Kay Aishida: Sleepless in Lagos (Y! Superblogger)

For days now, I’ve been thinking which of these books to pick up but I couldn’t help but feel the others would feel jealous and I don’t want any book wahala on my conscience.

I wish you a very Happy New Year peeps. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday. It will be a great year for us all.

But then, I must apologize to you for this kind of blog I’m posting especially as it’s my first of 2013.

Sorry, but you all must share my pain.

Now, my problem is that I desire to sleep tonight but sleep won’t come.

In fact, it has practically eluded me. The way I see it, if sleep sees me coming in one direction, it takes another direction.

You would think sleep should come easy for me considering the kind of physical exertion I put myself through the day.

I did hours of Koko-concert-type walking today in shoes that seemed to be made with the sole purpose of making my feet go through hell.

That’s the life of an event planner and I love my job so I ain’t complaining. But after all the exertion, a good night sleep is not too much to ask for, is it? Why are my sockets still feeling this strong has to bear the weight of my eyeballs without rebelling?

I have tried the age long method of counting sheep jumping over the fence in my head but it didn’t work. The way my mind was, the silly things refused to jump. Not sure if it’s the inability of my tired mind to lift them over the fence – which happens to be maybe a tad too high – that’s the problem here.

For the sake of my ego, though, I’ll simply accept the fact that the sheep refused to jump because the grass was greener where they were. So, why jump for less? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Right. Thank you guys.

I then tried to read myself to sleep. That one works, doesn’t it? It would have been so easy if I didn’t have three books I’ve started reading already and I’ve not gotten halfway with any of them. For days now, I’ve been thinking which of these books to pick up but I couldn’t help but feel the others would feel jealous and I don’t want any book wahala on my conscience. Besides, if I really was to decide which to read, it’ll take me all night to decide which and I don’t have that kind of luxury. I must shut eyes tonight.

So having failed with Plan A and B, I decided to do a mental recap of the most interesting events of the day and nothing for me tops the issue of the N60bn that was supposed to be used to procure handsets for the 10million farmers we got.

10MILLION FARMERS!!! That’s like one farmer to sixteen Nigerians so I wonder where all the food goes to. Or is this another scam by this government?

While my chaotic mind was pondering it…BINGO! The bulb above my head suddenly came on! And I’m not talking PHCN. I had an idea, which normally would pass for ‘half current’ but with the way I was feeling, ‘half current’ will do just fine.

I picked up my BlackBerry and went to the ‘Web’ section. I typed “www.google.com” and when the Google bar came on, I typed the 3 words: Presidential. media. chat.

When the page came out, I clicked on the fifth link on the first page and proceeded to read:

20.51 Crude oil theft vs Subsidy: “Crude oil stealing is different from subsidy,” President Jonathan said. He added that one could find a correlation where if crude oil is not stolen, government will make more money and pay for subsidy easily.

20.48 “We want to bring experts… to sit down and analyse what is the problem with the aviation sector,” Jonathan said. “There will be a retreat on the Aviation sector in January 2013.”

20.47 The First Lady: “She is fine, she was with us in…



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