Opinion: Rescuing Lagos from hoodlums – An open letter to Gov. Fashola

by Ayo Oshewolo

Governor Fashola addressing the TFAA team

Governor Fashola can put together some special security patrol teams, some in uniform and some in mufti, whose special duty is to patrol all the dangerous spots…

Until recently I have never witnessed such bizarre and stupefying scenes in Lagos like I did when I was in a colleague’s car, driving back from work between Anthony-Oke Bus stop and Oshodi-Oke Bus stop. This was barely some few minutes after eight in the evening, and right in front of Barrack Bus stop, where we ran into a heavy traffic that began to ease out slowly. Suddenly, three menacing looking young boys walked to the expressway and started meandering through cars. Instantly, I sensed and told my friend that these were hoodlums. They sat briefly on the median pavement. You could see an air of evil written all over them. The next thing I saw was that they started walking around cars. One of them went to a black jeep and attempted to open the front door on the passenger’s side. Apparently realising that it had been centrally locked, he backed off and walked away to look for a victim to attack. I couldn’t belief what I saw! It was like a movie, but this was real! I could see fear-ridden car owners looking on helplessly. There was no security operative in sight. Everyone was on his own! And my colleague said, “This is Lagos, this is the situation we have found ourselves!” Deep within, I wondered why this should not be nipped in the bud immediately by our able security operatives under the leadership of our amiable Governor. Something must be wrong.

We had barely gotten over this first shock than the next one surfaced almost immediately. This time, we were right on top of Oshodi Bridge. A lady who must have been coming back from work after a tiring day was walking towards the end of the bridge, clutching her handbag and some other belongings. Two young teenage boys came right after her like hungry hawks with an obvious intent to snatch her bag. The streetlights on the bridge were fully on, cars headlights were blazing, everywhere was bright, and it wasn’t dark at all. So, what emboldened these people to attack innocent citizens without any repulsion? I almost came down to fend them off her, but my friend advised me not to because we were driving on the middle lane. We were not absolutely sure if that lady got away without being harmed by those boys. Something needs to be done urgently!

These same brazen attacks are recurring almost on a weekly basis under the bridge at Toyota Bus stop – close to the Army Resettlement centre – once there is a traffic congestion. I humbly request that our action Governor step in and put an end to this. Our team of gallant soldiers in collaboration with the Police can nip this in the bud under the command of Governor Fashola. These hoodlums can be seen everywhere under the bridge in Oshodi – busy smoking away Indian hemps openly every morning, loitering and sleeping all day, only to start attacking workers on their way home in the evening brazenly with impunity. Governor Fashola can put together some special security patrol teams, some in uniform and some in mufti, whose special duty is to patrol all the dangerous spots of the city at night and keep Lagos safe from the hands of vagabonds and hoodlums. I am fully persuaded that with the help of God, our amiable governor will bring a lasting solution to this.

Eko Oo Ni Baje O!


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