Is the “Ojuelegba” remix any good?

Unless you live under a rock, you couldn’t have missed Drake premiering his collaboration with Wizkid on Beats 1 radio yesterday. Even if your “data” didn’t let you listen in live (suckers), you should have heard it on all the blogs now. If you haven’t, here you go…

When drake jumps on ur record! big up my man @skeptagram love brother! Africa to the world! @champagnepapi love!

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Predictably, the song was the subject of discussion on the YNaija Slack (Yes, we use Slack because our office is infinitely cooler than yours). For all the hype and twitter buzz around the song, is it any good? Or we just rejoicing in the fact Drake and Wizkid are on the same song?

Nosa (Online Content Lead, Professional Hater): Have you guys listened to the Ojuelegba remix?

Seun (Content Producer, #1 Wizkid Fan): yes! On repeat.

Nosa: What do you think?

Seun: So Drake came to famz our own wizzy?

Faisal (Project Associate, Office Clown): Drake didn’t come hard but the other guy was tight. It was OK!


Ed Note: The “other guy” here is Skepta, a respected grime veteran, who also appears to have organized the whole thing.

The wave!! 🇬🇧!!

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Seun: Please, Faisal, park well. How hard do you want Drake to come?

Faisal: Drake was alright, could have been better. The overall output wasn’t as clear as the original. I like the UK guy’s bit, his lyrics were good and flowed with the song. Drake shouldn’t have tried to do the naija accent. 7.5 out of 10 stars

Seun: Drake is the king. You don’t expect him to sweat. He brought his star power and recognition.

Faisal: From what I hear drake comes anywhere he pleases, especially around women Chris Brown’s poked his nose into

Seun: Just a Drake “hello” on a Wizzy song is international attention.

Faisal: I don’t think so though. It wasn’t like he sought out wizkid. He was in the UK, the skrep fellow played the song and they remixed. People should stop saying Wiz went into a studio with Drake for the exact purpose of remixing the song. I bet he didn’t know anything about it too. If anything, it’s the skrep guy I fear will blow bigger internationally than Wiz.

Nosa: I honestly didn’t think the raps flowed with the beat.

Seyi (Social Media Lead, Sometimes Serious Person): It didn’t flow. Simples.




Faisal: No, it didn’t. Many would overlook Wiz’ bit and think he was just the hook guy lol

Seun: Drake’s part was cool, but it is just the attention Wizzy got that was exciting to me. I have waited for a Chris [Brown] and Wizzy collaboration for years but they are just friends and not adding value to Wizzy.

Nosa: I’m actually looking forward to that one. Chris Brown and pangolo music might be a match made in heaven

Seyi: He says he’s done 3 songs with CB already o

Nosa: He should release nau

Faisal: Release ke, he has a few more ye ye ye‘s to add to the song

Seyi: Voice coordination was particularly bad on the song. Drake’s part almost feels like he sang over a phone copy though. But it’s not a bad joint overall

Faisal: What Seyi said is true, it felt like he recorded over his phone. My take: we shouldn’t get over excited about this but then people have already started a DavidO – Wizkid comparison. I forsee fake internet friendships ending today.

Seyi: No, it won’t happen.

Faisal: Dey there make pant de wear you


VERDICT: It’s an “ok” song. Let’s not get carried away.

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  1. I’m never answering any of your questions ever again! Lol!

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