[The Legislative Blog]: “Why is the president appearing weak?” – Hon Jibrin has a word or two for President Buhari

Let’s throw our minds back a bit.

Sometime in mid-October, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari granted what turned out to be a highly controversial interview with the BBC. The summary of her grievances with her husband’s leadership which she did not fail to share was: President Buhari’s government had been hijacked.

In his response, President Buhari explicitly stated that his wife was ignorant in political matters and belongs to “the other room”, so we should not listen to her.

Now, suspended lawmaker Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin is making similar claims about the president. There are a group of people within and others outside his government whose interests lord over the president’s decisions and actions. However you choose to link Hon Jibrin’s tweets with Aisha Buhari’s interview, what is clear is that Hon Jibrin has further strengthened everything Mrs Buhari tried to tell us.

Mr President is NOT in control of his government.

See Hon Jibrin’s tweets:

As a President, once you succumb to blackmail by individual, group or institution, you are finished and your presidency certified lame duck!

How ever high the stakes are or necessity of the usual exaggerated “political expediency” A President must refuse to be boxed or blackmail

Mr President, all your life you conducted yourself in such a way and manner that immunes you from blackmail which solidified your strength

So why is the President appearing weak…as if he has to beg some political “OverLords” to do his work in the name of “political stability?

Mr President,such “political stability” and “harmony” that compels you to turn away your face where you shouldn’t is useless to our country!

Mr President, you are playing into the hands of people who do not believe in you&your govt. You will come back to these tweets in 18 months

A President must repel blackmail with all his arsenals or give up the presidency. You cannot be an effective president while in hostage!

There goes…the ultimate advice. Give up the presidency if you’re unable to take charge, President Buhari.


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