys and started shouting that d uniport boys are cultist/thieves, after much beating they decided that they must be killed so that d uniport boyz won't report to police or call other students on them,dose boys didn't rob any1 or rape any1,a robbery and rape occured the nite b4 so the villagers jus pinned the blame on them.Point of correction,the robberies Aluu pple hav been facing ar not committed by students but the villagers demselves because the students live off campus which is inside the village,who has more to steal from,students or Villagers,the writer of dis article is extremely wrong,even if the boys committed d crimes it is still wrong but dey didn't…..anyway Aluu people ar CURSED to dia 5th generation,I cried naked to God dis morning n he gave me a word for Aluu pple in Ezekiel 7,any innocent born again Aluu person,now is the time to break urself from the curse placed on that land,my prayer for dose dat participated is for God to harden dia hearts so dey will not repent n go to hell,well even if dey repents dem n dia generation will still be cursed,dats why we see som born agains still passing tru tough times,Aluu pple will eat death,dia rivers will be polluted by death,whereva dey go,pain,sorrow,suffering,death,anguish will follow dem,their end is here,

  102. my cousin killed a boy who raped his friend, he spent 7 years of his life in jail.Aluu community should be rounded up and given varying degrees of punishment depending on level of participation from the man weilding the stick to the child made to watch behind its mother.God help us. Where is our humanity?

  103. I do not support a word u said but I understand d msg u r trying to portray …but like u said nigerians r angry at d judicial system why not burn d system n beat it to death…but just like d hyenas u n dem r…you cowardly take out your greviances on a weak n doz u can outmuscle …cheeky…so ur solution is kill innocent pple until d govt pays attention (but ur solution is floored coz d govt never will)…your post makes me sick…n I hope to never meet u in dis life n d next…n I support d pple dat took n spread d video (even doh dier lack of intellect is evident by shooting demselvz in d foot) dey hav exposed demselvz n a long line of killing dat has gone unnoticed…no matter how gruesome dis may b…d pole dat spread dis has opened d globe to our carlousness as a nation…may their souls rest in perfect peace..

  104. Who re u to tk sumone's lyf wen u cant give lyf?those boiz didn't deserve to die d way dey did evn if dey stole d White House..wt baffles mi most is hw those murders will b able to slip peacefully after dt barbaric act especially d guy wif d insanely big stick who seemed 2b enjoying himself while killing those young lads in cold blood.We rily nid divine intervention,God help us!!!

  105. In Ibo language, I believe the word Alu refers to an abomination, something weird, something unheard of. Now, that perfectly explains what happened in Allu community. What Allu people did was Alu and any write up trying to explain it away under any guise is also Alu and deserves the condemnation of all.

  106. All I can say is that KARMA will pay u a visit my friend.

  107. He who is without sin should be the first to cast a stone. You say they stole,they raped girls. How certain are u that those same boys repeatedly committed those crimes. There is no reason whatsoever that justifies such an act. I have watched that video a thousand times. Those boys pleaded for mercy. Yet the people of Aluu,had fun doing what they did. They lynched people's children. So will there be lynched in hell. Heartless barbarians. I am no animal and will never be. You are just as evil as the people of Aluu.

  108. In life one has to pick a side, your comments are so ambiguous, I am finding it hard to understand where you are coming from. A wrong is a wrong no matter which side you look at it from. Just wear the shoes of these guys parents or siblings and you cannot be here tweeting about understanding Aluu or whatever you are trying to say.

  109. If you have nothing to say, then keep quiet.

  110. Your attempt at eloquence, intelligence reasoning, logic, fairness, justice, compassion, humanity, empathy, understanding, justification, etc is ZER0! Your write up is so contradictory and annoying. Did you sit down to really reflect deeply about the incident and what you penned before publishing? You were not at eye witness at the incident, so how can you judge and condemn when you have no proof of the "assumed crimes" perpetrated by the Aluu 4? And even if they indeed committed the crimes, isn't walking them through the community enough punishment? "Love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you", are a couple of basic principles that must guide us as humans. Would you accept the same treatment to be meted on you if you found yourself in similar situation? Oh, such can't happen to you because you are upright, right? Your cheap and crappy write up has just earned you a lot of disdain, hate and curses all in the name of trying to score points with you willingly accepting and confessing you are Aluu community, the blood of those four boys is on you! God will ask you, unfortunately for your family and loved ones, you unwittingly brought a curse upon them. Don't be amazed if misfortune starts to befall you. In trying to wise you bring woe to yourself and end up foolish. Look for ways to make amends before its too late, I worry for you. May the souls of Aluu 4 rest in peace, may God have mercy on them and forgive them all their sins. As for Aluu community and the perpetrator of the brutal gruesome cold-blooded

    murder, karma is all I can say.

  111. Sanity is so far from you for this shit you wrote. If the community is angry cos poverty has eaten deep into their sense of value,they should talk or deal with their representatives in public offices and not kill @ will. I wish u had a sibling amongst those guys. RACA!!!

  112. All I know is da same measure U use in judgin others shall be used against U… Even da animal U reckon yaslf with will neva use da hammer to cure their headache… No waepons found on dem yet…. Hmmmmmm! May GOD be judge

  113. Whoever wrote this piece should be arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital for proper evaluatuion. He/she is a potential time bomb with serious tendencies of "ALUISM". If u are mis-informed, why don't u shut up and use ur brain for better things. U disgust me more than the murderers. May u experience such which in ur opinion is right

  114. The past 24 hours have been filled with extreme hatred and anger towards my article, and I understand that because I expected that. It's a controversial issue.

    But apparently most of my message and intent has again been lost and misdirected. Its the Nigerian way.

    I ask that you all think.

    Think deeply.

    I have gotten so much hate for writing this post that I am amused. You have proven me right. We are all animals. I have gotten cursed, my unborn sons have been cursed, my brothers have been cursed, my family has been wished dead, and all for what? Because I voiced out my opinion? Or because freedom of speech is dead?

    First of all, I remain in my position to understand the Aluu community. The anger you all feel towards me would only be a little less than what they felt too, especially for those of you who have said that I deserve to be burnt alive. LOL. You can kill too, and over an article?

    My message has always been against the actions of the Aluu community. I beg you all to think. Open your clogged mind, let go of the anger towards inhumanity and think. If we focus on the barbaric crime of the Aluu community, then we would have to think of headless children used by ritualists, or daughters raped by their fathers, or Nigerians who feast on human flesh, or people who kill simply because they are able to feel the desire to carry out such acts. Those are the actions that can be likened to the action of the Aluu community, and I do not condone it.

    We have always known that evil exists in the world, and can never be truly purged. Nigeria isn't even the only victim of such extreme inhumanity, it exists every where. Everywhere. And so I cannot be bothered to focus on such crimes, it is a lost cause. Those kind of people will forever be present in the world. Even if we kill them all, they would be re-born.

    So let's think beyond that. Drop your anger, drop your hate, drop your air of righteousness and just think.

    What could have made the Aluu community feel so helpless as to resort to jungle justice? Because that was an extremely odd scenario. Usually a thief gets beaten and burnt, but to have so many people approve of it and go with it, then Nigeria has failed us somewhere. And it is because Nigeria has failed as a lawful society, that is why the people feel the need to take law into their own hands.

    And humans are by nature irrational beings.

    My point is this, we may have reached a point in this nation why Jungle justice is the only thing that can scream out to the government that we are tired of our own helplessness, and if we can debase ourselves with fire, nudity, and sticks, then we can march down to where ever we have to, just to get justice.

    Please, I have had my fill of hatred and anger. I beg that before you enter my life to curse all those that I love, for something that I have done, think deeply. And check to see if you have not be pushed to an extreme too. Like the Aluu community. Like me.

    It is not about the crime committed anymore, it is about the intent behind the crime. Who are they sending a message to? And why?

    And for the record, I am a girl. And I watched the video before writing the article.

    Thank you.

    God bless



    1. 🙂 Selective perception. selective reading. Their curses can't do anything. I understand your POV. and well-done.

  115. "I do not support d community but I understand the community".baseless, contradictory and absurd. I refuse to believe u actually watched d video clips. Absolute rubbish

  116. U understand dem really, and I am damn sure u have neeveer lived deer..dose community people are d damn thieves dat harass and steal from students eveerytime.but deey vhave not killed demselve likee dat.

    1. Buki u said it all…those community people are thiefs and all..just cos those boys don't belong to that coomunity that's y they wia beaten and murdered..

  117. Mr.Unuigbe or whatever u choose to call yourself u pretend to being a 'knowing one' but u are just shallow in your thinking with herd mentality. your statements are quite foolish and shows how superficial u are. stop ranting about and prattling with words. you are just a confused individual seeking undue attention but u dont have my support or any moral justification to lay your claims. only myopic people and 'animals' like u will agree to this nonsense u have pasted here but not well meaning citizens. Go and seek knowledge and stop pretending to know u fool. Nonsense!!!

  118. Well just to prove u wrong, desola or whateva ur name is, every day we sit down, complaining and criticizing or rulers, but little do we know that we are the problem. We blame out governments everytime, how did the situation of the country push those villagers to commit such wicked act. There is no way u can say u understand them,under stand what? A lot of innocent people had lost their lives through this jungle justice. It must stop. By the time the law puunishes the people of ALUU by then nigerians will learn that once a criminal is caught. You take them straight to the station. And not burn them aliveor maybe you need to watch that video, and see that that was too extreeme. Eveb if they stole, dey didn't deserve such treatments shut the fuck up!

  119. Uhm, well understood. And it's not as if we aint angry at the govt. We are! But while we are angry at the govt. 4being the primary cause of these killings, we are also angry at the community for being this inhumane, unlawful and cold. We are all Nigerians, we are all suffering the same problems 4rm the govt but most of us need to b mature so that we can move forward. TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT, remembr this. It will onli keep the process going. Change can onli begin 4rm the grass roots, n that's US the ppl of Nigeria. If we all do what is right consistently, and with ppl like u encouraging them, the govt will change!

    Now, u think…what if ur kids were used as scape goats just as those 4boys were used, wld u still have this perception? Wld u still agree with the community? Let's be realistic here. Yes the govt has wronged us, Yes we are angry, Yes we are animals……. But we need to operate wiv some level of maturity, the maturity that was given to us by God! And let's stop all this lifestyle! Even Animals wld know how to act, when it has to do with their own. Thank u! @IB_Presenter

  120. Btw will jungle justice solve all d murders and cases u have mentioned? Did u pause to tink if dose boys were innocent? I leave u to God.

  121. Which planet is dis guy frm……Planet Cannibal ?….No one deserves to die in dat manner…nt even ABACHA…and wen did we turn awwa selfs to God? handling out judgemt to follow human…….the perpetrators sud be brought to book and purnished severly……..and u said Govt again ??? So govt caused erritin again………wen are wu going to take responsibility of our lives and stop blaming d govt…..leave govt out of dis..una fit blame govt sha……if rain self no fall nah Govt ! #Shame on you.#bigger shame on NPF(Nig Police Force)..and d Biggest#shame on Aluu pple…..they are all Guilty………………………#JusticeForAluu4

  122. Who ever wrote this is insane and an animal like you repeatedly call yourself! Since you want to unleash your anger on the unjust government start by killing your mother or your father whenever they offend you afterall there is an animal in you and they are Nigerians too whom you can vent your anger on! Rubbish write up.

  123. Shame on you writer for this article, humans though animals can think that's why you are different from your cat. We must not encourage jungle justice in our volatile society. Nothing justifies the community's insane behaviour and its totally unacceptable. The guilty ones including the person that did the video must be punished. May God return sanity back to our land.

  124. U alone r Amuu community, u alone r a killer. One questione for u, wld u b sayin dis if it was ur brother killed! Neva pay evil wit evil its in d bible.Ur just another sick animal roaming d face of dis earth acting like a normal human being. May God judge u

  125. I just dey think wetin I wan write now sef…bc I'm kinda shocked and confused at what I just read now. Put yourself as a parent watching your sons being beaten to death. And imagine yourself writing this article "I am with Aluu community". Ask yourself this question "does it mak sense?". Then put yourself in the murdered boys' shoes being beaten to death and yelling to them "I understand you! I am with you! We are all animals! Nigeria is still investigating _______! I do not condone this but I understand! I love you guys!" Ask yourself "does this make sense?" I don't know about Aluu community but I believe a reasonable community should give proof of what they have stolen. Give a fair trial. Let them proove their innocence. You mean say police no dey dia? We don't know the WHOLE story. If you believe you're an animal stay in the bush.

  126. Please see the video and stop making misguided comments and writing annoying articles.

    The Aluu people are barbarians. Are they the only ones threatened by thieves or cultist? We all can as well start burning every thief we catch and blame the government for our inhumane acts. Well written article though; nice use of words, lovely analogy and splendid structure, but I refuse to see from your point of view.

    The Aluu people are wicked.

  127. MKO's election was annulled, its not up for investigation

    we investigate still FunshoWilliams murder

    we investigate still BolaIge's murder

    we investigate still DipoDina's murder

    we investigate still AdewaleOlupitanHassan's murder

    we investigate still the Mubi Killings

    the list goes on and on….the main issue is the sense of lawlessness which has become the norm

  128. I want 2 belif dt his understanding of d alluu community is nt literal, I want 2 belif that it is an ironiic poem satiring d nigerian nation… I want 2 belif that this young man wouldn't and can't go all out 2 do what was done in that community… There is no perfect system hence we all strife 4 perfectn, IF JUNGLE JUSTICE WAS D ODA OF D DAY DEN BLIF ME, U WLDNT AV SEEN 2DAI… It is totaly nt aceptable what they hav done…. BT nigeria needs a radical revolution… MayB anoda military junta will help…looolssss

  129. Desola. I know that God is love and not judgemental…. Has it occured to your sick skull that these boys could be innocent, they re so many sides to that story.. Yet you and your other sick friends @ aluu were quick to pass judgement on them. Even if they stole the laptop and phone does it warrant them to be butchered thus? Yes u say people have been raped and robbed. How sure are u that its this same boys. Or did any of the rape victim identify one of the boys? These are all the things you would have anaylised before writing this piece of CRAP. Its actually not your fault because its obvious your mental status is in question. It is ynaija that I will blame for allowing you publish such madness. In your sick mind you feel you have published abi. Idiot ewu

  130. If truely they were caught on armed robbery operation then, they deserved to die anyhow. Sometimes, notifying the corrupt authority might be a bad idea bcus their parent might be a senator. I will suggest we start this approach in lagos state and let see if robbery will not reduce.

  131. I thot only murder was punishable by capital offence even Jesus when a woman who allegedly committed adultery was brought before Him made a simple but yet profound statement "he who is without sin cast the first stone"and her accusers promptly dropped d stones and walked away those ppl who committed dis dastardly act cannot say they've never stolen in their entire lives haba d pain inflicted on those boys b4 killing them was just too much and the police conveniently chose not to act when this was happening and I thot usually when alleged thieves are caught the items stolen are usually displayed where are the so called laptops and phones that were stolen it has mysteriously disappeared SMH. The punishment didn't fit the crime at all and God is going to require their blood from their hands. Its only grace even d bible says humans are capable of destroying themselves. The question is how far would we go

    May their souls rest in peace and God give their families the fortitude to bear this avoidable loss.

  132. Where is this Guy frm ? Planet Cannibal ?…..spare us d Gist…..I am nt Aluu, I am nt a murderer……there's absolutely noiin to justify dis barbaric act……..#shame on U,#shame on d pple of Aluu, #shame on d NPF……..#JusticeForAluu4

  133. Congrats to d writer u just won it so early in d week..''FOOL OF THE WEEK''

    I'm in no way am Aluu barbarian and don't think u can come and confuse

    Nigerians with your stupid and weak points..I guess u think nigeria would

    Be fine with jungle justice and everybody is dead..I can't even believe

    Some idiots are supporting your STUPIDITY!!!

  134. Arrant nonsense, crap. Height of stupidity. Are you crazy? 4boys were killed, no proof, nothing, were they caugght red handed? Now you come here and say you are with Aluu community, are you mad? The only way those boys deserved to die was if they killed/raped someone and if there was any proof. Not some stupid allegation.

    Now you come here and tell me you are Aluu community? You are an illetrate, maybe someday if by chance your kids find themselves in the wrong place at the wrog time and are served jungle justice, you will clap for the ppl who killed them? Ewu kambia, onyi beri be.

  135. What ever u cal ur self desola u are a fool for saying all dis rubbish The other time militants revolted and raped innocent UNIPORT girls cuz FG didn't pay them. Now 4 innocent UP boys brutally murdered! Justice where do u sleep???

  136. What ever u cal ur self desola u are a fool for saying all dis rubbish The other time militants revolted and raped innocent UNIPORT girls cuz FG didn't pay them. Now 4 innocent UP boys brutally murdered! Justice where do u sleep???

  137. You do not support the murder yet u understand the community and approve of jungle justice? See, if jungle justice were allowed to prevail, if the law was non-existent, I'm so sure you wouldn't be alive to type this and i won't be alive to comment becos somewhere sometime, we both woulda done something to someone, however minutely insignificant, dat that certain someone woulda decided that it was too painful to him or her to let u go free. People would have died for scratching other peoples car becos of our animalistic nature, people would have been killed to satisfy other people's selfish interest. Did u think about that? Many are rotting in jail for crimes dey did nt commit, many are rotting in jail for being @ d wrong place @ d wrong time. If it were for jungle justice those people wulda died but here they have a second chance. There is a reason for the law my friend, however ineffective u might think it is

  138. Desola sits in his room, writes his English, elusive of the fact that even he can be a victim of truth misconstrued. My question to him is, y has the community not attacked the govt wif jungle justice? He might as well arouse our barbaric senses to tk up arms & tk to the streets & maim & murder any & everyone in govt as well as anyone who has dealt with us unjustly.

  139. So if your brother was part of the boys that were beaten up and killed like that you'll watch him die just like that baa ?

  140. I totally disagree with this nonsense you've posted.. You should be arrested and set ablaze for compiling such rubbish.. Animal.

    1. Some people can be senseless nd insensitive at d same time, Two wrngs don't make a right. He shud be set ablaze really.

  141. Bola u re d biggest fool on d face of d earth!if u dnt have any comment shut d fuck up and reserve ur stupid comment.I'did a pre degree course for one year and I never had problem wt anyone.whoever supports dat murder shld be hung to a tree.pls post my comment

  142. for you to understand them means u are in support of their action, what is is and what is not is not (principle of non contradiction ) it is better u condemn the act than come playing on words, there is no excuse for their action, even at trained dog will not act in such manner, not to talk of a human being in 21st century, pls am crush!

    1. if d community pple are angry bcos of Nigerian leaders shld dey vent their anger on students or thier local government chairman who is also corrupt an right in their nose receiving allocation and not doing anytin, am angry abt dis ur piece

  143. While I totally disagree with this writer, I do not approve of the language and curses being rained on her by commentators. This is uncalled for and bad. It actually puts you on the same level with the aluu people. So let's disagree with civility.

    1. Seun, in Ibo language, the word Alu refers to an abomination, something weird, something unheard of. Now, that perfectly explains what happened in Allu community. What Allu people did was Alu and any write up trying to explain it away under any guise is also Alu and deserves the condemnation of all.

  144. Meant to say I thot only murder was punishable by "capital punishment" sorry for the typo

  145. I thot only murder was punishable by capital offence even Jesus when a woman who allegedly committed adultery was brought before Him made a simple but yet profound statement "he who is without sin cast the first stone" those ppl who committed dis dastardlyact cannot say they've never stolen in their entire lives haba d pain inflicted on those boys b4 killing them was just too much. The punishment didn't fit the crime at all and God is going to require their blood from their hands. Its only grace even d bible says humans are capable of destroying themselves. The question is how far would we go

  146. @Bola Uniport, u ve condenmed engine oil flowing via ur vains no blood. U r a bloody fool for dt comment. I won't b suprised if u were scoping those young handsome guys penis and taking picture. U don't ve siblings or even family that is why u open ur filty mouth to utter dirty tins. Pray u don't see such in life cos I bet u not only Aluu community, nigeria will laugh @ U. @writer of dis piece u actually didn't say anytin. I am not Aluu community neither do I understand dem.

  147. See I am really angry with these self serving poets who wants to show us they are on a higher thought level than the rest of us. I will not blame the govt, that's simplistic and lazy. Ok is Nigerian govt the worst in the world? Why are citizens of Liberia, somalia and sudan not burning themselves over petty theft? Why haven't all d thieves in Lagos not been given the same brutal treatment? Pls pls pls. She should watch d video, take the cour/e to watch it. If those guys have been shot and killed in the process then many os us wouldn't even be able to say anything, but the method of ezecution, the last time the universe saw it was at the stone age.

  148. just my Opinion: i knw his article has some loopholes but he is nt entirely wrong. The Aluu community which had always bin hospital dint just become violent wit nothing trigering it if u had a son dt was killed,a daughter dt was raped,a relative that became physically disabled bcos of the cultist activities on campus,u would not think twice if u had d opportunity to kill them. They had bin reporting to the police,and to the university community,and nothing was done to stop it. If u watch d video,u see dt,derz a lot of anger which must ave stemed from pain. Dose boiz were nt innocent o at all. Sad therz no video of their cultist activities on campus for evryone to see. If u witness ow ruthless there are,and how they pride in their ability to cause pain,u wldnt be so quick to judge. The Aluu community were tired of waiting for the Law to come around,they had to protect themselves its normal human instinct.

  149. First of all am not an animal like u described urself,am a recreated human spirit born in d image and likeness of God.May God really help you,cos u sound so heartless,brutal and unpertubed by the inhuman act performed by Aluu community.those were unarmed boys,defenceless,brutaly murdered in cold blood; and besides I like to ask u" since when did death became the penalty for petty theives? And who made Aluu community a court of law, to judge and punish offenders?"If they actually stole phones and laptops,how come the items were not displayed? U wil be shocked dat these poor boys were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn't deserve this man's inhumanity to man or barbaric and heartless death.Those were someone's lovely child,brother,cousin,friend and they wil be missed. 'Mr'becareful what u say cos God is watching you seriously and he wil not let you decieve or mislead his people.I ask God almighty to avenge the death of these sweet souls.As for Aluu community,they ve sinned against God, against humanity.do you know 'MR'that great judgement awaits even a lion dat took a human life not to mention a human taking a fellow human's life.Aluu community wil never find peace, joy or prosperity again for this havoc they ve done except they confess and repent of their sins.

  150. hmmmmm every point u mention is understood. Imagine the pains those guy went tru. I admit they are not a cultist cos if they are their group must have taken action of revenge, be it as it may be if the only satisfy justice will be taking law into our hand so be it.

  151. I am amazed at this, I get where you are coming from but wisdom is profitable to direct, this is not the tiime for this lecture because people are angry n upset, this is murder in broad daylight all in the name of jungle-justice. Whether they deserved it or not,they would have been given a chance to live and explain themselves because no one knows the full story. For all of you saying the Alu people were right, sit down and think, you didn't know these boys(may their souls rest in peace), you are only judging based on what has been going on there. A lot of wrongs has been happening there, yes I agree and it is sad but where were the evidences against these young men,it's all hear say. Nobody deserves to dies like that, if we felt so much pain by watching the video then what do you think their families would be going through! Even God gives everyone a chance to repent! YOU say we are all animals and we are the people of Alu, that is all rubbish because the evolution of man is deeper than been an ape…we have feelings and a sense of right/wrong. Every wrong that happens, they say blame the government,what are the people doing? What are the leaders of these communities doing? Why do you think responsibility has been divided? Change would come once we change our mentality. How many more would have to die before we create a sane way to handle issues? If the Government has failed, what are the people doing to live right? We are humans, we are ONE voice saying NO to injustice n brutal killings..May God help all of us.

  152. Na wa o dis guy wey rite dis article no dey reason at all, at all don't wanna talk 2 much make him no worry de day wey dem go brutalise him son like dis make him talk say him na 4rm dat community of people wey beat him poikin die!!! How can de bloody guy say such words 4rm his mouf even if dose boys were thieves were they suppose 2 be treated like dat?! No be people dey still oil money 4rm dat same PH under dat fucking community's nose & dem no fit do anytin na these young lads dem wan come 4 get power? Make una tell dat guy 2 reframe dose bloody statements wey him make!!

  153. i hope this will get to one of your families pretty soon…..before the end of this year. Death and tears shall never be far from you. may your family never no peace. you peace of SHIT. may Aluu community never peace in JESUS NAME……………..AMEN

  154. Where was the aluu community when the ex-militant stormed,if they robber with arms, they stories would have different,

  155. Am just going to say Violence begets Violence.I get d writer.he's trying to write frm d point of view of d community but still,MURDER? bcos of how much.no crime is worth a life.dose boys can repay for all their crimes(if they did do as claimed) whilst stil alive.am so ashamed of dat community who looked on as 4 lives were taken so violently from dis earth.are d perpetrators of dis jungle justice not now exactly wat they are against?dere is sometin called a peaceful protest.and no matter how slow our govt is dey r beginning to respond when pple protest peacefully.as I said Violence begets Violence!

  156. This writer is certainly crazy! A computer and handset theft is not worth the lives of four promising young men. This aluu place is under a curse or how else can one interpret this barbaric mob action. No religion preaches this type of inhuman behaviour. To those of us who are not northerners, stop judging nigeria's problems by boko haram yardstick cos you have something worse around you. Its better to die by gunshot than to be butchered! Let's all collectively pray as a nation cos every region has the equivalent of boko haram!

  157. THIS IS TOTAL BS. *smh* How can you write this really? only your friends telling you 'Great article' but really it is BS! what a shame, you can't be this heartless! you just can't.

  158. How can u say dat?where is ur heart?looking at the whole story the boy. Didn't do anytin dey didntjust ve the chance to. Say a word

  159. Desola you are talking out of your ass, and u need to recognize that passion is what drives humanity, this article is written by a person seeking cheap fame by pouncing on a hot topic that people are reacting to. If something is bad, lets call it Bad, stop all this intellectual meandering bullshit and put yourself in the shoes of the families and friends of these unfortunate individuals!!!

    So because we have a feeble government we should deteriorate into a state of anarchy and barbarism??? U fool!!!

  160. I have not recovered from d shock of dat video. D aluu community hv no reasons to hurt dos. Boys cos dey demselve rn't guiltless

  161. Desola,

    Reading your piece, I must confess that u are an animal indeed. I graduated from the university of PH acouple of yrs ago and if I know anytin it's dat its d indigenes that stole from students and not the other way around. And wheneva they were caught d stolen items were returned and peace was made. How come the same indigenes who should be grateful for having a better life today bcos of d presence of the university and its students can be so inhumane. This pathetic event doesn't in anyway connect to d present situation of our country and so I wish u and all d other fools that support your hypothesis a similar fate in d hands of an uncontrolled mob. Idiot!

  162. My friend after reading you comments, I am ideed convince that u are stupid. I went to uniport and no 4sure that the thiefs and armed robbers at uniport are actuall Aluu and choba natives

  163. desola, may u get all u deserve.

    May u pay 4 every sin u have committed wit ur blood.

    May ur generation who meet u alive too pay 4 der sins b4 ur very eyes.

    4m d depth of my heart, I wish u jungle justice 4 every crime u ever committed.

    I wonder if, u ever thought that dey could b innocent.

    How sure r u hat dey committed d said crime? And even if dey did……is dat d kind of death beffitting 4 humans?

    You are really an Animal. i use u as a point of contact 2 all d bastards supporting d crime. God's mercy will be far 4m u IJN.


  164. Regardless of what the boys *supposedly did, they did not deserve to die. Violence isn't Justice. Can one's life be bought?

    Mr. Writer: how can you call us Animals? It is obvious you ignorant!

    You are trying to justify Aluu because the government has failed us! Did you hear yourself? This is transfer of aggression! Have you asked if the boys were actuallÝ guilty? If they had stripped them & beaten them I could say that's fine but to kill them? Wicked!

    Jungle justice yeah? So if they are innocent who will fight for them? Grave justice yeah? Smh

  165. The writer of dis piece is really sick!!! If ur child were involved then I will shake ur hand and proudly support dat I am aluu too.

    So because of d situation in nig we shd support brutal killings init? Pls stand for something abeg! U r not in support of d murder but nig needs jungle justice.. U r just like d govt hu will say 2 things @ d same time.. Rubbish!

  166. I can see your point! But we need to put reason in whatever we do. Two wrongs can not make a right! I can not and will never understand the actions of the Alu Community. Our government has failed but tha doesn't mean we should act as murderers because that will show that we have failed and we are no different from those in Government.

    I'm so sad and ashamed of what nigerians become. How a group of people would humiliate and kill three men in the most gruesome way because they stole phones is beyond me. I do not understand them and I never will.

  167. u made ur point about 9jeria nd some key govt. issues dat needs 2 be tackled but permit me to say in total u bluntly said lots of trash.1st of all we aint all animals,dere are somes of us dat are animals and its so clear dat u're one of dem.u made a cry about 9ja nd d hope u have 4 her then I c u write some f*cked up sh*t,I really doubt dat u're educated 2 ur brains,maybe word of mouf nd ur dressin but certainly not ur brain.there is no justification 4 wat dose murderers did and even afta wat dey did I still don't wish dat kind of death 4 dem….there's a thin line btwn being human and being an animal…d writer of dis article should by now knw d side of d line he stands

  168. Its funny how d writer in some weird way wants us to understand d community's action. We keep crying bad Govt. But we forget Govt is made up of Nigerians really n so it is unacceptable for us as a people, no matter how disappointed in d Govt me have, to take lives this way. Dis behavious is shamful n dosent potray us as a people in any good way

  169. Desola,pls pls pls,may God have mercy on us all….even if an armed robber robbed my family,raped me or even killed a loved one, I would never wish that dastardly act on Him. ALU is forever cursed, she shall from now on bury its young…Ur piece is a piece of crap, I couldn't even read it..

  170. @Novio,pls put urself and ur sisters in the shoes of the numerous gals dy beatup, gang raped and disposseSed of their belongings daily!!!!Plsssss,Aluu community just saved us from future 'Anini's and Terrorists'!

  171. Desola or debola wateva, I reject it. U are d animal. Plz don't generalise jor. I was created in d image of God so dare u call us animals? U were ranting in ur write-up. It was filled with contradictory bullshit. Why would ynaija even give u room to show d depravity of ur mind. If it had happened to u or ur loved one, I wonder if u'll say such shit. May God forgive u for blessing the actions of such a babaric and bestial community.

  172. Now everybody STOP! Pause and listen to yourselves. I want each one of you to put yourselves in the shoes of being a relative to the butchered boys,or being a victim of the supposedly incessant crime and rape the aggrieved Aluu community went through.

    Then listen quietly to yourselves. Thank you.

  173. I only think it wrong that the Aluu people failed to display evidence. If those boys are guilty, then they got what they deserved. It is only their fate playing, that they were the victims of this misfortune. Statistics show that 67.9% of rape victims commit suicide or die shortly after the event, 14.2% are hunted by the trauma daily, and only the remaining percentage are the ones who make it through and carry on with life. If they ruined a girls life (as I heard), surely then, they got served. It's a whole different story again, if they are innocent. My point's that, you can't really judge until you got the full scopes. Only those Aloo peeps know the guilt status. Surely, no man, after having seen the video, won't think twice before going on a mission as such. It served that purpose atleast.

  174. Ȋ̝̊̅ want to tell ƔøU guyz a story,Ȋ̝̊̅ knw a boy who lost his dad to an armed robbery attack,Ω̴̩̩̩̥​₪D̶̲̥̅̊​ his sister ΨåS̤̈̊ raped in d same event Ω̴̩̩̩̥​₪D̶̲̥̅̊​ ΨåS̤̈̊ later diagnosed to Ħa̶̲̥̅̊νc̶̲̥̅̊ HIV.the youngman today is nw mentally unbalanced bcos of the event.Nw tel me,if ƔøU wer dat youngman Ω̴̩̩̩̥​₪D̶̲̥̅̊​ ƔøU had d opportunity of catchin dos culprits,wat wil ƔøU d̶̲̥̅o?.the truth is dat Nigerians are tired Ω̴̩̩̩̥​₪D̶̲̥̅̊​ fustrated,der is no wer to turn to.We turn to the Govt.,dey disappoint us,we turn to d secutiry officials they disappoint us also.wer d̶̲̥̅o we turn too or run to?

  175. i knw y u r sayin all dis,its cos u r a killer too…….. God pls let d BOKO HARAM bomb him and his family since he said he his an animal,meanwhile animals die anyow, so God pls make him dead b4 december…. Amen

  176. i swear down,desola am so surprsd dat a yoruba man culd say all dis,well i only av few curse 4 u,cos u'v offended even God…. nd u r boldly sayin it dat u r happy about d incident cos u understand d ALUU community, wee as frm 2day u shall know no peace,evil 2 ur children.u will all b burnt up oneday.. am saying dis bcos one of dem is part of my family……. ur secrets shall b exposed desola and ur great grandchildren will neva live long includin u nd ur family. Animal.Amen i jst pray dat d nxt calamity we will hear in Nigeria is about u nd ur entire family

  177. You are a complete idiot for this post and i wish i could get your address so i could take matters into my hands. Fool

  178. The writer said he his aluu community, hope u known d blood of those boyz has put a curse, on aluu community and that curse wiil reach you, u think this is a child play those boyz were innocent someone said they saw them close to were d laptop and phones were stolen, and immediately they were attack still there death.

  179. I bet if ur relative was one of them u wouldn't av understood d community.we are nt animals,we have rules n morals.they should fight d leaders dat let them down nt those boys.whoever is involved in this murder will never know peace both bystanders dat didn't do anytin to help.God's wrath will upon them n their generation.check urself befor talking rubbish.

  180. Your attempt @ comparing humans with animals is just shameful,there's a reason God gave us an ability τ̅☺ think and reason,its so we can make informed decisions ultimately treating every human with a manner of decency as we would want.

  181. U are such a weird person,i loled when u contradicted urself in the middle of ur article by condemning the mass media,yet u r in d grp.u also said u had seen a few photos and ur yet 2 see the video yet u talk about it like you know the whole story.

  182. The guy doesn't knw wat to write. So, cos d govt has failed us, we shld start killin one another? May God have mercy on u.

  183. Well said. Most of the people critisizing pple of Aluu are hypocrates. Only God knows what these boys have been doing to d pple of this community b4 they were caught. Besides these guys are children of the rich who can always settle d police and set them free. There is no system in place to ensure dat d pple get justice so dont blame dem for taking laws into their hands. Welldone Aluu pple. Kill dem all before they kill u!

  184. Na wah 4 u oooo. May God have mercy on u and ur Aluu community

  185. well, be that as it may it has happen and now what I know is that those who will wants to get involve in this kinna act should be ware that they might fall just like those guy. please follow me on twitter @fun4peaceclub.

  186. I clearly define what happened in the line of wrong and those involved in it should have waited little and let the law of the land take its cause since those boys where never caught on the scene of action but mere assumption.

  187. The ppl supporting wat d community of Allu did re wicked and heartless!! Did u watch d video @ all? What those ppl did was inhumane, the boys begged for their lives yet some1 had the guts to shout ''dat 1 neva die o'' nothing those boys did justified how they died!! Its written in the bisin cast the 1st stone, the idiots dat beat those boys to death cannot say they are sinless!! Yet Nigerians open their mouth to justify wat was done and claim they were protecting themselves!! Those ppl shuld be arrested and brought to book. They said they stole yet d stolen property weren't parraded, then anoda story came that they were armed robbers yet no arms were seen!! They begged for their life and no1 listened, God would haunt those ppl!! Jungle justice isn't the way forward wat if they were innocent passers-by?? They didn't even give them the opportunity to defend themselves and some1 is saying he supports the community!!! That's just wrong… And the ppl who videoed and snapped pics and did nothing to help them re just as guilty!!!

  188. well I see some points in your statement even when I hate what happen buh it does not mean those who did this would have? in the other words its show the anger the community has been living with and they showed it off even when it wasent the right thing to do.

  189. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U sound soooo stupid!!! Dis is d dummest thing I've heard from a supposed educated adult or father. Bring ur children to d field lemme burst their brains open and see if u'll be saying dis bull shit.

  190. Dis is a long load of bullshit,I will neva b dis barbaric,yes,our govt z nt exactly d best bt aw r we diff 4rm dem if dis is aw we treat fellow humans,dose boiz didn't deserve death,no1 does.if aluu pple r so angry,y cnt dey direct dat anger 2wards d govt itself?or dnt dey kno d way 2 aso rock?dis jes goes 2 show aw shallow we fink in nig(n by we I min d writer of dis stupid piece of crap).u r nw yappin abt aw u understand em,abeg shut d fuck up!

  191. Oh please!!! Shut up with this bloody, blatant, misguided attempt at a false and thoroughly misguided sense of patriotism. So because Nigeria is riddled with so many things gone wrong, we should now justify these brutal killings? Which you repeatedly say you're not condoning. Like are you even serious at all? Since we're all in the animal kingdom, let's start bashing each other and feasting on one another's blood. What they did in Aluu was wrong. Admit it. Accept it and then maybe we can fix it.

    All this your waxing lyrical is just false and patronising to me. God forbid, if one of those lads was your brother I BET you won't be part of the Aluu community! Hiss!!

  192. At first I was going to spit out and shout ruBbish but then I calmed down and understood ur point. To all those that have ever experienced the evils of these criminals maybe thru rape or murder of a loved one, u wnt be wquick to attack the writer!

    I hate the action of the allu community, but In a way I get dia point!

  193. Babe abeg mk una dey pray for our safty here o ma lodge dey for aluu

  194. Well, you have spoken. Much as I do not want to see anything wrong in your thoughts, I still believe this is jungle justice taken too far. Like you rightly said, the government should be blamed for everything, from the anger of the Aluu community, to what lead the boys into commiting the act. But scape goat should be made from those who by virtue of their acts do more harm than those boys did. They should take on one or two government officials who have refused to provide them basic nessesities first before extending the same justice to ordianry men like them. It is only by so doing that I can justify the barbaric killing.

  195. I Am Not Aluu Community Απϑ I'll Never Understand The Aluu Killing Of Those Uniport Undergraduates.

  196. Nothing could ever justify what happened in Aluu… Nothing. Not even if they killed. I mean, even societies that practice capital punishment do so in humane ways. I don't think even the dreaded guillotine was this bad!

  197. am sorry who is this idiot..we are talking about 4 people who just died horrible and his talking about nigeria's problem..which country in this world is free from corruption or injustice…a whole community murdered 4 human beings for no reason and this man is talking about corruption and problem..watch the video and let me hear what you still have to say..

  198. I can say, this is the best review about this issue! I too understand the people of ALUU. ALUU is the Host community of Federal University of portharcourt. Since time emomorial, Aluu community has been shawering it good hospitality to all students of the university but did this community gets in return; SLEEPLESS NiGHT and inseasant Robbery and Rape Cases, all done by Students. And to make matter worst Govt. Has done Noting about this! The community now device a means to cumb this mess! Those Guys are TERRORIST and GoT what they deserved! If u think am just blabbing COMe and stay In Aluu for just 1 NITE, then u will judge for your self.

  199. Iam not allu!U̶̲̥̅̊ can be allu!jungle justice?who is on the receiving side?I feel ur anger for the government but can U̶̲̥̅̊ kill to prove dat?wots d diffrence btw the boko harams and wot d people of allu did?you can be an animal inside U̶̲̥̅̊ but not M̶̲̅ε̲̣.if U̶̲̥̅̊ say we are animals,then while angry with the government wen D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ r animals? Sad for 1 to support jungle justce at dis age

  200. I don't agree with the writer of this piece cos if you want to behave like the people of Allu bcos of all that he has enumerated then this country will not be here again. Allu community should match to the National Assembly, there are lots of people there for them to massacre thie way they did those young boys who were not given fair hearing.

  201. I understood Ʊ perfectly well but those were harmeless students for crying out loud! You and I kno dat d pple of Aluu community wud av displayd d stolen items if they actually saw dem. Evn if an animal was killed d way those children were killed trust me Ʊ wouldn't eat the meat. Beating and striping dem naked was humiliating enuf. Bursting their skull 2 reveal their brains, breaking their spines and puoring fuel on dem b4 setting dem ablaze was the most wicked thing av ever seen. Gosh!

  202. U guys shld put ur brother in their shoes!Those who dont have d feel of the university walls should keep shut……….In our time,they were worst crimes,but nt any riseup frm Ekosodin nor d osasogie community.who are the thieves in this areas perpetrating this crimes around the campus premises?(d community ppple)This too sad to discuss……………may their gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  203. We get your gist dude, we really do!…..but we are not Aluu community! We don't understand them! They are heartless people who laughed while taking lives ( I saw the video)……

    No one claimed these guys are innocent, but they didn't deserve that sort of judgment. Even before civilization, only murder deserved murder!

    Even If 1 of those guys was my brother, I wouldn't take the killer's life.

    Don't mistake violence for judgment.

  204. You are u innocent?pls don't make me angry bfor I start telling u shit,gone are those days what happened to the police I thought they are responcible for keeping the law,see if you don't know what to say its better you shot d fuck up,or I wish u what you saw on that video §☺ u will have a taste of what their parents are going through right now,imagine killing your only child!!!is like you are Bad man!I would have loved to see the face of the demon that wrote this shit,ARE YOU A CHRISTAIN?don't lemme judge You.

  205. Why didn't you add people like cynthia osokogwu whose death has been investigated and the perpertrators found? Sometimes justice is not served, at other times investigations take so long it feels as though justice will never be served and I can understand that may be frustrating. But that in no way gives us the right to be barbarians. If u call yourself an animal, maybe u and those from aluu community have something in common but I'm certainly no animal and would not behave as one. If God struck us down each time we went out of line, where would u be today? No matter what those boys did, that response from that community was totally and completely uncalled for.

  206. My friend go and watch the video or keep quiet and stop playing with words. You are talking from different corners of your mouth.

    1. Desola needs some education. We live in a society. Ours is a society of men not beasts! Lawlessness isn't part of civilisation!

  207. I hear you! You say some of what I wish I had words for,not all….I would have liked to say…..so much more but I choke,I choke on MY anger! I think tho, my misdirected issues….my insane thoughts of civil disobedience, to make those who daily dehumanize us experience first hand,what Nigeria is really like! I would call out all kidnappers to kidnap one govt official each & have them live in the reality show that is….Nigeria,and let's see how many of them will be alive by the week's end,but you speak truly,me? U am probably certifiable…..where are my drugs again?

  208. I agree with every word u said: can't be better said than u already did. You all shld just look @ d list of endless investigations & even more not listed here…its a lopsided place we r living in.

  209. I wish your son was one of those murdered then I will gladly shake your hand for this bullshit

    1. Aluu Community went too too far. What a sad incident.

  210. Are now saying d. Community did rite by killing Dem or wat cuz I dnt seem to understnd wat ur point is

  211. Are now saying d. Community did rite by killing Dem or wat cuz I dnt seem to understnd wat ur point is

  212. Are now saying d. Community did rite by killing Dem or wat cuz I dnt seem to understnd wat ur point is

  213. Are now saying d. Community did rite by killing Dem or wat cuz I dnt seem to understnd wat ur point is

  214. Are now saying d. Community did rite by killing Dem or wat cuz I dnt seem to understnd wat ur point is

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