Soyombo Ayomikun: We will soon forget Dr. Adadevoh (Poem)

by Soyombo Ayomikun

Asphyxiated as his body dangled from a noose
That was Ken Saro-Wiwa’s end
He fought for freedom
And eventually was consumed by darkness
A rare spirit that has now become

Dele Giwa loved the alphabets
He juggled them together to display the truth
Unknowingly he embraced death when it came
As his body got blown into mournful shreds by a bomb
Sad that his beautiful soul is now

The day Rashidi Yekini
Scored Nigeria’s first goal in a world cup
We all convulsed with Joy
We ran naked on our streets
Thereafter,he lived a wretched life
Neglected by a nation he bled for
Now,none truly remembers again
The god that held the net in celebration

M.K.O. Abiola had a dream
He wanted to serve all to liberate the poor
He had the audacity to fight for his mandate
An audacity that got him drowned by mere tea
His death reawakened the spirit of democracy in all
A democracy we now daily despise
His spirit now lurks somewhere watching us
As he has been forgotten

Blood oozing from bullet holes
That was how Kudirat Abiola’s body was found
Murdered in a gruesome way
Because she cried for justice
Her killers-Unknown
Her days-Forgotten!

Who remembers the Nigerian students of GSS Mamudo
Slaughtered like animals in their sleep?
With their heads separated from their bodies
Their blood soaking the earth
Who knows their names?
Who knows their faces?
Who still remembers their hurting families
Martyrs now forgotten

Dr Ameyo Adadevoh
Died a nation’s death
She died for Nigeria to live
She perished to see us thrive
She died for a nation that easily forgets
For a clan that values life no more
We may shout that she be immortalized for a while
But soon after,we will forget

National honour is meaningless
When the people can’t keep up the creed
When the lives of those we are honouring
Can’t challenge us to live and die for others
National honour remains meaningless
When we keep honouring criminals
Criminals who looted our wealth in the past
Criminals looting us in the now

Nigeria needs a National History Museum
A chamber to celebrate our martyrs
Where we’ll place the picture of the child
Murdered like a slave somewhere in Gwoza
Where we’ll place the necklace of a girl
Raped and murdered somewhere in Yobe
A hall where spirits of our martyrs are daily evoked
Where we can take our grandchildren to read about Dr Adadevoh
A museum where none goes in to come out the same
Where the dreamless stumbles upon the beautiful Nigerian Spirit
A sanctuary of pains and dreams
A theater of our stories of bravery


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