[The Presidential Blog] Please what arms is the Nigerian Army procuring again?

Did the ones they just got last year expire? Or did they not spend all the monies allocated to buying arms in 2016. Or are being too sceptical?

Never mind the fact that this 2017 budget general already smells fishy. This is about the Ministry of Defence getting another 5 billion Naira to buy arms after spending 4, 000, 000, 000 on the same procurements in 2016? And not eliminating Boko Haram.

This is in the wake of #Dasukigate.

Or were the “victory” reports all false then? Because if they crushed the Boko Haram fighters the way we were made to believe, then much of their arms should still be intact.

Please, we need a breakdown -of course, not necessarily what types of nuclear warheads (because that must be it) – just why in 2017 are we still spending NGN 5 billion on arms again.

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