Poetry: Indices of a loon

by Macaulay Akinbami

Gutless muffled monarch wooed millions to the poll,

Our feeble lord enforced on us by pathetic speech of poverty (I once had no shoes)

On congruent grounds of pain we forced him, though we hated his coterie.

Disappointed, now we wail waiting surrogate to lead the mass to unending journey of relief

Lacklustre, jejune as pervading rot lingers

Unvaried captain rocks our boat, gagged around by plunderers.

Circles of death, twinge, pauperdom and miseries mocks the reign of naivety.

Kleptocrat adorn himself in regalia loved the honour lacks duty


Embezzlers of collective trust bequeathed in hope,

Bandits as conniving ministers besmirched our obtuse scamp

Egregious, craven, shrieked at the sound of war (I am not a lion)

Laggard lumper loon left fanatical murderers at our doorsteps (a burden we must live with)

Encumbrances from his delinquent clan divide the love for mother land


Damp squib’s duchess’s indecent tongue never feels a vestige of restraint

Academic “double misnomer” with licence to libel,

Merriment and intrigue feigned as obligations,

Edgy cumbrance though cluelessness forms amity.


Punk pretending and purloining to private vaults

Adventurous nerve for futile globetrot

Twitchy at the affairs of state, though Unemployed by sensible Poll

Intoxicated by serendipity, shaming all with activity

Euphemistic drama Usurps Scrappy literacy on cultured observers

Crude verbiages to amuse myriad of eggheads (my Fellow widows)

Encomium of Yesterday’s approval turned sour as our Tsar’s inept mode prevails


Jokers jostled in enthusiasm to rule, (politicking for 2015)

Onslaught from “Boko-Haram” drove sleep from wearied countrymen

Numbed as hoi polloi echoed NO to mistimed removal,

Alas, the fraud, rapscallion looted the poor to a blindfold

Tyranic manifestation cloaked in reticence busted on the streets with the troop

Higgledy-piggledy bugled the travesty of Democracy

Amidst the rubble of a crumbling amalgam

Nigerian Lords watched the drama secured amongst 10.000 armed men inactive as we die.


Macaulay Akinbami is a blogger who seeks to provide solutions to issues of life through art and to create a network of international writers across borders and boundaries.

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