8 (sure) signs you’re about to get dumped

by Marcelle Sussman Fischler


1. Signs That You’re Headed For A Break up
Suspect that your partner is looking for a way to call it quite? Experiencing repeated periods of unhappiness and frustration? Relationship breakdowns have warning signs. Here is some professional advice on what to look for. 


2. You Know You’re In A Dead-End Relationship When…
Relationships are hard work. But when there’s a lack of respect, you have no time for each other, have incompatible goals such as wanting to get married.. or not, are stuck in a rut or bicker all the time, your relationship may be in deep trouble.  Expert advice on how to know when to call it quits. 
3. He’s Just Not That Into You Anymore

Signs that you’re about to get dumped. Body language isn’t the only way to tell.

4. Toxic Relationships

 Is your partner hostile towards you? Does your partner criticize or mock you in front of friends or family? Does your partner say ‘I Love You’ while acting in a different manner? Does your significant other refuse to acknowledge or make an effort to meet your needs? You may be in a toxic relationship.

5. Surprising Myths About Relationships

The strongest relationships require lots of hard work. Like a garden, you wouldn’t expect it to thrive if you didn’t tend to it  with lots of work or water it with TLC.  But  it has to be a joint effort. You can’t tend the garden, or your relationship, alone.

6. Signs of a Toxic Marriage … And How To Mend It.

A bad or unsatisfying marriage or relationship can be stressful, and bad for your health. Here are some tips to get past the years of hurt and resentment.

7. Unhappy Relationship Signs

Constant fights or ignoring each other are both signs of an unhappy relationship.  But there are ways to overcome the unhappiness and move forward together.

8. Relationship Red Flags

Is your partner cutting off arguments, saying that he has heard it all before? Is he more absorbed in his new flat screen TV and playing with his smart phone than talking to you? Is there a chill in the air as you silently each dinner together, regardless of the weather? These may be red flags indicating that your partner is unhappy with your relationship.


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