SHOCKING: “I buy live human beings for N30,000 and sell the parts for up to N100,000” – Arrested Islamic teacher (PICTURED)

by Rachel Ogbu

Akewadola and other suspects (Photo: Punch)
Akewadola and other suspects (Photo: Punch)

A self-proclaimed Islamic cleric and native doctor has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for selling human parts.

60-year-old Gazali Akewadola, was said to have killed innocent people and used their parts to perform rituals.

Police sources claim they arrested Akewadola after five suspects who were initially detained had revealed his location in their confessional statements.

Akewadola from Owode Yewa, Ogun State has since made confessions of his own following his arrest by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad defending his act as a means to cater for his eight children. He also reportedly disclosed that he began making money buying heads at the cost of N3,000 but the price went up to N8,000 so he decided to start buying human beings and then dismembering the corpses which he would use for various purposes.

He also confessed to eating some of the parts while the other parts were used in making charms for his customers with a full live human being cost between N30, 000 and N40, 000.

“I am an Islamic teacher and a cleric and I own an Islamic school in Owode, Yewa. I am also married with eight lovely children.

“I am also a native doctor. I cure people of ailments and help those who want to become rich quick. I use human parts to prepare charms and concoctions for them.”

According to reports, he was asked if he could sell the parts of his children, but he replied: “God forbid! I do ritual because the money I make from sales is used for the well-being of my children. Also, if I had killed my children and sold them, it could have aroused suspicion and my relations might expose me but if the people I use for the ritual are brought from far away, it is safer for me and my business.”

“It is cheaper to buy a live human. You get a lot of parts from it and it is more powerful because the efficacy of the charm or concoction you prepared with fresh parts cannot be compared with the ones you prepared with parts you got from the grave.”

“For instance, a live human being will give you blood. There is charm you can prepare with it. The same body will give you hairs from private parts, head and moustache. You can also cut out private parts. Each part of human being is useful. Even the meat and intestine, liver, heart, eyes, lips, tongues can be used for pepper soup.

“If you buy full human being for N30, 000 or N40, 000 and dismember it, you can end up getting N100, 000 or more because you get more than ten parts and can yield good money.”

When asked why he ate human parts, he said, “It tastes so good and better than animal meat especially when taken with hot drink, or wine or beer but the most essence of eating it is to assure those who patronise us see that it is eatable and sweet, and of spiritual and physical benefits. It can cure serious illness and can make one get rich quick.”

The suspect, who was not remorseful for his crime, said his only regret was that he had not become as rich as he wanted to be.  “My regret is that I did not become rich even after selling human parts. I even found it difficult to feed my family sometimes,” he said.

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The Punch reports:

The police said that Akewadola was a member of the gang that was recently arrested for exhuming corpses and selling their parts.

PUNCH Metro had reported on May 22, 2013 that the police arrested five members of a syndicate- Jamiu Adeleke, Ajibade Rafiu, Fatai Akiwowo, Kazeem Sanni and Agboola Kolawole – for selling human parts in Owode, Ogun State.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Damasus Ozoani, could not be reached because his telephone lines were switched off.


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  1. inshaa’Allah, all people that hide under the umbrella of Islam/Christian in committing crime shall be disclosed n destroyed in the name of the most high. Both religions condemned killing of human being, infact, the Holy Book(Quran) teaches peace, love and also warned nobody should worship any other god except Him. Don’t be surprise that the parts are being sold to our top and famous people within same country . They should be aware that, that Juju will no longer work 4 them( asiri gbogbo awon onisekuse lo maa tu patapata)

  2. How did he have difficulty to feed his family ? He seems to have a good supply of “fresh meat “.

  3. How did he find it difficult to feed his family if he had so many parts available. It also seems that he had no difficulty feeding himself as the soup and meats tasted good.

  4. when I though I knew everything about muslims, now this. It only confirms how muslims and their ilah are EVIL.

    1. The issue with every religion is it acquires the tradition and custom of the area it is in. This is just a case of a man being inhumane. There r witch doctors in many religions where the area is remote. It was the traditional form of both medicine and religion. This is an extreme case.

    2. The religion of peace shows its wonderful light again…..

  5. This is completely rubish, God will judge him

  6. Allaah thank u for exposing rubbish souls dat knows nothing about Islam but hiding under d umbrella of Islam to carryout their evil deeds. If truly his an Arabic tutor he supposedly knew d punishment behind keeling a soul. It’s a law of equality “soul for soul”. May ur soul rest in pieces in advance.

  7. Clifford Orji was a xtian nd d whole world new abt it, ders nofin Religious abt it

    1. Pple are mean in dis only God dat wil judge everybody in dis life.

  8. by the grace of God you are going to hell 4 caling ur self Alfa, idiot, and bastard satan agent.

  9. What is your anger? Did he not call himself a muslim cleric? Instead of you to thank God for exposing him, you are lamenting over the fact that the writer brought the wicked act of your muslim brother to light! Pls grow up!

  10. Please, before killing him now in a hurry (As is often the case), make sure he confess about how many missing people that are in his stomach and how many he used in his evil rituals.
    This kind of people are often killed because people are so ignorant that they are not with their minds, the evil in the land is what is pushing them, just like those evil politicians that continue to promote and sustain the evil

  11. Useless man, he use human parts to make charms for those that wants to get rich quick, yet he is not able to make the same charm for himself to take care of ‘his eight children’! It is the kind of news you always hear from the mad zone called ‘Nigeria’. Now we can also see what is hiding behind the so-called Islam!

    1. Pls stop this religious discrimination that have given nigeria a bad image either muslim or christian God creat we all,wickness is not by religious,the man is wicked not bcs he is a muslim or christian,if u are youth pls the feature of nigeria is in ur hands let stop religoius discrimination

      1. That is jst it.

  12. Human beign are very wicked, why can’t he uses his own eight children for ritual & money making. Do u see why God regret in creating human beign, May God punish his genaration.

  13. well, in every religion revealed by almighty Allah,do fight with these bad teachers, they do so only to acquire worldly materialism. All the revealed prophets including prophet muhammad peace be upon him fight them.finally,these people are only under umbrella of religion of Allah,but they dont want real believer muslim to know their work becouse they know the punishment of those people in the islamic Religion. Thak you

  14. Tufiaakwa!!! This is height of evil! The man should be be sentence to death by first dismembering his body and giving him to eat before proper execution.. So proud to say that he has “8 lovely” children. May the the universe fall upon his head! Nonesense!!!

  15. this reporter is sentimental, selfish and crazy. Why did s/he attribute that to Islam? If a xtian do something like that, you people will not ascribe it to xtianity. Fear your God!

    1. What is your anger? Did he not call himself a muslim cleric? Instead of you to thank God for exposing him, you are lamenting over the fact that the writer brought the wicked act of your muslim brother to light! Pls grow up!

    2. Taiwo, Please this is not a question of being Muslim or Christain, it is a question of him guilty of the crime. The general assertion tells that every basket has numbers of bad eggs, thank God that ours is minus one. May the almighty reveal them all. This horrible you know!

    3. U dey mad. Instead of u condeming d stupid ritualist, u r busy crying foul dat d writer did wrong by exposing him. R u one of dem

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