Oluwadunsin Tinuoye: The kind of peace I want (30 Days, 30 Voices)

I knew I did that because I wanted her to do my work- her job, effectively well. I didn’t want delays or excuses, so I bought peace of mind with one hundred thousand naira.

I woke up this morning with just one wish, today has to be better than yesterday. That was all I wished for. Not that the day before had been such a sad story, but you know, just one of those days you wish you could have had it better- better news, no death reports, even more strength at work; without your emotions flying all over the place. In short I wanted and looked forward to a happier day. I managed however, to pray for friends, family, you know, those people I love. Now that I think back, I probably did that out of selfishness, I couldn’t bear to hear another not-so-good news, so somehow it boils down to being all about me.

Then I set out for the day, went to my place of business. I looked at my secretary as I was about stepping into the palatial haven that doubled as my comfort zone literally and office. I noticed she looked sad, really sad. So I walked over to her and asked what was wrong. She told me how she was low on funds and needed money for her brother’s examination fees, her sister’s school fees, her mother’s hospital bills and her father’s…I didn’t let her finish. I didn’t even ask her questions. I wrote a cheque for her there and then for one hundred thousand naira. She started to cry, finally. She called them tears of joy. I nodded and walked into my office. I knew I did that because I wanted her to do my work- her job, effectively well. I didn’t want delays or excuses, so I bought peace of mind with one hundred thousand naira.

Evening came, met me busy at my desk as usual. I welcomed it with a cold glass of juice. While contentedly sipping my drink, there was a knock on the door. The same secretary of mine came in with flowers. Lovely things they were. I thanked her; she thanked me even more then left. I smiled blithely and felt so good with myself. Shortly after I packed my things and headed home. My life was going as smoothly as I wanted it to.

Just as I was about to open my front door, I noticed it had been opened so I got scared. This was mega fear. I could only think of a break in. My day scattering and shattering like I didn’t want it to. I had no security guard; the house is one of those houses with the see-through gates, help-yourself-in type of place. I looked around for signs of damage. Nothing was evident. Cautiously I stepped in, with my best fist out. Then I saw it. The mark the intruder left- a giant teddy bear. The intruder was my best friend; I hadn’t seen her in years. We hugged and hugged and hugged again. Words still can’t describe my joy.

Now, I’m thinking through, realising that all the good I did today, I did because I wanted peace for myself. It was just for me. I had prayed for a good day, yes God kept his end of the bargain; I prayed, He answered. He also showed me my flaws. A little genuine act of kindness goes much more than a long way. Especially those you don’t expect any return(s) from. Those deeds give so much peace; the immeasurable kind money can definitely not buy.


Oluwadunsin Tinuoye is a graduate of sociology and anthropology. A lover of writing and an avid reader, who is highly opinionated and focused. She writes about everything, in her ardent desire to impact lives however she can. She loves being heard and hers is not a voice you will forget easily. She is a founding partner of the new revolutionary group, ETCETERA. Follow her @TDunsine


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