‘How Nigeria loses over N130bn to corruption at borders’

Many people, especially those on foot, cross the border at will and without checks. Phpto - Adedayo Ademuwagun.

by Azeez Adeniyi

The Nigerian Association of Nigerian Traders said the country has lost more than N130bn to corruption at its borders.

President, National Association of Nigerian Traders, Mr Ken Ukaoha, said this on Wednesday.

Ukaoha said, “These past three months alone, Nigeria has lost more than N130 billion due to the porosity of our borders and the corrupt practices going along the border routes.

“This is for land borders only.

“We have not added the goings on at the airports and we have not added the ones at the seaports.

“And these are selected land borders.

“So you will know the gravity of the situation if you add up everything.’’

Ukaoha called on the Federal Government to address the corrupt practices on the country’s trade routes.

“The unnecessary trade barriers created by non-transparent, burdensome rules and procedures, in turn, constitute vulnerabilities and breed corrupt behaviours,’’ he said.

He also said unnecessary delays in the movement of goods have continued to

reduce the revenue that should accrue to the government.

Ukaoha stated that the association is working closely with the Economic Community of West African States toward tackling the corruption that goes on at border routes.

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