Odichukwuemeka Valentine: The negative effects of cheating in a relationship [Nigerian Voices]

by Odichukwuemeka Valentine

I wish to use this story to educate the society on the negative effects of cheating in relationships. I equally wish to inspire people to love genuinely and be loyal partners.

Few months ago, prior to the end of last academic session, I boarded a keke (Tricycle) from my campus gate, Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State, going to Town. I sat in the middle of a boy and a girl at the back seat. The keke rider earlier had an altercation with one of the boys selling tickets at the bus terminal, in the process the rider told the boy, “you’re lucky to have narrowly escaped from being an imbecile”. It got us laughing, as the keke man zoomed off. It was really funny and we all kept laughing and discussing on the go.

Few minutes later, the girl that sat far left screamed “Jesus! Driver stop! Stop!! Stop!!!” The rider quickly pulled over. ‘Who is that girl now?’ she murmured with utmost dismay.

We all were shocked at her scream; we felt an accident had occurred. Looking across the main road, we saw a boy and girl holding hands and standing in a questionable manner in front of a beer parlour. Then, we realized what had happened. Her boyfriend was seeing another girl.

She quickly dialled the boy’s phone number and we saw him pick the call. A thief had been caught red-handed one would say. ‘Who is the girl?’ she asked angrily. Heaven knows the answer she got. She however, ordered the keke rider to move on.

The lady’s countenance had changed; she remained mute, dumbfounded and never uttered a word till we got to Town where every one of us alighted. The jokes we cracked never made sense to her anymore. I’m confident the relationship ended at that moment.

Often times, I’ve seen and heard people say “Cheating is the real deal.” Some men/boys will say “I’m a man, I need to have more than one” even married men. Girls/women on the other hand “I need to keep more than one, if Mr A fails, Mr B will be there.”

All these are stereotyped and messed up mind sets. When one’s mind is stereotyped, the person becomes retarded and never gives room for new fresh ideas. Stereotypes are often unfair and untrue. I’ve heard most people say “All men

are dogs” on the other hand, “All women are whores” These are fallacies! Just an experience with a responsible man/woman out there will change your thinking.

Cheating either on the female or male side is weakness! No one gets credited for being a cheat.

Nature in her uniqueness made every human being to be emotionally wired; hence, we are emotional beings. That’s why every human craves to be loved, accepted, cared for and given sense of belonging. It is these cravings that lead one into relationship with another person.

Often times, we see people make up their minds never to love again or similar decision; these are people whose hearts have been broken and they have been emotionally wrecked. Such people could be described as people with ‘story that touches the heart.’ However, stories that touch the heart aren’t to be taken lightly. A single experience is capable of changing one’s view entirely about life.

There have been stories of people who committed suicide or people who died as a result of depression, arguably cheating contributed to the death of such people. Cheating has equally contributed to the number of broken homes leaving poor and innocent children hopeless in our society.

Cheating is a canker worm eating deep into the love lives of people.

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