Opinion: Femi Aribisala walks the fine line between anarchist and a columnist

by Folorunsho Ogunrotimi


Why is it that when we see an opportunity to move this country forward people like you rise to stifle it? 
I was astounded and full of dismay after reading your short sighted article on a Muslim /Muslim ticket and your total condemnation without thinking for one moment of the people of Nigeria and the gains they might benefit from the candidature of Alh Mohammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

If you care to think back to 1983 and look at the political spectrum as he took over power you will realise that majority of those that fled Nigeria then because of the coup are the ones in control of our economy today. Where are we economically today ? Mr Femi Aribisala… Where are jobs, good schools, moral (WAI), upliftment, sincerity, sense of nationhood? Where are all the good virtues characterized by that short regime of Muhammadu Buhari today… Was it because he was a Muslim as head of state that he introduced discipline into the Nigerian culture? Mr Aribisala do you love Nigeria or do you prefer to overheat the polity? Are you a treasonable felon or are you just a rebel rouser ?  
Do you remember how our trading fortunes began to change with the barter exchange crude oil for industrial renaissance , where you in Nigeria or following the progress before it was truncated and we were all put back . Do you remember how our country started a drive to unity peace discipline and progress?
Why is it that when we see an opportunity to move this country forward people like you rise to stifle it? Awolowo never became President , Emeka Ojukwu was forced to go to war because he stood for the unity and truth of the succession in leadership. Our dear Murtala Mohammed was killed in his prime trying for Nigeria . Now because Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Muslim he cannot support Buhari to move this nation forward . You forget the experience he brings to the table, this leader single handedly run Lagos state for 8 years without federal support, Asiwaju fought for the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria . The wealth of experience he brings to the table surpasses all your sentiments. Mr Aribisala what is the difference between a Muslim and a Christian other than the method of worship. They both sincerely want progress. Christians and Muslims alike have led Nigeria what is the score in the pocket of the common man today if not untold hardship?
In an era when Nigeria is being recorded as probably the only nation where the rich also suffer you can be so backward as to be selective about who leads us. I wonder what you tell your family about life? In an era when we are fighting to emancipate from economic slavery, trying hard to detribalise Nigeria ,  making efforts to bring our best brains forward irrespective of tribe or religion to get this country on its feet, you want to awaken the sleeping giant and you prefer to talk of religion. We would want to know if you are religious yourself because you should know that religion should not be a determining factor in who leads a people to financial educational moral and spiritual freedom. We have a Constitution that guides our laws…we know the rule of law will be respected once Mohammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu return to the leadership roles they have proven themselves to be great at. You jump the gun to accuse Tinubu and lampoon APC because of your myophic mindset.

Boko Haram is a result of hunger, poverty of ideas and an incompetent leadership under Jonathan. But you prefer to eulogize Jonathan and seek to cut down others who want the nest for Nigera. Every Nigeria has a right to contest for any office and it is not your business to choose for them. People need reorientation, jobs, sense of nationhood etc. if they cry against western education they don’t need to kill people to express their discontent …it is people like you that fuel such situations and overheat the polity. Buhari and Tinubu will solve Boko Haram problem immediately they come into office because the people trust them , they know them , they have tried to rescue them before and they will this time. Trust is earned and Muhammadu Buhari earned his trust in 1983 and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed  Tinubu earned his trust during the struggle for democracy as Senator and governor of Lagos state those periods he was governor saw a new Lagos and his vision to hand over to a another strong vibrant dogged successor show ability to think plan and forecast success.Tinubu has rebuilt the Nigerian Opposition and given Nigerians a clear choice between two parties.
 Mr Aribisala should think and write constructively so we can afford you respect as a writer . Nigeria is at cross roads and more than at anytime in its history it needs collaboration , unity , sincerity of purpose  and disconnection from regressive sentiments.  I hold no brief for either Tinubu or Buhari, but your obsession at attacking Tinubu is on record. It is to your eternal discredit as a writer that you play your hand so openly and your agenda is destructive. 

Political Maturity is one of the greatest assets that can move a nation forward. At 53 years Nigeria has matured in age please let this maturity show. We are a peace loving nation all this insurgency from Niger delta to the north is as a result of poorly governed peoples. With our resources Mr. Aribisala religion should not be important in who is driving the ship. Hunger, want, degradation stagnation are the primary causes of insurgency. Nobody supports Boko haram other than enemies of the state why do you identify leaders who have only saved their people as enemies. If the APC eventually choose to nominate Alh Mohammad Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to fly their flag then pray for them to be the best at governance. The passion to succeed in them is greater than your irresponsible article compounded in immaturity lack of sound exposure ,not recognizing the sign of the times and at best evidence of a committed anarchist unable to move with this new age .

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