The north has an agenda for Buhari’s presidency… and Tinubu is not part of it – Femi Aribisala

by Kolapo Olapoju

Femi Aribisala, controversial scholar and international affairs expert, is of the opinion that by the time Muhammadu Buhari is sworn in as presidency, national leader of the All Progressives Congress, may become expendable.

Aribisala in an interview with Vanguard, believes that the northerners have an agenda, which will become known after May 29.

He says that despite the fact that Tinubu made Buhari the presidential candidate of the APC, he could not deliver the votes of the South-West, and this would work against him.

“I don’t agree that Tinubu made Buhari the president. Let’s get the facts right. Tinubu made Buhari the presidential candidate of the APC. But in the presidential election, Buhari did not win Tinubu’s votes. And that is part of the problem. All the discussion before was that everything would be determined in the South-West, but Tinubu did not deliver the South-West.”

“The margin of defeat in the presidential election was not much in Lagos. Tinubu, to some extent at the presidential level, is expendable. And that is the problem. You can actually not choose a president just from the North. It interests me that while the campaign was going on, all the northerners making noise that it was their turn disappeared.”

“They did not campaign with Buhari. The people campaigning were Tinubu, Amaechi, Fashola. I bet you that the northerners are going to come out come May 29. And you will see it happen. Don’t think that the people that had been clamouring for power to return to the North in the past six years, were doing that for Tinubu to inherit. I don’t believe that. They have an agenda. That is why I said the story is not told because the election has taken place, the story will unfold when the administration comes on board.”

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  1. Time will tell.

  2. If Tinubu didn’t deliver d south west, where do u think d funds they used in d north came from? Don’t tell me moni fell from d sky to mobilise people.

  3. When elders begin to write like kids…. may God almighty punish this Femi Aribisala man, all your hate speeches on how Jean rigged the elections and Jimi Agbaje won Lagos elections foolish talk isn’t going to lead us into crises, you are just a blood sucking animal @aribisala, your plans have failed and will continue to fail, no amount of rubbish you write will make this nation go into crises, GEJ has transformed himself into a world leader overnight and he is not thinking towards your madness. Finally on your issue with Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the man has done well better than all your generations and the ones yet unborn, continue the hate write ups against him, give the man some credit mr bastard, being a lone ranger fighting and supporting candidates to maintain a robust opposition for 16 good years and you stupid bastard Aribisala will be insulting and trying to rubbish this great achiever

  4. I align with the analysis of the writer above. I think Femi Aribisala is still smarting from the defeat despite his consistency write ups that was meant to sway voters, it didn’t achieve the result! If he has an obsession with the north producing the president, he should clearly state it or if he has something personal with Tinubu, please go and sort it out. It’s difficult for me to view him as being objective and sincere, when his write ups are directly attack APC from day one. However if he has any information that could be valuable to nigerians, now is the time to air. I don’t buy general statements.

  5. A day will come that the jejune,shallow writings of this man will stop being given traction on blogs and websites. He is not an expert at anything and the bile he spews in the name of writing is appalling.

  6. No one is really indispensable.
    Tinubu named his “price” for him to work in enthroning GMB and he was given, while his “price” to GEJ was not paid because of elements like the writer who were hell bent on casting aspersions on BAT.
    Tinubu is a political strategist. A whole lot goes into politics than what the writer is making us believe. The influence of BAT has since gone beyond the Lagos where it started from; through the South West and now on a National scale.
    The economic think-tank of the incoming administration will have certain key players whose relevance only came about on basis of relationship with BAT.
    That the North gave the highest number of votes to GMB is not lost. More important is the Kano votes as delivered by the 1st runner up at the APC primaries. It only underscores that there is need to have a relatively younger game changer from the North that will be seen as having electoral values outside the old war-horse of Atiku and others.
    Those younger game changer defer to BAT to enable them cross the tribal bridge to the South for political relevance. That Atiku came a distant Rrd at that same APC primaries was meant to check any political advantage he could have sought to provide any other candidate outside APC. Not withstanding that his home state of Adamawa was crisis prone and he was left battling with that while the train moves on.
    On why it seems no one of Northern extraction was extremely visible on GMB campaign, it is a known fact that no individual from any divide is required. To stand by GMB in the North to woe voters. He is an “institution” on his own and it makes no difference who endorses him in the North as there is no other serious contender from that axis. Where GMB needed some known faces who the voters can trust is the South. Thus, the likes of Fashola and co led the endorsement pack.
    Ignore the poor showings of the East and South south! The north sure knows how the GMB Project would have ended if the SW has gone the way of SE to GEJ.
    In all, BAT has nothing to worry or lose as he has achieved more than it is celebrated. He has integrated the Lagos and some opposing states of the SW to the Federal party. That feast alone is consolatory as even the Great Awo was unable to do same. And to be kind to the memory of Awo, his Son in-law and a grand daughter of Awo were part of the central players to make such happen. I am sure HID will be proud to tell her late husband of the modest achievement his direct offspring made.

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