Opinion: What do Deltans want? Uduaghan? Ogboru? Change?


by Yoma Onosemuode

Delta state has been in a comatose state since the celebrated re-entry of ‘democracy’ into our national space in 1999.

During the years we struggled for democracy, we made a huge error of judgment in the battle strategy. We fought for democracy but didn’t prepare for the responsibility of political leadership that would follow; so while pro-democracy groups and their activists sheathed their swords and went home singing ‘uhuru’, the hawks who themselves participated in the malaise of military dictatorship as their civilian face, suddenly found themselves in a position to take-over power and boy did they plunder?

Today, instead of our ‘enemy’ being clear as men in camouflage, they now live among us and unfortunately, are far more deadly!

Delta state has been in a comatose state since the celebrated re-entry of ‘democracy’ into our national space in 1999. Fast-forward two years into this ‘democracy’; we were already hauling a dripping bag of regrets across Delta State. Every new government seemed to best the past one at excelling in poverty creation. But Delta state is beyond blessed with human resources, the sort that is of the elite class like Chris Okotie, Pat Utomi, Nduka Obiagena, Gamaliel Onosode, Jim Ovia, Sen. David Dafinone, the Ibrus, Gen. Aziza, etc.  Bill Clinton had said, “In this age, the wealth of nations shall no longer be under their feet but between their ears”. Splendid! Delta State therefore qualifies as a wealthy state, one of intellectuals, boardroom moguls, astute political and business leaders, sports legends, etc all of international pedigree.

So why haven’t we been able to pull ourselves out of the dungeon? Why is the state under the monopoly of mediocrity? Or is Delta State doomed to itself?

It is due to this terrible state of affairs that the acclaimed ‘people’s general’, Great Ogboru has been perennially in the courts for years battling to reclaim the mandate popularly believed to have been stolen from him. Finally, the latest case is now at the Supreme Court to be decided tomorrow, March 2, 2012. Much as I would love majority of Deltans to get their heart desire, a lot of people are not too hopeful especially considering the shoddy job done by the judiciary in the past years. Ogboru would hardly be blamed if he drops the whole hullabaloo and goes on a self-imposed exile again; even his teeming supporters have begun to shift ground believing he has been in court too long and since their hope has been deferred so long, their heart is sick. At this point, maybe only he still believes in the dream of justice.

In being fair to this present government, looking across the nation, their party operates a philosophy that produces the sort of results that is presently evident in the state. But we need a change! Delta state deserves a change that is planned, structured and defended.  Is it not time we become a state that created wealth? Is it not time we had leadership that honestly appropriated the state’s huge resources?

If Delta stated was a company with investment but no visible result, there is no doubt that board will be sacked!

I am calling out these our leaders because the cries of the people seem to have no mileage, they have almost gone silent. It is time for them to begin to ‘occupy’ the conversations and actions that will produce a truly great Delta because so far, the investors have been denied their right of sacking the board!

After all said and done, in time, it is not the noise of our enemies but the silence of our leaders that will sound the loudest!

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