Kathleen Ndongmo’s 7 things to consider before criticising Bishop Oyedepo!

by Kathleen Ndongmo

Yesterday, news travelled far and wide among Nigerians that Bishop David Oyedepo, pastor and entrepreneur, had officially launched an airline ‘Dominion Air’. He is already widely believed to own Covenant University, Faith Academy, farms and others.

While there is no official statement from the church or affiliated institutions to confirm this, the criticism has come fast and furious.

Let’s assume that the reports are accurate – that the Bishop, through his church or not, own this business, these are 7 things to consider below before reacting:

7- A “full time” pastor is not allowed to do business? He commits a ‘crime’ if he does? A full time politician can loot and that’s no crime?

6- Pick one: The man who loots ur treasury for his business or the man who uses ur voluntary donations for a business. Are we sentimental?

5- Tax the ‘church’ if government deems it fit. That’s an okay dynamic. For all you know, the ‘church’ will pay. Comfortably.

4- I grew up in the Catholic church. Where ‘mission’ schools, ‘mission’ hospitals etc where a benefit to the community.

3- How can a man’s only crime for starting a business be the fact that he heads a christian ministry?

2- If an atheist starts a business [like an airline] that works [for the customer] will there be an uproar? Does faith nullify?

1. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (allegedly) starts First Nation, no negative uproar. Why is there one when Oyedepo starts Dominion?

Where do you disagree or agree? Sound off below!

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  1. If Bishop Oyedepo buys 100 air planes, that’s okay with me. He started from nothing, was never in government or politics, or swindled anyone. He has written more than 60 books. Quite a feat. He is a super-motivator, an inspire r of men. And he is making positive impacts in the lives of at least a few of us.Oyedepo is a challenge to the white man who thinks that nothing good can come out of Africa. If one single Nigerian president can achieve what Oyedepo has achieved, then Nigeria could dream of hitting the moon in 50 years. Not just crawl and beg from the white folks.

  2. Kathleen has succeeded in telling us one thing with this list. Oyedepo and Tinubu+Nigerian Politicians are the same sort of people. How else does she expect us to use the same morality sieve on them when neither Tinubu and his ilk have never claimed to be sent by Yahweh to redeem mankind unto wealth.

    At least, Tinubu is building up treasures where his heart his. The Bishop is clearing building up treasures where moth will eat it clearly demonstrating a lack of belief in that hallowed bible verse and where his heart is set upon. This is also at variance with his rhetoric that he is working out his salvation with fear and trembling and hopes to meet with Jesus.

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  5. Amazing!!!!

  6. dude, but u cant say for a fact that he uses church fund to do those. I beg to disagree to that fact. Infact, if you must know, he doesnt receive salary from the church. he does his business and it is expanding, love or hate it….

    Nice note, Kathleen….officially ur fan now.

  7. oh la la @ Stranger. some sad irony that is. placing the 'man of god' at par with a thieving politician

  8. Brother nyce over there.. Mr Jay o… If/when the priests are reported/caught, they are excommunicated.. Dunce! What reprecussions are coming to this alomotard called bishop fool? I beg… Get thee behind you wanna be smart but oh so daft!

  9. Ignorance is a disease I tell you!!! Why the assumption that the money being used is from church tithes?? Nooooo this man makes a ton of money from books and engagements outside the church setting, then again folks are so used to every rich Nigerian being a fraudster, they cant seem to think straight again.

  10. And Mr/Ms LOL you are a saint????

    Dude what rock do you live under!!! Catholic priests have been found molesting kids all over the world!! Not assumptions, but confessions!!!! Please do not go there!

    People like you that claim to know God and equate it to reading your Bible once a week at church! You may know God but does God know you????? Focus on making heaven and stop pointing fingers

  11. Something doesnt't right about diverting voluntary donations into a personal business entreprise. Everything's wrong about that, HELLLOO

  12. Kudos to your observation "Stranger" for being able to see the ironic style of Kathleen's writing. People are so full of religious sentiments that they cannot identify the comparism and they rush ahead to defend the man of God. I will not comment directly on this writeup (beyond the amplification of Stranger's point), because that will provoke some hot blooded hoods who will again fail to understand that God deliberately created the brain among many other gifts he imputed into our make-up.

    Back to my amplification, can someone open his/her eyes to observer that the Aurthur consistently compared the revered man of God to Corrupt Politicians and thief. Can you make an argument for against this point instead of trying to harass people with the fear of God. I think it is written that Judge not so that you will not be judged, but again it is also written that a spiritual man judges all things and he is not judged of any.

    Cast away your religious puffity and try to see if you can reach the balance.

  13. Wait wait… Ndongmo is this a non nigerian? Err.. Sister Nyce carry ya sef to your country now now I beg!

    And this article just tells me the person who wrote it doesn't have a great thought process… If our "pastors" can't be straight how the hell do we expect anyone else to be straight? There is a reason why catholic reverends live the way they do, when you make your life less simple you will always be attracted to sin. Do you know how much this venture would cost? If he had adopted 60 cancer patients(as in treatment) he will be making a diff…

    Please let how Jesus Christ lived be an example to these fraudulent fools!

  14. No matter what man does, good or bad, man will always have a negative opinion about it because our lives are always subject to criticism. But remember what the bible says in Matthew 10:41 (he that recieveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall recvieve a prophet's reward). And let's also remember those 42 children who mocked Elijah and were consumed in 2 Kings 2:23-24. Also when God told Noah to build an arch, there came all manner of opinions, at leats we all saw what happened in the end. True, we all have rights to opinion but let's all be careful in all we speak regarding things that pertain to God. If the church of God is becoming prosperous and successful in all arms in which the government has failed the people, then who are we to question the proofs of the move of God? We are most concerned about the things we see, it is not everyone that gives to charity in the open, some even do so anonymously. So what are we talking about? Criticising men of God who live a life of giving. Not even any of us can count the number of lives that the giving lifestyle of most ministies have touched, not to talk of the number of souls won into the kingdom of God (which is paramount to every gospel mission) since coming into being (the early days when the financial capability of most ministries were not forth coming) and now that the church of christ is breaking new grounds, we're all crying foul, making negative comments about what God has already prophesied about the end time church. Once again, pls let's all watch how we criticize the move of God.

  15. Thank you. The stupid reasons put up here by this fellow are very shallow and all are very laughable to say the least. How many of those in the church will benefit from this venture? Or that poor "winch" that was being abused by the same man? Maybe that girl will afford to fly the jet of 10,000 dollars for an hour! Fools!!!

    1. if it was ur mother's blood the poor 'winch' had sucked or ur family members were among the over 50 people she has killed as part of her confession, u would have been the first to donate petrol and matches for her to be burnt alive…hypocrite

  16. Only God knows but let's not forget that most of the men of God in the Bible were successful business, that were extreemly wealthy. So, what is wrong if we have a pastor now that's trying to do the same with his ideas? Solomon and Abraham are still among the richest men to ever live. Like I said earlier… Only God knows.

  17. Only God knows but let's not forget that most of the men of God in the Bible were successful business, that were extreemly wealthy. So, what is wrong if we have a pastor now that's trying to do the same with his ideas? One of the richest men to ever live remains Solomom and Abraham. Like I said earlier… Only God knows.

  18. This noise has been there from onset. Even when he was starting up the Ministry in Grass Cathedral(Hut) in Kaduna, there was so much noise and critism. He was riding a Volkswagen beetle and telling the entire world the Ministry will be flying in the Air. If you are a member of the Church and you think your donation is the one helping the Church, it is simple stop paying it. I is okay for Pastor to be begging the Member for but it not okay for him to be super rich. If someone have decided to be a commentator on another man success then you have a job that you might never be paid for. Over 60 books title in circulation all over the world selling in Million copies every year. Wake up guys, think of how to make your own impact in this life. There is no time. When men are fighting for God, then I see mediocrity and joblessness.

  19. You all should get the details before talking. He makes a lot of money from his books sales. If the Airline beats the services that our time unconscious airlines in the country offer, will it not be to the glory of God? If he had something to hide would he not start d airline using a proxy? I don't agree with all he does, but we should all be busy doing a biz dat brings glory to God. Shikena!

  20. I think it's okay that a man of God owns a successful business but this writeup mainly justifies this by comparing him with politicians. If that's your angle, recall that the main reason Nigerians are distressed is because of these guys, not necessarily cos of subsidy removal, and you want to put a pastor on par with them?

    Secondly, this particular pastor has done a number of things without caring for public opinion, the way he runs his school and church are sometimes extreme, but on this issue, I don't disagree. People probably don't feel good that they're contributing their 10% to make someone else a billionaire

  21. For those claiming to know what Christ would have done, how do you know? Before casting a stone, please look at your own life through the Cross and see if it measures up. You hold a Bible in your hand and all of a sudden believe that you are an authority, so you can cast a stone on another child of God? Focus on doing right in God's eyes and dont worry about what someone else is doing. Meanwhile your prayer will be "Lord please give me that contract I applied for, or Lord let the bank approve my loan", as if that itself is right, God said we should owe no man.

  22. Its funny how folks focus more on other people's faiths than theirs. Focus on you and your families making heaven first, instead of wondering who is living more righteously. God isnt about set rules, because you are used to a Christianity that starts at 9am and ends at 10am, or one that follows set rules, doesnt make it right.

    People that point fingers would much rather partner with a thieving politician, and chop money together, than see why a man or woman of God should have a business.

    So its ok for you, or your father or brother or sister or uncle to own an airline, but it isnt ok for a child of God? That is exactly what he is, a child of God. People that point fingers are the ones who will donate N50k to their church, and want their church to assign them to front row seat, or will pay tooth and nail to get their knighthood so they can answer Sir and Lady, as if that alone is a guarantee to make heaven.

    Even in yankee, strong men and women of God are investors, and many are successful at it. Many men and women of God come into the ministry with a business background, and God uses them to build the kingdom. If I go to Bible school today, I have other degrees, including a business one, so if down the road, God gives me an idea, to help raise money, to be able to do even greater, is that wrong?

    See people's mouths like free schools, the ones built by the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist churches over the years, are they free?? My mom went to a great Methodist school back in the day, ran by white folks, and it sure was not free. Why dont you build a school, or a university and make it free? Better still, for those of you whose family members have chopped finish for government why dont you encourage them to build big schools and make it completely free.

    Simple, all this na jealousy, and hating. Thats really what it comes down to, because deep inside, you (meaning anyone who fits the description above), wish you can own an airline. Realize that your destiny isnt tied to what any other man does, let God alone be the judge, because He is far qualified than you, I or Kathleen Ndongmos. We are mere mortals and we certainly dont deserve to cast any stones, while we sin in the closet daily!

    Folks feeling holier than though, because you organize a conference or not, or you do 1 charitable event, doesnt even mean you'll make heaven. The drug dealer on the side of the street, who confesses Christ as His Savior will get there before those who walk around pompous, and feeling like God has told them how Christians should be, all the while building such hate and animosity, that ends up swallowing them up alive.

  23. where has it ever been written that a pastor should not be entrepreneurial? And moreover can people stop being myopic and get their information right? Who said the capital for the business is from the church? And if it's from the church, have you confirmed if the airline is owned by the church? Is he not entitled to his personal money and even assets? In my opinion, only someone with a poverty mentality will say a pastor should drop ministry if he wants to face business. finally, only a foolish person will say negative things about a pastor or any supposed man of GOD whether or not you trust them and of course the reason is obvious.

  24. hajo, how do you know this? I'll advice you face your business and try to be great too, that's if your myopic knowledge will allow anyways.

  25. Kathleen!!! R you for real? R u seriously comparing a MAN OF GOD to low life thrivling stealing politicians? Is this d level you have dropped d bishop 2? What a shame? And u tink this article is supposed 2 provided sme clarity on ur arguement? Well…. Kudo!!! It did. You just told us that where in our brains, the d bishop should be classified (I doubt if he would like that) so thanks, when next I tink of Abacha, Ibori, Bankole, Jonathan, IBB, I wld also tink of Bishop Oyedipo!! Thanks for putting that into perspective! That said, den there is absolutly nothing wrong with him having chains of business.. His other buddies( the politicians) do

  26. Oh God u re too patient wit diz earthy pple called man of Urs (or man of gods)…

    Most of these pastors stil solicit for powder from small letter (g) gods….

  27. Pls who's mentioning Tinubu… He is a pure businessman….. And as rich as Tinubu is, he had to refurbish and repair Bellview Airlines to av his own airline BUT ur thieving pastor bought new planes for d Airline….. New planes o… Chaii …. I feel d FG shuld withdraw d Import Waiver given to him.

  28. ..this may yet be a modern day parable on a momentous scale, it may yet be the most graphic sermon ever #FlyDominion

    this may b a simple entity setup 2easily manage a small fleet or it may b d whole 9 yards ..which apostle didn't trail blaze? #FlyDominion

    luv him or hate him; he has been instrumental in a generational revolution #FlyDominion

    ..one thing is sure, if u aren't welding some level of controversy then you are not innovating… #FlyDominion

    ..someone, anyone, pls point me to scripture on why there must be no #FlyDominion… anyone?

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  30. But then emma,u r right. Only God knws his true servants. Who am I 2 judge. Let God b d God

  31. I totally agree wit d pple dt r against dis esp Phantom of Jargon and arthur. U all dt r talkin abt politicians doing d same tin,DON'T! Dis is a man of God.if he hs surplus money,he shld divert it 2 d poor. pple,a lot of nigerians are poor.hardly able to feed and u r here talkin abt it bn justified. Besdies,ow do u want to preach 2 some unbelievers?I don't knw,but doesn't seem right to me. Deir university is even expensive enof and now dis. Wat jobs cld he possibly provide? Ehn??no be deir pple dem go put dere?ow wld it help d poor dt don't even hv enof money 2 buy shoe? Ehn? Y'all better wake up

  32. Dis is d worst defense ever, kath I advice you to never take a PR job cos u just did a fine job of making Oyedepo seem like a villian

  33. Oh Scaley, tithe does belng to God. 1/10th of ur proceeds. if ure a full tym levite or priest, d'rest belngs to you. So tell me, where is it n'd'Bible dt tithe dsnt belng to d'levites, since dey dnt hv any oda job? Hv u studied d book of leveticus n'number befre? U had bettr. Oh! Uve nvr read ur bible! If u hv one dt is. Im dne arguin. Dts idle tolk. Acc to d'bible it dsnt edify. Wt hv i gaind by xchngn wrds wt u? I jst brought maslf dwn to ur deplorabl level. Lord im sorri

  34. Kathleen, your opinions bother on the illogical because from your utterances you only set out to justify a wrong with your 7-point wrong. Having said that, l would like you to consider just ONE thing before going off on your shooting spree. What would Christ have done in Oyedepo's situation?

  35. Scaley

    U obviously dnt hv a bible! £ if u do, uve probably nvr read it! Tithe belngs to God? Seriously? Ill lyk a scripture référence.

    Den Gods reward for faithfulness isnt earthly riches? Lmffao! Whoever u r, read ur bible or jst STFU! Wen ure faithful, God waits till u die n'cme to heavn bfre he rewards u? Where d'fuck did u cme out frm anyway? Dnt get me strtd! Dnt sai shit u cnt prove frm d'Bible!

    Oh! Theres a name fr dt. Its called BLASPHEMY! We r nt here to fuck arnd, cursn n'shit. Tnk bfre u sai crap! Nuff said! Sori guys fr all d'cursin! Ds Scaley individual got me mad!

  36. Kathleen,

    I struggle with the logic of your argument. Two wrongs don't make it right. Politicians looting treasuries can't be the logic for a pastor to use church donations to fund an airline.

    I don't have a view on this issue, but I think the logic here is watery.

  37. Love dis, nd FYI hajo, he did not start any of the businesses with the church proceeds! He is a full time pastor and a business man, and to people, he has committed a crime because he is a pastor and I guess in their twisted mind pastors are not allowed to be super rich only politicians are. He is blessed. Go and learn @ his table 2 know what he did to be blessed and stop criticizing!

  38. Panda,

    U just came here to spew idiocy. God's reward for faithfulness isn't earthly riches. And no the tithe belongs to God, God's work and evangelism.

    Grow a brain.

  39. Oh for fuck's sake leave d'man alone! I bet u he aint dne yet! Where were yu al wen he ws suffeerin huh? Wen he usd to hld services under a batcher and all? If Gods rewardin hs faithfulnes, wetn cncern u? Afteral, d'tithe he gets blngs to him, so wt he does wt it is nne of ur GD bees wax! Jst b hapi £ prai 4 him instead of hatn! Hes an xampl of wt men of God shld b lyk! Aint u guys tired of ceen unbelivers bein d'richest And shit? Leave him alne! If u crave wt Gods doin tru him, u myt b d'nxt n'ur generation. Period!

  40. Well said.

  41. 1. I know 2 wrongs don't make 1 right. 2. I know churches are prohibited from engaging in business because they are registered under part C of Companies Allied Matters Act (ref the case of Baptist Bookshop). 3. I know of no rule (moral, ethical or legal) which prohibits pastors from doing business. Until there is such, it is not mine to bother myself with what people do with their money.

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  43. I still do not see reasons for bitterness. The Bible clearly instruct believers to replenish d earth & multiply. Unbelievers are not d only ones entitled to prosperity. If u know how much d God u serve is worth, then owing an airline is nothing. This Bishop does not feed on tithes & offerings alone. He is an author of over a hundred books sold world wide. I'm not a member of LFC yet I hv 8 of his books on my shelf. Don't get it twisted, he is an hard working, driven Man of God! Not only sinners are entitled to wealth. It's shuld b a shame on a child who calls God his father.

  44. please leave the man of God alone!

  45. People should stop being overly sentimental. Like you rightly pointed out when politicians loot the treasury and start businesses no one raises an eyebrow now bishop oyedepo starts one and people start criticizing him. He is also a citizen and has the right to a life. Let Nigerians judge rightly.

  46. The man is cruising in his private jet nd some pple re killn demselve ova notn. Live nd let live only God knws his true servant.

  47. @RicDizZle I have heard the Bishop say before that his calling by God was to preach salvation and prosperity to the people of God. Interesting arguments you have there but there are flaws. The issues should be that are the schools, farms and the publishing house paying tax? Answer is yes. Are they creating jobs? Yes. Is the church expanding, building new branches and bringing the word of God (salvation) to it's followers? Yes. Does the church give to the needy? Yes. (We can argue as to whether they give enough) What I cannot say though is whether the church offerings are being diverted into personal business units.

    However, considering the integrity of the Bishop, I would be surprised if that were the case. I attended the church when I lived in Abuja and I can say that they pride themselves in not ever collecting involuntary special offerings for the purpose of all these other business ventures. By your arguments, all real men of God have to be poor. The analogy of the rich man and the camel-needle eye has been misinterpreted by a lot of people. By your submission, all men of God have to be poor?

    I think differently. If I am a child of God the owner of heaven and earth and all there is in it, why should I be poor? The man has seeked the kingdom of God first. That's his way of giving back to his immediate society.

    Take a minute to step outside the circle and look at this from outside. I suggest we think independently and not allow ourselves to be dragged in by sentiments or what we believe is the right way of doing things.

    The question is has he done wrong? Has he commited any crime/wrongdoing?

    Note: I believe he was wrong to have slappped that girl but this airline thing isn't wrong. Let us all pause and think… With our HEADS!

  48. Whatever oyedipo does with his money his none of my bizness, but ur arguement for his defense certainly can't hold water

    First oft all,comparing him with sleazy politictian leave so much to be desired, what u ar saying in effect is if its ok for politictian to loot public fund, there is nothing wrong for a full time pastor to do bizness with congregation's donation.will they be paid dividend?

    Second, mission school were charitable organisation and were very affordable to all.covenat university is not, dominion airline will not be.and I dnt think they will be for the good of the soceity, its purely for profit nothing more.

    Lastly, its totally absurd that supposedly men of God today use church fund to progress their bizness unlike the apostle who gave up their bizness for the work of God…

    But any which way, what is my own

  49. No 1 says a man of God must be poor. But super rich, and the riches comes from milking ur poor followers. Dats insane. Do u even knw how much it cost 2 maintain a single jet talk more of four? And d pple dat follow u blindly can't even afford 2 go 2 ur skools and fly on ur jet. Plssss. Do we need 2 keep arguing? Anyway. His followers r okay with it so more riches to bishop oyedepo. Judgement day dey sha

  50. I'm not against him owning private properties as a man of God, but the question is: has it in any way advance the social welfare of the society?

  51. LOL! I'm not that passionate about the Oyedepo business but this is just stupid.These chicken politico-social activists on the internet sef!Do you write a 7 pointer list when you are ferociouisly commenting on issues in the country? Oyedepo is a pastor and suddenly we have to consider 7 things before we make comment or give opinions on his source of wealth etc? Nonsense!

    Anyway God bless his hustle sha and all the poor gullible souls that contributed to his success,LMAO!

  52. The issue on ground is a very sad issue. How many ppl can afford to go to convenant or landmark? When Jesus christ came to the world he gave to d poor, bt unfortunately that is no longer the doctrine of the modern day missonaries. They preach prosperity instead of salvation. Missionary schools used to be the best and were free, bt today it so unfortunate u have to be either a̶̲̥̅̊ politicain or a̶̲̥̅̊ very rich Nigerian… Moreso. Jesus Christ said " it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God"

  53. Before u advocate for Oyedepo and his colleagues, u need to consider things like: roads linking his cannanland from lagos, tution fees obtainable @ his schools and wot percentage of members of his congregation can afford dem, wot tangible contribution he's made towards victims of natural disasters around the world. These guys are just business minded individuals hiding under the pretext of being men of God.,

  54. And yes u also forgot to mention a man that expelled students from school because they tested HIV positive or wr pregnant. Now how is that christ-like? He is too controversial and everything he does would cause an uproar. Your success is measured by the success of your household. We all know everyone cannot be rich, its a cruel cruel world, but he has gone overboard this time. The congregation is filled with impoverished souls and yet the pastor seems to cater to just the rich. t

  55. I don't understand nigerians its like some people are anti progress instead of us to celebrate this wonderful tin God has done instead some people ve choosed to condemn and even insult the Man of God may God have mercy on there souls and I don't know why people have the notion dat because you are a man of God u should be poor, anyways its only unbelievers that will ve such a mentality because the Bible has made me understand that seek ye first the kingdom of God and evryoda tin shall be added unto you riches included (matt6:33) and the bishop is a shining example of Gods word becoming flesh as for me I pray the same grace will be evident in my life when Am his age in jesus name,Amen

  56. I totally agree with these points by Kathleen. For crying out loud, christians should break loose from their"Poverty Mentality" Who else is fit to own businesses in the world other than God's Children??

  57. This is d dumbest defence article I hv ever come across in my life. Criosly. U r comparin a so called man of God 2 politicians. 1st of all. Wat I don't get is, the money pple pay in church iz it 4 d pastors personal accnt or 4 d upkeep of d church. Now its even better to Run a church than hv a bank. Like criosly. Are pple dis blind cos dey r rilly blind or dey r just being dumb? Pple insult politicians evryday. Who told u its ok 4 dem 2 own biznessess? So shuld we call d pastor a thief too? How can u own a church, tek pples money and use it personally? Is bishop oyedepo livin in his paradise on dis earth? He preaches to pple, his reward is nt money dumb ass.his reward shuld be wt God.there is absolutely no justificatn for all dis extravagance. Is he important than the pope?but hey. Its end of tym. All dis r signs. U blv liers and disbelief d righteous. I guess oyedepo has hypnotised u guys. SMH

  58. All i will say is,God bless whoever that wrote this.God bless you real Good!

  59. The point here is – as a man of God, a man who was called by God to serve hima dn win souls – what exactly is the spiritual relevance of building conglomerates either from church proceedings, ur book sales or donations from both scrupulous and non-scrupulous elements.

    Albeit a fine preacher of the word, the position of grandeur which the said Pastor has flaunted in recent times is nothing more than unnecessary. The community he is meant to build is one that caters to those who is trying to save – so their improved welfare can in turn save more souls for the kingdom.

    Seeking wealth, prosperity and earthly treasures are one of the things Christ preached against- its not a bad thing in itself but when a Man of God seems more focused in being the "richest pastor in Africa" coupled with his MISSION to do God's work – it leaves a bitter taste on other christians and those who look from the outside.

    We are meant to be Christ-like, ask yourself this- Would Jesus Christ be one to fly around in multiple private jets, build schools only the rich can attend or even slap a demon-possessed girl in the house of God. There is no humility or modesty in all this. Some argue that "should he be poor then?" ..no he shouldn't but because there is money avaialable in ur ministry from wherever it came from doesn't mean , as a Man of God you acquire ur own airline and maybe buy a few oil blocs and open up filling stations and turn the church into an earthly entity.

    Focus on what God called you for – build the love of God in the hearts of men, convert souls to follow Christ- this is message that what left with apostles and remains the blueprint of whatever Man of God who claims he has been called to do God's work should follow.

    Peter, Paul, James – they left all they were doing and became apostles of Christ, they carried the cross and followed him. So why should in our time Men of God be using the church to build business empires instead of buidling empires of the love of God in the hearts of our generation that has been so corrupted by the love of money.??

    "There is no need to argue with a crooked stick, just line it up sidebyside with a straight one"

    "It is better to flee ALL appearance of evil"

    "Seek ye first the kingdom of God…"

    "It is easier for a camel to pass througgh the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven"

    So what are we not saying here.

  60. One error, or a number of errors on the one hand, does not right or justify another.

  61. The points raised in this article make sense. I was also a product of a mission secondary school.

    However, I could attend because my parents could afford it.

    By the way, his wife also owns a university.

  62. Funny that none of you see the irony of comparing the "business practices" your man of god, to that of a thieving, lowlife, corrupt Nigerian politician.

  63. This is a rather silly list of things to consider because the comparisons made by the writer are not apt. 1. Tinubu is a Politician/Business Man,we cannot question his right to start a business although we can question his source of funds. Oyedepo on the other hand is a full time pastor, whose first obligation is to propagate the word & whose duty is to his flock. Should a father start a business which his children cannot afford to patronize?

    2. Faith does not nullify, believers are business men but it is not proper for a full time pastor to be a business man. Where the interests of his business and his faith clash, where will he stand?

    3. It is not a "crime" as you put it but rather a question all right thinking people must ask. As a minister of God, profit taking cannot be an over riding factor in the decision to invest church funds rather such investments must be made with a view to impacting positively on the flock. Floating an airline in no way meets this criteria. It is clearly a pure business decision. The source of all the ministries money is the flock and unlike regular businesses, they don't receive dividends.

    4. You hit the nail on the head here, the mission schools where not pure business ventures, they provided quality affordale education and were a public service.

    No one makes Voluntary donations to a business, voluntary donations are made to "Charities" so any "abuse" of such funds is the same as abuse of public funds.

    Above all else, Churches value their tax exempt status, that is what allows them to solicit donations rather than seek for investors. So they will not just start paying taxes because they can.

    In every investment by a charity, there must be a clear articulation of how the returns on the investment will be used to propagate the cause of the charity.

    The airline business is heavily capital intensive and the returns are not that great as evident by the fact that most local airlines are struggling.

    Finally, there is something borderline immoral about this whole thing, Bishop Oyedepo should be above reproach but these and other decisions that clearly do not put the interests of the majority of his congretation (most of whom are living in poverty)open him up to such questions.

    Probably up to 65% of his congregation cannot afford to attend his schools, university or fly his airline. That has to say something.

    In closing the writer is try to pull a fast one by saying "widely believed to own" when it is common knowledge and never been disputed that the schools,publishing biz, farms etc are owned by Oyedepo/His church

  64. The question is, who owned the airline, the church or the bishop? Į̸̸̨ƭ is wrong τ̅☺ use church fund τ̅☺ finance personal business

  65. If you truly understand what Chistianity entails, as a pastor or minister, there are certain things one shouldn't be involved in. This will sound like hot air, but here goes nothing:

    7. A politician looting IS a crime, Christianity is not a business venture, Dominion AIRLINE is something MASSIVE! if Bishop Oyedepo wants to go Donald Trump, he should drop ministry.

    6. You're actually making this sound worse for Bishop Oyedepo: "..uses ur voluntary donations for a business" If he reps Christianity truly, I know for a fact these 'voluntary donations' are not bargaining chips for entrepreneurship, its meant for helps and evangelism

    5. ano… Kathleen Ndongmo-san there is a reason why Churches are not taxed in the first place, it clearly isn't meant to exist as a profit driven organization and CHIGAU! there are churches that cannot pay… comfortably.

    4. Thumbs up to the true catholics but those are 'mission amenities' a Dominion Airline is a commercial establishment, I find it difficult to see how it would directly affect those who really need 'help' in a community, Its just like someone opening a casino and going like "I'm trying to help people become rich :D"

    3. '7' disagrees with this…

    1&2 The atheist or the politician wouldn't be contradicting his faithlessness.

  66. I'm not a fan,but thank GOD someone has some sound thinking on this!our politicians steal money and develop other countries and we do nothing!sometimes I think we dey kolo…mtshew!afterall a lot of nigerians will b employed….haba

  67. From whose purse will he feed? From who's purse will he clothe himself? Its from the church..if the people who are donating the money are not complaining then who are outsiders to complain..

  68. Nigerians, businesses have ownership structure…we don't know that he diverted church funds. For all we know, the airline may be church owned still

  69. At least someone is thinking straight!

  70. The issue here is, the incorporation of his church in a buisness name and financing, his buisnesses with church proceeds. That is theft.

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