Oops, I think we stopped going Gaga for the Lady

by Aninoritse Odeli-Serrano

I know almost everybody reading this knows or has heard a Lady Gaga song. I love Lady Gaga; I think she is crazy, witty and downright smart. Right now, she is one of the most talked about celebrities of our time. Love her or loathe her, it does seem like she is here to stay and rock our cosy little worlds. But have we had enough already? Have we reached the stage that we can’t take it any longer; what, with those outrageous clothes and shoes? Is Gaga being shoved down our throats? I am beginning to think maybe yes?

Gaga graces the cover of NME magazine and all of a sudden, why are we not going Gaga? A backlash has started brewing in the Gay Community and this is where you know we may have a problem, Houston.

Now Lady Gaga has appointed herself the ambassador of the Gay Culture to which I can’t understand how she thinks she can achieve this or has earned this. Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Madonna and Cher didn’t appoint themselves, these ladies had the honour bestowed on them; but then again, Gaga didn’t have to try too hard to be accepted as an icon. I mean the Gay community tends to adopt almost every daring female pop star as its own; so I guess she felt right at home after all; those dresses of hers are well; how would you say “out of this world”? Sadly, I think she may have just missed her turning somewhere along the line.

That line I think was lost with the release of Born this Way; the hype was great, the internet was buzzing, waiting for what Stephanie Germanotta was going to deliver to us. We waited like little kids on the queue to Santa’s grotto. We were on a high and then it was how we say on twitter, *dead*. I don’t blame it; any song that has been hyped to that extent has to be outright incredible not to crush under the weight of its own expectancy.  The song got it all wrong on so many levels; her lyrics suggest thinking that many gay people are freaks and outsiders, but in reality these are perfectly normal people whose sexual orientation defers from the next person. Gaga was reported to have written this song in 10 minutes. I think she should have added another 5 minutes.

But of course in an era, where there are still gay teenage suicides and homophobia in its highest form, we are still far from a world that accepts you for who you are. Lady Gaga has chosen to be the voice of masses and is doing so with her lyrics and videos. But still I ask, na who send am message? Contemporary gay culture has become so entwined with this lady, it is actually becoming disturbing. Gays know they can “be queens” if they want to but surely, is it Lady Gaga’s place to tell them?

I am now bored with the Gaga-ism and with the song like “Born this Way”, it is a step backwards in time. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Lady Gaga and as I write this piece I am blasting “Bad Romance” at the loudest, but what I do believe in, is culture as politics; but Lady Gaga Ladies and Gentlemen, is not culture.

Election!! Election!!

I was quite proud of myself last week, when I stood in line to “pless my hand”. I have never voted in a Nigerian Elections and I saw it as a thing of pride to R.S.V.P. It felt great and I was part of history.

GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan is now our President. Hmm…Well let it be known that he is now fully accountable to everybody especially to the ‘Yoots’ and the guy must not fall our hand. So I guess congrats are in order, but wait; does this mean we can officially ask Mr President to please get his wife speech lessons?? #justasking

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  1. very interesting read, i thought the same thing about gaga. meanwhile, Ndu, na wa for telling some1's sexual orientation from their article ow!

  2. Is this about Lady Gaga? What is Lady Gaga? Dog poo?

  3. men the writer of this piece is gay! blieve me, gay pple are not normal – they may seem so but it is a deeply rooted psychological disease.no, they are not perfectly normal. God neva, neva intended any other sexual orientation apart from hetero and at the rie time too – in marriage…well, i guess dat wld b too much 4 many to understand in this mess age.

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