Opinion: Reno Omokri and his lies from the pit of the PDP

by Abidemi Oderinlo


The truth is definitely staring us in the eyes because we see it daily, men like Reno should be stoned at sight for coming out to point crooked fingers at crooks like him.

As much as I would love to agree with Reno Omokri that his claims are valid, even if it is just a tad valid, I am sure his outburst is not for the sake of many impoverished and suffering Nigerians caught in the middle of politicking and the deception games of Nigerian politicians. I read and understood every line of this long epistle about APC and PDP, but to what end is his arguments? To garner support for GEJ in 2015 or to pre-inform us that both parties APC and PDP is still the same team? We already know so we can seek a presidential candidate from Mars.

It’s interesting to know that “In 2011 President Jonathan Promised to Build Schools for Itinerant Scholars in The North Known as Almajiri. As at Today, 123 Almajiri Model Schools Equipped With Malam’s Quarters, Hostels, Qu’ranic Recitation Hall and Science Laboratories Have Been Completed While 277 Are Awaited” but the question is… What are the so-called Almajiris still being taught in facilities built with taxpayers money? Northern and Islamic supremacy in a more comfortable environment, with more facilities to get creative at it. I have lived in Northern Nigeria and I have taught in the system with a firsthand experience with the products of the Almajiri system, it is not where they are taught that is the problem, it is what is being placed in the subconscious of this children under the guise of Islamic studies so creating a more conducive environment is like passing gasoline down to hell, we will end up with more sophisticated Shekau and probably more informed extremists to deal with.

My grandma is rummoured to be 128 years old, we have facts to back that up but no documents, the deductions was made from the age of her last sibling who died 11years ago at the age of 92. He had a recorded birth so we knew how old he was when he passed on but I don’t think it was the improvement on life by GEJ recorded at 52years which is light years away from 128 that has kept my sweet grandma alive.

How come it is only ABC transport that saw the roads built by GEJ?

Who attends the new universities and where do the graduates go to work after they graduate from them?

I heard something about the railway and I’m sure Reno has been to Kano or Kaduna recently, did he patronize the railroads or used a private jet?

What is the outcome of the privatization of NEPA so far…more blackout and less responsibility for the Nigerian government?.. Tony Elemelu must be smiling somewhere right now

I have lost more female friends to childbirth in the last 3years of my life, none in the preceding 7 years before 2010 and I’ve had so many God children, the oldest will be 10 this November so my friends didn’t just start giving birth all of a sudden, I wonder where Reno got his doctored child birth mortality index from?

I remember a hailing coach Tella won the cadet competition under a sickly president Yar Adua so I will assume our GEJ is sick somehow, physically or upstairs if that’s what he’s got to show as a promise kept.

Reno should get his facts right, heart surgery had been carried out in LASUTH since the day of Yar Adua and even CNN knows. How come the first was in 2013 when Dr. Bode Falase confirmed 13 success stories as at March 2010 here in Lagos state on LASUTH facility. Here is a link to the news in 2010 march health journal.  http://nigerianhealthjournal.com/?p=123  Abeg we need fresher lies.

Reno claims “3 Million Jobs Have  Been Created in the Agriculture Value Chain Since 2011”, lies from the pit of PDP. Even plus the cows that pulls the plow in Jigawa and Yobe, there is no way in hell 100,000 jobs had been created in those years. All agricultural installations in Nigeria combined as not produced even 1 million bags of produce (rice, beans, millet, wheat and everything combined) not even 1 million livestock so it’s impossible for 3 million people in the agricultural system to be so under productive, even a chicken lays more eggs.

I know it is just a barrage on APC by PDP to parade their inconsistencies, but this in no way justifies the demonic, unproductive, ill-fated, chauvinistic, disgusting, incongruous show the PDP as given Nigerians in the last 14years. Permit me to say that will all the evidences of corruption thrown in our eyes daily, from the Farouq Lawani’s of committee on subsidy thieves vs Otedola aka Okonjo Eweala’s “cartel”, to the Diezani Alison-Madueke pyramid, to the recent bullet proof BMW, the only conviction the EFCC as managed to get is against a LAUTECH 24years old yahoo boy… That should shown with shinning light on GEJ anti-corruption campaign dossier. Here is a SR report on it in case EFCC or GEJ needs something to reference or probably borrow from Linda Ikeji. I don’t think they got conviction for this one yet though, but Reno should have included it in PDP/GEJ’s defense.

The truth is definitely staring us in the eyes because we see it daily, men like Reno should be stoned at sight for coming out to point crooked fingers at crooks like him. I wonder how such men wake up in the morning and look at their own children, hoping that someday something good will come out of their mottled investments… Maybe we should start ignoring this our politicians so that they will know the show is over already, we should start working on us and allow them fall by their own counsel. Our anger and discontent should be transmuted into ideas on how to encourage, empower and strengthen the youths and young powers out there on the streets that knows nothing about Linda Ikeji, Babatunde Rosanwo, Sahara Reporters or even Blogs, Facebook or Twitter but determines who win or loose in every election by virtue of strength, number and force.

This youths are worst than unknown soldiers, impatient enough to ever send a text, whose use of a phone is for calls and calls alone. Young Nigerians by nature but of a different breed by nurture and torture. Youths whose only experience or feeling as been either hunger or anger, who only understand the universal language money and will do the bidding of who ever brings it their way, saint or sinner. We see them every day and look at them with disdain because they are hardened and unkept and the stench of “paraga” and “alomo” that fills their breathe wouldn’t make even allow us looking in the direction of their burnt brown wry smile. Men like Tinubu, OBJ, GEJ and Co control the men that control this youths and a man like Jagaban even wields more control because he’s closer and even walks their mist when the occasion calls for it. We call them “Eru-Iku” (Death’s slaves) here in Lagos, they are bred in thousands in Northern through the Almajiri system and finer classrooms will not change the products, the South definitely have a pseudo for this machineries and a Dokubo should know the word the East is not without them too because hunger and anger is universal in Nigeria courtesy past rulership and PDP’s continuity of a legacy of decay and destruction.

While we are here on Twitter and BBM monitoring the elections or ranting away at the ills of the ailing government and rulers in power, they are out there snatching ballot boxes in the name of PDP, APGA, APC and any other “P” you can think of, or rather hoping to win big at the lotto stand not interested in whether it’s a leader or ruler, productive or as dormant as Olumo rock.  While we are few and learned, existing more powerfully in this virtual world of the internet, they are plenty, many and more than the numbers of the sand at the beach, real and ready to die for 1000 naira because they have not much to live for. The good news is whoever brings food and money first wins their loyalty, who ever brings value to the table first in any form controls their action. I know this much because I came from the real world, “Da Grin” called it dirty Lagos and I know there is a dirty, Abuja, Rivers, Kano, Kaduna and even New York… but unlike the dirty NY, the numbers are unfavorable here in Nigeria, the dirty is a million times more than the Lekki Lagos but can be managed and controlled with less millions than Lekki requires and with more value propositions if properly planned. Afterall, it is hunger and not bad roads that breeds the anger so with filled bellies, even the roughest terrain will seem a bit more pleasant to walk.

My goals are set and I am not planning to do it alone, but will do it alone if that’s the only way. My target is the street not Tinubu and he will never have the level of loyalty I have earned on the streets of Ipaja and given more, I will be stronger than clueless GEJ clones running my LCDA. My plan is to work more with the strength of the street and use it to ensure that it is who we vote for that sits on the throne and not who they pay for. With time and better hold on the forces that really and truly determines the success of every election on the street, we will be able to influence who is selected to represent from a party and in the nearest future we will hopefully have a level playing where those will genuine interest will be elected at primaries and not selected. As for me, my target is the foundation, and with time we will build strong walls and get to the point where the roof will not just be a shinny sheet, but a layer that protects and shields the populace from the storm along with a wall of credible people in the different arms and level of leadership and government.

Our nation is the hardware, the people are the firmware and the core of the people is the software. My aim is to write a rich software that is generic and structured backend and a simple, secured algorithm that will be self upgrading with time, knowledge and civilization and probably requires only a few patches being run as it is perfected across generations.




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