[The Legislative Blog]: Senator Melaye should come and explain how he graduated from university before he was born

Let’s take a quick cue from Sahara Reporters and pretend like this Flash news they’ve just shared on Twitter about Senator Dino Melaye’s university graduation is genuine.

So, what we understand from this flash report is that Senator Dino Melaye was a student at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but never graduated as he claimed. 

Before we jump into any conclusions, we quickly headed over to the National Assembly website to check the Senator’s profile, the website said he graduated from ABU Zaria in 1970. Then we got very confused! Senator Dino Melaye is 43 years of age, he wasn’t even born in the year he supposedly graduated (according to the NASS website), so we know someone is playing games with everyone of us.

Before we could say another word about this irregularity, we found the dates had been deleted off the site. Now we’re sure Senator Dino Melaye has something to hide and a lot of explaining to do. We’ll see how he responds to this.

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  • That is what i say if you want dig a deef round you support to dig it short because you don’t know may be will put yourself there in another language IDAN ZAKA GINA RAMIN MUGUNTA TO GINASHI GAJERE BAMAMAKI KAFADA ACIKI BECAUSE OF THAT DINO MELAYE NOW HE IS IN TROUBLE BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE

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