Soyombo Ayomikun: Listen to the ghost whispers from Nyanya (Poetry)

by Soyombo Ayomikun


 Where we should find succour. Gory death became our prize. Embittered whispers from Nyanya. Listen!

1.Whispers of anguish

   Suffocated dreams

   Whispers of anger

   Ghosts wanting vengeance

   Killed for no cause

   Murdered for no reason

   Embittered whispers frm Nyanya


2.I rushed out

   T’was a beautiful dawn

   The park was boisterous

   My nose couldn’t smell a bomb

   Suddenly flames engulfed all

   We became rubbles

   Embittered whispers from Nyanya


3.As my family’s only child

   I was the world to them

   They bid me luck

   As I set out to find a living

   At Nyanya I would find a bus

   One not to take me out of earth

   The next moment

   I was in flames

   Fire that licked my bones

   Also licking my tears as I cried

   Embittered whispers from Nyanya


4.My baby cried

   I brought out my breast

   She giggled

   Her lips enveloping my nipples

   I had no gold

   But I’ve got breastmilk

   She smiled as she sucked

   I,fulfilled as a mother

   Then the blast

   We both became ashes

   The wind blew

   Our ashes blown into Nigeria’s sad atmosphere

   Embittered whispers from Nyanya


5.I sell gala

   Sometimes with lacasera

   Mama woke me up

   So I can maximize the day’s profit

   ‘Nyanya can be busy you know’

   She,teasing me,chipped

   I rushed out

   Saw my colleagues at the park

   A passenger called me

   I entered the bus

   As I delivered her gala & drink

   The earth shook

   We became history

   We became a sad story

   Where we should find succour

   Gory death became our prize

   Embittered whispers from Nyanya


6.Where smiles were shed

   Where bargains were made

   That was Nyanya


   Where innocent Nigerians

   Gathered to pursue meaning

   Where the bombs roared

   And bones were consumed

   That was Nyanya


   Where evil temporarily reigned

   Enslaving beautiful hearts

   Where sons were lost

   And daughters perished

   Where dreams were stabbed

   And Nigeria’s peace got haemorrhaged

   That was Nyanya


7.What has Nigeria done?

   To deserve this baptism of hate

   What is the offence of our daughters

   That they should be dragged into Sambisa forest

   At Nyanya

   We became victims

   At the hands of men

   That years back cuddled us

   Now’s the time

   To discard the quest for power

   Now’s the time

   To tear the flags of your different political parties

   Nigeria is hurting

   Nigeria is bleeding

   The evil warlords are watching

   Smiling at your confusion

   If you fail to unite

   All to fight as one

   More bombs will consume the innocent

   More children will be carted away

   Please stop this horror

   Help Nigeria heal again

   Embittered whispers from Nyanya


NB: Dedicated to the victims of the Nyanya park terrorist attack, to their families, to Nigerians.


Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85


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