Soji impressed us this week! – YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review March 26 – 30

by Joy Ehonwa

Smiles were scarce in Tinsel Town this week. Fred insisted he cannot not abandon his unborn child, despite the threat Laide poses to his marriage. Dan refused to divulge Laide’s whereabouts and Wale didn’t have any answers for Fred either.

Amaka also got quite the shocker of her own—a surprise visit from Reginald’s mother! Mrs Okoh blamed Amaka for keeping the child of the man who killed Reginald, but of course Amaka wasn’t having that and quickly sent her on her way. As usual, came back to apologise and ended up accompanying Amaka to the hospital and back when the baby fell. Now, Amaka has invited her to stay a while since she’s in town for a week or two. Hmm.

In no surprising turn of events, Titi K went bonkers over the Tinsel Town cover photo of Shalewa and Titan, only to have her seat pulled out from underneath her when she went to see Dan in prison. He confirmed his guilt to her personally; told her over and over until she accepted it. Sadly, there’s no room in Poor Shalewa’s heart to even consider the possibility of her father’s guilt. She even went to see her Uncle Fred about doing something to set her father free.

On the other side of town, Angela made a new (albeit unlikely)  friend Tare, who is fascinated by the crazy girl about whom she has heard and read so much.

Tare’s friendship might just come in handy because things aren’t looking great for Angela. After transferring Tega to Mauritius, and harassing Angela over her dressing, Mrs Haruna has finally placed Angela in “a position of less responsibility”. Miss Dede has essentially been demoted; position and salary to receive a downward review. This is the last thing Angela needs right now; this job means so much to her and this just might drive her off the edge. Although, to be honest, we can’t say we find the possibility of Angela snapping and giving the woman what’s coming to her un-appealing.

Meanwhile, Phillip is still holding on to Chris Okereke’s “dying wish” and refuses to meet and discuss with World Movies. He went so far as to declare that if Reel Studios developed cold feet, his own production company, Black Sheep would produce the movie. Unfortunately, Tare mistakenly revealed to Phillip that Brenda is in rehab for alcohol. Phillip wasted no time using this information against his father, as proof that Fred always ends up making things worse when he tries to make them right.

Telema accepted Kwame’s suggestion that they have celebratory drinks with friends at Ziggy’s since they didn’t have a wedding reception. Telema ended up getting drunk and when Soji walked in on them and was forced to sit down with them, she couldn’t keep her eyes off him, much to Kwame’s dismay. When they got home, he gave Telema a good talking to about her drinking.

When Telema complained about Kwame’s attitude, Tare tried to help her understand it by yet again giving away Brenda’s whereabouts, as well as telling Telema of the late Mr Mensah’s alcoholism.

While Kwame foolishly tried to warn Soji off Telema, and got a well-deserved telling off (Soji impressed us!), Telema’s newfound understanding of her husband’s inner struggles made her a little more tender with him, even alluding to the possibility of them having a real chance at their marriage. Why do we have a feeling Kwame won’t be that lucky?

See you next week!

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