Opinion: When will it ever stop?

by Oluwadamilare Awe

At this rate that we are going in this country, I fear for the next generation. What will become of them? What will their lives be like? What world will they live in?

Everywhere in the world I see violence and injustice rather than fairness and justice. I see innocent people being maltreated and bullied everywhere, their tears ring out but no one to offer comfort. They are being oppressed by the powerful ones times and times and no one to come to their rescue.

Pain echoes how I feel for all of the children and innocents people who have died through: “No fault of their own”. Wars, unfortunate incidents, hatred and unfathomable happenings have brought a end to the lives of many that have uniqueness to add to nature.

On unaccountable occasions, I have read or heard; deaths of so many innocent people, oppression of people who can’t defend themselves, people who live in fear of what might happen next and sadly lack the power to prevent this

The most disgusting and devastating part of this sad scenario is when death is involved, despite the memory of a sacred and beautiful innocent human’s life lost or oppressed, the killers and bullies are often NOT brought to book. Majority of these sadists walk freely on the surface of the earth without a conscience and are protected by those who are supposed to uphold the law and enact justice.

We now live in a world where we are so petrified of what we don’t even know. We walk about and have to look above our shoulders in fear of who is watching and who might do more than watch us. We live in a country where we can’t trust anyone; not the authorities and certainly not ourselves due to envy and jealousy.

Justice is being trampled upon by the powerful ones. To crown the hogwash; the innocent gets punished while the guilty ones enjoy the life acquired for them. When will it stop? When will we live in peace and don’t have to carry our hearts in our mouths? When will our leaders listen to the agony-borne pleas of the innocent? The tears of the hopeless children? The suffering of the helpless masses? When will justice rule and be above all? When will our authorities do what is right for the masses?

It’s getting unbearable! We can’t continue to live in fear! We can’t deprive ourselves the justice that we deserve! We can’t let ourselves be used and tossed around like we have no life of our own! We all deserve justice! And justice we must get!! It is our right; no one and absolutely no one will take that away from us!!!

At this rate that we are going in this country, I fear for the next generation. What will become of them? What will their lives be like? What world will they live in? Those who have never been born are better off because they have never seen the despicable things that happen in this world but what happens to those who are here already? Those who are on their way? What happens next? Are we to sit back and make fun of everything? Are we to live in the darkness of it all? Well, we have no say right? Isn’t that what we have in our minds? When you are at it, ask yourself this; “When will it ever stop?” Till then…


Oluwadamilare Awe tweets from @acoustichannah


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