‘Let’s talk sex, baby’: 7 things guys want from an ideal girlfriend… or not

by Arpita Nath and Caroline D’Cruz


 Who would like a person who makes a fuss at a restaurant and is on diets all the time? Half the fun is gone right there.

1. It’s the perfect survey 
Ankit Tayal, 23, professional, says, “Well, I think the survey summed it up pretty well. I would love a girl who earns more than me, and has a higher sex drive than I do, and well, looks better than me — ideal package!” His ideal girl? Megan Fox. Anupam Roy, 25, professional, agrees, “Oh, I would love it if my girl earns more than I do, then I can gradually leave my job, as I feel that I’m too lazy and generally guys are lazy people. My ideal girl should be unbearably beautiful, bearably stupid, and should be good in bed.” His ideal girl? Kate Winslet.

2. It’s more about the funny bone than the sexy butt 
While the survey says that men desire looks more than humour, someDelhi guys would like to differ. Says Viraj Gupta (23), “Who wouldn’t want the whole package of looks, money and sex? My ideal girl should be decently educated, have a simple lifestyle, a sense of humour would be good, and should look okay, looks are not that important.” His ideal girl? Kate Winslet, for her grace. Says Prateek Kapil, student, “My ideal girl should have a funny bone, she should be fiercely independent and should look good.” His ideal girl: Cristina Scabbia, lead vocalist of the metal band Lacuna Coil. Agrees student Arun Khanna (24), “My ideal girl should be pretty, should have a sense of humour, not ruthlessly career driven or excessively competitive.The survey speaks for most guys, however the earning a higher salary part could be a point of contention between the couple.” And his ideal girl? Kate Winslet or Kat Dennings.

3. Men can handle a more successful counterpart 
Disagrees Sonali Sapra (23), MBA student, “I disagree with the survey that men want high salary earning women. I haven’t met any man who thinks like that and I completely agree that women should earn more and if the man has a problem he should strive to earn better and live up to a woman’s expectations. I would associate Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas with this survey because while she is so successful, he doesn’t even get offered with ‘papa’ roles.”  Shallu Sharma believes that, “A man will have ego hassles if a woman earns more than them. I have met men who want you to eat and stay slim at the same time, and they have problems if you earn more, but if you are not career-minded they have a major problem. A very good case in point would be Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan, probably Arbaaz has no ego hassles.”

4. The desire for a thin girl 
While the survey states that men would like their perfect mate to dig into a meal without any qualms and contradictorily be slim at the same time, Shraddha Bhateja (23), commercial pilot, disagrees, “I don’t think guys like skinny girls, that is totally untrue and most of my male friends would agree with me. Both partners should take care of the family (including kids) and both should be career-minded for a successful relationship.”  In stark contrast Lisa Boye (22), airlines security agent, says, “I completely agree with the survey. Eat and stay fit, how hard is that? Who would like a person who makes a fuss at a restaurant and is on diets all the time? Half the fun is gone right there.”

5. Men want girls who are family oriented and will have babies 
The salary package of the perfect woman is a debate amongst men and women alike. Some feel men have ego hassles while others disagree. The survey states that women should be career-minded, earn more than her man as well as stay at home and take care of the kids. Prateek Kapil, 23, student, says, “I think that guys will agree with the very high salary part. If she earns more than the guys, then the guy is not going to like it, though I personally don’t agree with that.”  Agrees Mehak Saluja, a quality analyst, “Men want women to stay at home but I don’t think they want one who earns more than them, it brings in ego hassles. Not everyone is like an Abhishek Bachchan who can walk along with his very successful wife, while he still has to make a mark.” Arun seems to sum it up, “The survey is all correct, except the part which says guys want their partner to earn more than them. This is not true for most guys as they have huge egos. The part where the survey goes contradictory and says that though high earning, the girl should be family oriented is true for guys; they want someone to be family oriented and have babies.”

6. Let’s talk sex, baby 
Talk about sex drive and we surprisingly had two views! While some felt that sex drive is important, but intimacy was rated higher, all men agreed that sex drives relationships. Says Anupam, “She should be good in bed and that should be more important than her having a brilliant sex drive. I mean what’s the point of her wanting to do it, if she is not good in bed, right?”  Some like Prateek feel that having a huge appetite for sex could be cumbersome in a closed society like India. “Having a sex drive is good, but wanting to do it everywhere and all the time would be too much, especially in India, where you don’t find much space, so it could get embarrassing,” says Prateek. Adds Viraj, “As for sex drive, even the guys should have a good sex drive, if the guy doesn’t do anything, what will the poor girl do?”

7. Will men ever come to a consensus on the ideal GF? 
While the never-ending debate between men and women continues, what we conclude is that not only women, but men too have high demands. Most of the demands are well, contradictory, but that does not stop men from fantasising about the perfect woman who cooks, cleans, earns, eats, is slim and beautiful all at the same time. We’d say it’s time you took a reality check, guys!


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