Opinion: Has Acting President Osinbajo commenced 2019 Presidential campaign?

by Adelaja Adeoye

We have all been hearing various rumor flying around that Buhari has reportedly resigned and handed over secretly to Osinbajo to enable him go abroad and face his health issues squarely, it is no longer news to those who are constantly close to radio, television or social media that some politicians were approaching Kaki boys to stage another military coup, the allegation which was made known to Nigerians by the CoAS Buratai.

Lagos Jagaban, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is screaming on the loudest pitch of his voice against the alleged military coup because that will be too dangerous for Osinbajo who is his eyes in Aso Rock and even the nascent democracy of the country.

For those who have been following the political terrain closely in Nigeria, you must have read or heard the ongoing power play between the Sarakis, Tinubus, and the Dauras (Cabal) but as it is, the game seems to be for those who can outsmart and be swift in their calculation.

Buhari wrote a short note to notify the National Assembly of his medical vacation abroad, what many people did not take note in that letter was the specific instruction stating that he cannot tell or confirm how soon he will return back to Nigeria. Again, you must have also heard what a former British Legislator, Eric Joyce wrote on his Twitter page alleging that Nigerian President Buhari has died in London hospital.

Why Eric Joyce Twitter rants were not taken serious by some Nigerians is because, Buhari has been reported dead severally and he eventually came back to Nigeria, notwithstanding, Aso Rock Media has neither refute nor confirm Mr. Eric’s latest death news of Mr Buhari, it is also possible that Presidency is tired of issuing statement to refute the information or maybe they don’t have accurate information to provide to Nigerians as the whole health controversy is shrouded in secrecy.

We are praying seriously that the news of Buhari’s death turns out to be false; we also pray for his quick recovery, however, what is unclear is the latest moves by the acting President Osinbajo.

Ordinarily, if Buhari is still very relevant in the scheme of things in Nigeria, Osinbajo will not have dared to attend the Biafra50 event simply because Buhari has been labeled to hate the Igbos, this wild allegation was also confirmed by the former minister of aviation, chief Femi Fani Kayode in a video that circulated online some days ago, not that alone, his disposition towards the Igbos is not hidden at all, the whole world saw how Buhari passed a verdict on a live interactive TV session against Kanu Nnamdi and spoke carelessly about important national issues during his first and only media chat since over two years of coming to power.

Osinbajo have been moving round the country to get the support of Nigerians in a campaign like manner, days ago, he was spotted at Abuja market in the thunderous eyes of cameras mingling and fraternizing with the potential 2019 electorates (common Nigerians). Can we say he is trying to outshine Buhari in his absence and to rev up his own popularity in Abuja, North and other parts of Nigeria?

He may move to other region or states soon to pull same campaign like stunt as commonly employed by Nigerian politicians in the coming days, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and watch.

Don’t be surprised if Osinbajo begins to preach One Nigeria and Restructuring, that may be an indicator to the fact that he wants to commence campaign ahead of 2019 election, what i may not be certain about now is, if the campaign will be for himself as the next President, his Oga Buhari, his party APC or someone else yet to be unveiled, time will surely tell.

Meanwhile, is it too much to ask how far about our President’s whereabouts, are we not entitled to know how well he is doing, is it not our tax payers money that is being expended on his medical treatments and why the sudden quietness from his media center handlers concerning his health. Hope all is well? We are hoping that they will not update us with propaganda as usual, to keep us distracted from asking relevant questions about state of the nation.

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