Omena Daniels: 5 ways to make a woman fall for you

by Omena Daniels

While I have the knack for giving women detailed expose on men and our modus operandi, I have been able to garner valuable information about the female folk and what it takes to turn them on. So from my masculine perspective and with tons of help from my female friends, I give you these 5 ways to evoke feelings of desire in a woman…


Caveat; on a first date, keep your hands to yourself! On subsequent days, keep the touching casual. Women are fondled unnecessarily on pretty much a daily basis so if she’s out on a date and there is more groping to contend with, that is a huge turnoff.


Lingering Looks

What I Mean: Whether it is across the distance of a crowded room, a party, the close proximity of an elevator or even a church group meeting, with a straight face and the ‘start of a smile’, look her way and just hold the gaze. Eyes say a lot and really sexy men know exactly how to put what they are thinking out there.

Why It Works: It makes her feel like she is the only woman in the room; every woman longs for that strong bold man that finds her utterly desirable above all else. The sexual tension is kicked up big time! It is so hot to feel someone’s eyes on you and have an inkling of what they are thinking. If you have the opportunity of a slow dance, from one look you can leave her dying inside, wondering and waiting for what the two of you can do when you actually are alone.

Caveat: Don’t stare like a fool, it is creepy and has the exact opposite effect. The trick is to look longingly yet predatorily; hold her gaze, keep your poise like a huge tiger and wait for her to look away. If that is too brazen for you, look at her, when she catches your gaze casually look away. Count to ten and repeat the process, she’ll spend all evening waiting for you to walk up. Works every time!

Bold Banter

What I Mean: A little playful teasing can be the highest turn on. Contrary to what you might have heard, women don’t like men that agree with everything they say; it makes you look weak. Be bold, be candid; tell her she’s beautiful and without blinking, tease her for being a ‘slow start’ and not finding you sooner. Laugh deeply; even if the fluttering of her eyelashes sends your pulse racing, maintain that cool aloofness.

Why It Works: Some titillating but harmless arguing allows the man to push the woman’s buttons and vice versa. The power struggle heats up the sexual tension and draws you two together. She might hate your guts, but it evokes her natural womanly instincts that are programmed to draw her to a brazen man.

Caveat: There is a big difference between teasing a woman about being lost in your eyes and about her weight. Don’t be a jerk; just don’t be a push-over either. Women say they hate to be told what to do, but it can actually be quite arousing. It’s a sexy challenge if you can leave images in her mind.

Masculine Manners

What I Mean: Who would think politeness and gentlemanly conduct could be an aphrodisiac? But take my word for it, holding doors, pulling out chairs, allowing her go ahead, sincere compliments – even if she laughs them off, she’s impressed.

Why It Works: It’s rare to be treated with respect and like a lady these days! The reason it’s so sexy is because it really calls attention to your roles as men and women. Like Ron Burgundy said to his date: “You be a woman. I’ll be a man.”

For whatever reason, calling attention to the obvious can be really hot. And all this gentle courtship is really so you can impress her right? So while the man is acting like he’s in charge, the woman gets to feel like she is calling the shots. Not to mention the sexy contradiction of all this gentlemanly gallantry with whatever sinful thoughts might be going on in your minds.

Caveat: Don’t fuss; don’t come across as eager to please. You are just a well-cultured dude; you are as much a King as she is a Queen. You are not a courtesan; your sophisticated way of waiting on her should be done in a debonair fashion.

Subtle Strokes

What I Mean: The old “reverse psychology” works pretty well in this area. A man who can really hold back and just lightly brush her hair off her shoulder or softly caress her leg is going to find himself with a woman wanting more. The less you touch her, the more she will want it! Especially when teased with a gentle hand on hers or a slight brush of her leg. She will tremble and sensual thoughts will be hard to escape. When leading her to a seat or walking her to the car, gently steer her with your palms lightly placed on her back.

Why It Works: It’s a clear case of wanting what you can’t have. Being out with a guy who is not all about bumping and grinding can be a refreshing but strangely frustrating experience for a woman.

Caveat; on a first date, keep your hands to yourself! On subsequent days, keep the touching casual. Women are fondled unnecessarily on pretty much a daily basis so if she’s out on a date and there is more groping to contend with, that is a huge turnoff.

Whispered Words

What I Mean: Tell her she’s beautiful; tell her she turns you on – quietly. This too makes her feel like you are the only ones in the room. It’s especially sexy if you do it when there are tons of people around and there’s no real way for her to respond.

Why It Works: All this pent up sexual tension will leave her ready to explode. Women are auditory creatures and hearing your naughty little thoughts will leave her so shaken up she won’t be able to concentrate on anything else.

Words are powerful and as long as you don’t overdo it with porno type cheesiness, she’ll be unable to resist your steamy suggestions. Even a simple “I want to kiss you right now” will cause a rush of desire – if she wasn’t thinking about sex before, there’s no chance she’s ignoring that tantalizing tidbit now.

Caveat; whisper softly. A sexy whisper is accentuated by fresh breath and nice cologne. In the absence of both, stay your distance dude.


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

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  1. What a powerful and loaded piece! Considering ladies with different exposure,backdround,mindset among other factors.How deeply and easily carried along to loving-gear would it then be?
    I doff for the nice write up,anyway!

  2. this is really great,but do u really think it works at all time?? how will u now get d feedback dat she got ur message right there??

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