Our generation is not lazy, we just work smarter

We are the generation that pops up Google to search for anything including love :-). We use Instagram to share the food we’re eating but can’t cook. We spend hours on Facebook daily with no “real connection” to show for it. We don’t even want to go to work. We prefer to hide behind our laptop getting tasks done. We can’t stand working for one company for 30 years like our parents did. Like me, we stop washing our clothes at 17. When we want to go out, we call a cab or pre-arrange a driver to pick us up. When we are hungry, we place an order and have it delivered.

We are the lazy generation and it feels so great to be part of this lazy generation.

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with this generation? Not really.

By being lazy, we buy our first shares (our personal money) and learn the art of stock trading at 17. By the time we’re 30, we probably would have made more money than our hardworking mum made in their lifetime. That’s being humble actually and giving life its chances. Our parents were super hardworking in their twenties, but most of us have made far more than they made in their twenties, just with our laptops. All of these by being lazy, with a single laptop, one smartphone and a tablet. Remote. Office not required. We are fulfilled.

You see, the rules of work have changed. You can’t change nothing about it. This is our time and we have chosen how we want to live. It’s too late to complain about how lazy we are. What you call a waste of time is what we call work. For instance, we spend half of our days on Facebook and Twitter and earn a decent amount doing just that. We will work remotely for companies, making a couple of clicks daily on our laptop and still have enough time to be lazy. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the month, we smile to the bank for some moolah. 10 years from today, we won’t even need that laptop to earn again. Our smartphones will be enough to make far more than some of you made in your lifetime. Move over IT.

Emm, wait. How can they even call us lazy when we’re yet to start operating at the highest level of laziness the human race will soon experience? Just wait until the internet of things becomes democratized. When our fridges will place an order itself when the fruit level reaches 50%. Our cars will drive themselves to the gas station themselves when our fuel level reaches 30%. We will have wearables that will notify our doctors when we fall sick. We will have robots deliver our food and online orders. We will live in smart cities and smart homes. With our contact lenses, we will see the weather of any city we want to visit, see the traffic level and decide whether to embark on the journey or not. Everything will be connected. With enough money made by being lazy, during summer, we will take a trip to space – thanks to Elon Musk. We, the lazy generation will build all these things ourselves. The new way to live.

While the older generation criticises us, smart brands led by the poster guys of the lazy generation are raking in billions of our money to the bank accounts. Talk about Uber, Facebook, AirBnB, Snapchat, Flipkart, Jumia, Konga and many more to come. The brands that will survive our future are the ones that connect with the pace of our thoughts and offer their products and services in ways that fit our lazy lifestyle. Innovate with us, or die. Simple.

If you’re part of this lazy generation, rejoice the future is bright. Don’t get caught up with unnecessary work that adds nothing to your being. Embark on a personal mission you believe in and become lazy in the best way possible.

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  1. sigh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this post, totally worth my time, i love this generation of lazy people smart gadgets.

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