Opinion: Nollywood – A blessing or curse?

by Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu


It is a pity and unfortunate that the federal government honoured some of these actors and actresses with National honours and it was even reported that some billions of naira was budgeted for the industry. This action of the government is unnecessary.

The movies and entertainment industries are meant to promote the norms, values and culture of the people and also to serve as a medium through which the masses are enlightened on the issues at stake in a polite manner.

The existence of Nollywood in Nigeria supposed to encourage the positive minds of Nigerians as well as promoting our moral standard. It is true that movie industry has contributed a lot to the developement of Nigerian economy but the industry needs a state of emergency declaration if it must survive to deliver its main objectives. This is because the life patterns of most of its actors and actresses are worrisome. Nollywood actors are expected to be mentors to the young generation but reverse have been the case.

Almost on daily bases, Nigerians mostly receive shameful and discouraging news about the industry’s actors and actresses. If we don’t hear about divorce, we hear about the exposure of their nude pictures and these ugly development has made a negative impact on the lives of many Nigerians especially the youths.

It is a pity that most people have been influenced by these visionless lifestyle of most of the Nollywood actors and actresses. The rate at which divorce cases are filed in the courts is alarming and Nollywood cannot be unconnected with such. This is because instead of producing movies that will promote African norms and morals, the industry now produce movies mostly featured by lust, betrayal of trust and romance and any shallow minded Nigerians are easily influenced by such.

Moreover, many Nigerians especially the youths betray their dignity on daily bases in a move to appear like some of these actors and actresses. It is now an expensive achievement for some people to appear semi-nude, deny themselves of necessary nutritions and even publish their nude pictures in order to be addressed as ‘Models’. This is unbearable because a model is that person that posses good morals and visible qualities that serve as examples for people to admire. Therefore a semi-naked and corrupt minded individual can not be a model but a disaster.

It is a pity and unfortunate that the federal government honoured some of these actors and actresses with National honours and it was even reported that some billions of naira was budgeted for the industry. This action of the government is unnecessary. Though it is the obligation of government to support organisations that contribute to the developement of the economy. Allocation of funds and granting National awards to the actors and actresses of the industry is never a best way of encouraging the industry to achieve its national objective. The industry has made more negative influence on Nigerians and if urgent measures are not taking, the movie industry will be a curse to Nigerians. The government should initiate the movies and entertainment industries into the ministry of
culture and tourism so that more dedicated attention should be paid on their activities. This will further make the stakeholders in the movie industry to understand that they are meant to promote Nigeria’s norms, values and dignity.

Also, a law that will mandate the industry to produce only movies that will encourage and display our diverse norms, values and cultures should be enacted. Also a board that will made up of people of proven integrity should be set up to ensure that only decent men and women are employed into the movie industry. All persons that have betrayed the values, morals and culture of the Nigerian nation through their acts either as movie actors, actresses or individuals should be dismissed and permanently banned from the Nigerian movie industry.

The Nollywood actors and actresses should only present movies that will feature acts that will provide solutions to the political, religious, security and economic challenges of our dear nation and also promote aour morals, values and norms.

Parents should also monitor their children and ensure that they are not adicts of these ill-moral movies. Various religious institutions should also see it as a prime responsibility to advise their members on the dangers of buying or watching such movies.

We shall be mocking our selves as a nation if we prefer to betray our values and promote alien norms and values.

If we really want to eradicate the increasing rate of immoralities in our dear country, Nollywood must be totally reformed.



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  1. this is arant nonesense. u want to hand over nollywood to government agency to kill it and send it to an early grave. you cant be taken seriously with this article.

  2. Nice one Mr. Chukwuemerie.May God bless you.

  3. Dude you are all kinds of stupid!

    1. This is a very stupid article…the writer lacks profundity…sounds like a primary school pupil. Too bad

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