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Omoleye OmoruyiMay 23, 2018

Kingsley Moghalu for President by Femi Aribisala

“Moghalu is our very own Emmanuel Macron, a man destined to change the course of Nigeria’s political landscape.” In just ...

Isime EseneJanuary 22, 2017

Femi Aribisala: Fellow Christians, what you have now is not the salvation of God

by Femi Aribisala The salvation popularly preached in the churches is not the salvation of Jesus Christ. The notion that ...

Op-ed EditorNovember 20, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Good and bad success

by Femi Aribisala To overcome defeat, we have to be defeated.  To overcome poverty, we have to be poor.  To ...

Op-ed EditorNovember 13, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The believer’s blessing in Christ Jesus

by Femi Aribisala The believer in Christ Jesus is already blessed.  Therefore, he cannot be cursed.  You cannot curse someone ...

Op-ed EditorNovember 6, 2016

Femi Aribisala: God blesses us with trouble

by Femi Aribisala The good of God only comes after something bad happens.  God does not make the good out ...

Isime EseneOctober 23, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The believer’s authority

by Femi Aribisala What manner of man is Jesus? Jesus is precisely the kind of man God expects all believers ...

Isime EseneOctober 16, 2016

Femi Aribisala: What does God want?

by Femi Aribisala We claim to be Christians, but don’t have a new heart. If you have been to some ...

Op-ed EditorOctober 9, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The Bible is not infallible (Pt. 2)

by Femi Aribisala Instead of telling the earth to stand still in order to extend daylight, Joshua ignorantly commanded the ...

Isime EseneOctober 2, 2016

Femi Aribisala: No, God will not burn anyone in a fiery hell for eternity

“His anger is but for a moment, his favour is for life.” (Psalm 30:5). When some Samaritans refused to allow ...

Isime EseneSeptember 25, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Redemptive justice

In death, the disadvantaged lose all their disadvantages; while the advantaged lose all their advantages. Jesus says: “Love your enemies ...

Isime EseneSeptember 18, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The false statements present in the Bible

The bible is full of simplistic statements masquerading as God-given theological doctrines. Many of them are naïve and palpably false. ...

Isime EseneSeptember 11, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Apostle Paul’s doctrine is at variance with Jesus’ – see proof

Paul provides the most outrageous justification for sin in the entire bible. Why are some Christians so upset when we ...

Isime EseneSeptember 4, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The Bible is not infallible

Jeremiah predicts Babylon would be suddenly and completely obliterated. But this did not happen. There are false prophecies in the ...

Isime EseneAugust 28, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Jesus is the New Testament Bible

Anything that contradicts Jesus, whether in the bible or not, must be rejected out of hand. Jesus says: “Man shall ...

Isime EseneAugust 9, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Apostle Paul is the author of the confusion in Christianity

by Femi Aribisala With Jesus, there was one shepherd, one faith and one baptism. But thanks to Paul, there are ...

Isime EseneJuly 24, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Apostle Paul is a false Christ

Paul seduces Christians from following Jesus into following him. Jesus warns: “False christs and false prophets will arise and perform ...

Isime EseneJune 12, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Dear Believer, is the Lord your pastor?

by Femi Aribisala Ask the average Christian for his pastor, and he is likely to refer you to mere mortals. ...

Op-Ed EditorJune 7, 2016

Femi Aribisala: Change for the worse, litany of failures and contradictions galore

Propaganda has an expiration date, and it must now be abundantly clear that the expiration date for the hot air ...

Isime EseneJune 6, 2016

Femi Aribisala: The false authority of the pastor

by Femi Aribisala The ordination of pastors is of men and not of God. Frustrated by the magnitude of the ...

Kolapo OlapojuSeptember 6, 2015

Femi Aribisala: APC and the spirit of witchcraft

Both Christians and Muslims must reject outright the strange spirit that the APC, in its lust for power, has imported ...

Op-Ed EditorJuly 19, 2015

Femi Aribisala: Jesus cannot bring the dead to life!

by Femi Aribisala If Jesus had performed all his miracles, only to die like any other man, he could not ...

Op-Ed EditorJuly 12, 2015

Femi Aribisala: What Jesus meant by saying “It is finished”

by Femi Aribisala  Therefore, it is finished with problems. It is finished with difficulties. It is finished with sin. It ...

Op-Ed EditorJuly 5, 2015

Femi Aribisala: The son of God is a god!

by Femi Aribisala  The son of a lion is a lion. The son of God is a god. He is ...

Op-Ed EditorJune 21, 2015

Femi Aribisala: Why do bad things happen to good people?

by Femi Aribisala  Some of the things we call bad are not bad in God’s eyes. God does not have ...

Op-Ed EditorMay 3, 2015

Femi Aribisala: The move of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

by Femi Aribisala READ PART 1 [HERE] A woman came to our mid-week fellowship and, immediately my wife saw her, ...

Op-Ed EditorApril 28, 2015

Femi Aribisala: Dear Buhari, you cannot fight corruption with corruption

by Femi Aribisala This leopard has not changed its skin. It is asking much to expect Buhari to change his ...

Emmanuel ChidiogoApril 26, 2015

Femi Aribisala: The move of the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

by Femi Aribisala The same God of biblical yesteryears is the same God of today. “Jesus Christ is the same ...

Emmanuel ChidiogoApril 20, 2015

Femi Aribisala: When God appears determined to embarrass you

by Femi Aribisala God is determined to thwart our purposes in life and to make us the reproach of men ...

Kolapo OlapojuApril 19, 2015

“If they say someone has enemies, I’m number one in the world” | “I want to see how long it will take Buhari to get the Chibok girls back” | These are our top 7 quotes of the week

by Kolapo Olapoju   1. “The PDP is a political party built on values, tradition and utmost respect for democratic ...

Kolapo OlapojuApril 19, 2015

The north has an agenda for Buhari’s presidency… and Tinubu is not part of it – Femi Aribisala

by Kolapo Olapoju Femi Aribisala, controversial scholar and international affairs expert, is of the opinion that by the time Muhammadu ...

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