North Korea’s ‘agbo’ cures HIV and Ebola

I remember when growing up I would have a stomach upset or headache or something  as silly as  a slight scratch on my arm. I would cry to my mother and she’d always have the solution to soothe me – the bitter agbo that is always hidden under the under or behind the standing mirror. The concoction (agbo) every mother has readily available at home.

Agbo is made from different roots, tree barks, water and sometimes fermented “pap” water.

After a while, I stopped complaining to my mother because I didn’t want to have a taste the agbo, which was always extremely bitter. Now that I think of it, this agbo probably sorted whatever issue I had.

Apparently, North Korea has found their own agbo. North Korean scientists are said to have found the cure for HIV, various cancers, heart disease, impotence, bad skin, Ebola and any disease that can be thought of.  The compound, Kumdang-2, like our own agbo is allegedly extracted from ginseng using fertilizer, rare-earth elements, gold, and platinum, and solves every health problem with a single injection. It’s might not be real, and might just propaganda meant to troll South Korea as it deals with an outbreak of MERS. But hey, they say they have it so I believe them.

Although there are no published clinical trials of Kumdang-2,  we have the word of millions of North Korean patients, all of which have been collected over the last 23 years since May, 1989. They definitely would not lie about it, right? With this being made public now, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un now has another thing to be proud of.

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  1. I was been suffering hard ship from HIV/AIDS since 9yrs now, and i happen to have 2 kids for my husband, and now we cannot proceed to have another kids all because of my disease and now i have do all what a human like i and my husband can do just to get my disease healed, i have went to several places to seek for help not even one person could ever help, until i melt a comment on the daily news paper that was commented by Miss Marilyn about how this powerful traditional doctor help her get cured

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