SEE Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, others in the WORST Photoshop fails ever (PHOTOS)

12 Biggest Photoshop Disasters
I wish I had the perfect skin … and stomach … and hips … and hair … the list really goes on and on. Fortunately, with just a few little swipes of my mouse and some help from Photoshop, I can have a Victoria’s Secret model body — no plastic surgery or gym time required. Well, at least in photos. But does anyone else see a problem with this?

While there’s no denying that technology is pretty awesome (thank you online shopping), certain advances have blurred the line between fact and fantasy, what’s real and what really needs a second look. How many times have you seen a model who looks a little too fresh-faced for 40? Or maybe a certain buxom celebrity who loses half her curves overnight? The culprit: Photoshop. Once a nifty photo-editing tool, this program has become a monster. (What else would you call something that makes entire legs disappear?) With so many people using image manipulation, major Photoshop disasters happen everyday — and we found the most outrageous ones.

We rounded up the worst of the worst Photoshop fails, images that are sure to have you wondering how anyone thought it was fit to print.

Adam Levine bad Photoshop

Torso trauma

Adam Levine is looking a little more svelte then usual in this photo. Maybe it’s because they left out part of his stomach? Nothing like losing a few ribs for a trimmer physique.

Beyonce bad Photoshop

Thigh tamer

Beyonce is known across the world for her “bootylicious” body, complete with ample hips, thighs, and well, booty. But thanks to a Photoshop slim-down on her lower body for this “Harpers Bazaar” cover shot, the sultry songstress seems to have lost most of her curves.


Out of hand

Out of hand

This demure picture of dirty-girl rocker Christina Aguilera has all the right elements: sun-kissed glow, cute puppy, mutated finger. Wait, what? Check out Christina’s right hand, it looks like one of her digits is trying to get away.


Eminem bad Photoshop

Eye need some help

Eminem gives new meaning to the expression crazy eyes on this cover for “XXL” magazine, making the rapper look slightly artificial. Can the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Emma Watson bad Photoshop

Disappearing act

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson must really be magical — it looks like she made an entire leg disappear. I didn’t know they taught that at Hogwart’s.


Phantom fingers

Phantom fingers

It looks like someone didn’t quite make the cut in this “Got Milk?” ad featuring U.S. Olympians. Sucks for whatever athlete only got to let his fingers show.

High School Musical bad Photoshop

Musical monsters

The graphic designer behind this Disney advertisement must have gotten his education from Dr. Frankenstein. Extra body parts seem to grow at random, making us believe that high school really is hard.

Madonna bad Photoshop

Double Take

In her fifties, Madonna looks much better than a lot of women much younger than she. There’s no use denying, however, the difference between these two images is staggering.


Biggest Loser bad Photoshop
Biggest (limb) loser

This Biggest Loser contestant didn’t realize that when she entered the contest to lose weight, she’d be forfeiting one of her limbs too.


Rihanna bad Photoshop

Head spin

It’s clear what they did here: morph Rihanna’s head and body from two different images. What’s not clear is why.


Ralph Lauren bad Photoshop
Wasting away

While we all know that models are typically on the slim side, this Ralph Lauren advertisement takes it way too far. You see, there are these things called “internal organs” that need to go in the space they erased away. But really, who needs a spleen or a liver anyway?


Kim Kardashian bad Photoshop

5-minute slimdown

Although Kim Kardashian reps products for quick weight loss, the world’s fastest slim down occurred in this picture. Forget QuikTrim, I’m using Photoshop.

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