Shame to bad people: Uche Jombo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and 4 (female) celebs who shocked you and got married

by Chi Ibe

Did you see the a photo of Uche Jombo (Rodriguez, please) as her Latino husband joined her in Nigeria for the premiere of her movie ‘My life, My Damage’?

She looked deliriously happy, and why not? The man that had been subject of gossip since he didn’t followed her back to Nigeria post-wedding.

The ‘bad mouths’ who never believed in the first place that Uche would ever get married had begun to run. But God pass them. Herewith, my rundown of seven female celebs who have gotten married and put the enemies to shame!


Uche Jombo

There was every reason for the cynics to be cynical – first, she denied she was getting married, then she got married in secret, then we didn’t see wedding photos, then when the wedding photos came out, it looked like she was posing with a mannequin. But, haters havta chill. The full wedding photos emerged later on WOW! Magazine, and her husband just joined her last week to celebrate her latest movie. Yes, sometimes it looks like their photos don’t have chemistry – but marriage is marriage, move on Biko.
Nse Ikpe-Etim

Wait, first – wasn’t it just last year that Nse was either telling magazines she was never going to get married or telling BellaNaija that marriage was not for her? Well, that’s what she said… Until she got married. She has tweeted a photo of her new husband with his first child from another woman and he does look younger than her, but who cares? She glowed from her wedding photos, she can’t stop smiling in photos these days, and, considering just how fast that wedding happened, it is safe to say that man swept her off her feet.

Annie Macaulay
Shaaaaaaaaaaame to bad pipo! Annie Macaulay has gotten married to the same 2face Idibia you people said it was never going to happen with. Suddenly! God did it! Oh and when it rains, it pours. So, did 2face think when Annie eventually won the battle, she would let him trick her into a quiet wedding in Lekki? Hell no. The world has to know Annie locked her man down – and in case you haven’t heard about it, her Instagram and Twitter feeds make sure the whole world is in the loop. Including those pesky baby mamas who keep releasing pictures of 2face’s other children. Sore losers.

Sumbo Ajala

That being said though, there seems to be another 2face baby mama with a testimony – it’s a weird story to be sure, especially if like me you’ve been reading all those suiciously planted and updated photos on Ladun Liadi’s Blog. But Wetin concern agbero with overload? Sumbo, who has two kids for 2face has hooked herself a pastor-man, and all the rest of us have to do is shout Halleluyah, and thank God Mrs. Annie Idibia has one less prayer point. Selah.
Funke Akindele

She says we should be happy for her, so what other choice do you have, really? At the height of her success, almost like she had listened to all those old wizened association of mothers who warn “Don’t-move-into-your-own-house-or-men-will-be-scared-of-you”, she went and snatched her own husband goodie-bag. Before you could say ‘Sulia kan’, the staunch member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles had gone to marry a staunch Muslim, clearly, she had already destroyed all the household wickedness fighting against her marriage. And every spirit husband is dead, by fire.
BellaNaija-Exclusive-Mercy-Johnson-Wedding-Special-October-2011-BellaNaija-067-400x600Mercy Johnson

There was a woman named Mercy; as famous for her craft as for her boobs. She never lost an opportunity to have her skin shown, and there were the rumours of hanky panky with directors. But this is the testimony brothers and sisters. Even though the enemy brought obstacles like some bloggers, and even though there was that mighty mountain of another wife, there was no enemy too big for her God to bring down. Mercy has married Prince, and together they have a daughter named Purity. The marriage is sealed and delivered. She is serving a God of miracles!

And one for the road:


Chimamanda Adichie 

I guess you didn’t think she was married. But of course an intelligent, highly accomplished beautiful feminist who says her mind as she thinks it and does not suffer fools gladly. How can she be married? It’s a travesty!  Olodo. Thankfully, there are men in this world who know what matters. One wise one like that has snapped up Chimamanda (or was snapped up). So there is hope oh thee feminist!

Oh, by God, there is hope.

I mean, if even Tiwa Savage

tiwa savage and teebillz engaged

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  1. Mercy y such word or r u a saddist? Take it easy u r a woman lik dem u definaly grow old n become dried lik dem someday that’s if u not already dried n old

  2. I really enjoyed this article! Nice one

  3. Too funny please! If you guys don’t get the humour in this write up, then I’m sorry for you, how boring and dreary can your life be? Lighten up and enjoy free humour. Thumbs up!

  4. I loved this article. I laughed all the way through. Thumbs up for the writers.
    And for the ones who are going mad because of the article,take a chill pill and visit mental home. *winks

  5. Am so happy for everyone of them, wheather old or yong, it is d lords doing. So rejoice with other so dat people will rejoice with u too in ur own time. HML to all of u dear.

  6. “Used up, old dry things?” Wow. Someone has had too much Haterade. Mercy you’re definitely one of the bad people the writer is referring to.

  7. Whoever did dis write up is a fool,sm of these so called ladies are already nearing menopause,what their mates did 15 years ago,is what ur r shouting about,see young fresh girls every where,not used up old dry things,so stop making noise!

  8. What a silly article. As if getting married is a privilege. Talk about double standards. How about an article about male celebs who shocked everyone by getting married? Nonsense.

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