Stella Oduah, Adams Oshiomhole, Doyin Okupe & 7 more people who should have resigned in 2013

by Wilfred Okiche


Here is a cool story.

In November, a supermarket roof collapsed in Latvia, killing 54 people. The response was swift. The prime minister Valdis Dombrovskis announced his resignation, taking political responsibility for the accident. His government’s austerity measures made it possible for the supermarket to be built with cheaper, inferior quality materials.

Action. Consequence. Reaction.

In similar patriotic vein, we have taken the pains to come up with a list of 10 officials who should have resigned this year following the consequences of their (in)actions. Check on the list. In no particular order.

Adams Oshiomhole

After his “you are a widow, go and die” explosion revealed former labour leader Adams Oshiomhole as the worst kind of leader; insensitive, uncaring and unfeeling, he played a quick one and invited the poor widow to tea in the government house. He also appointed her special assistant and sent her home with a cash gift. All well and good. But what he should have done the moment that video went viral was apologise profusely, deem himself unworthy of seeking for anybody’s votes and then leave office quietly.

Princess Stella Oduah

The reasons Mr president has for keeping this woman on as minister even after the house of representatives committee has recommended her sack continue to astound everyone. From corruption allegations, to careless spending of government funds (255 million Naira), unsafe skies and comments asking God to to take responsibility, it has been a dismal year for Ms Oduah. Nothing at this point justifies her continued stay in office.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Now this would be a bit of an obvious choice but our dear president has not had the best year even for his lacklustre standards. He has proved a very poor commander-in-chief, watching, bereft of strategies as Boko Haram terrorises both civilians and armed forces. He has been unable to clamp down on thieving government officials and corruption in high places, indeed showing no interest whatsoever to do so. Millions of Naira- from SURE-P to NNPC- have been reported to have disappeared under his watch. Tertiary students were home for the most part of the year while their lecturers were on strike, doctors have had at least 2 strike actions this year and the promised improved power generation remains a myth. Mr president prefers to fight messy domestic political battles that has left his party splintered and fractured. What way come 2015?

Bamanga Tukur

The Peoples Democratic Party chairman has been bad for everyone else apart from his principal, Goodluck Jonathan who has insisted in keeping him in office to actualise his perceived 2015 re-election agenda. Tukur’s continued stay in office, and the president’s ambition has split the ruling PDP- which is not itself, new to crisis- into bitter factions. There have been little attempts to reconcile aggrieved parties and the mass defection that followed has had the opposition in the majority for the first time since forever. Yet he remains chairman.

Danbaba  Suntai

Taraba state governor Danbaba Suntai who was involved in a plane crash late last year and was flown to Germany for treatment after suffering head injuries was this year’s pathetic cling-to-power-by-all-means example. After a hasty return, his handlers hastily arranged a pitiful public appearance showing an obviously still recuperating fellow waving to the cameras. They then went one further and launched an offensive against Garba Umar, the acting governor, producing a questionable letter expressing Suntai’s intent to resume work. Of course it was all very badly managed.

Obafaiye Shem

The former Lagos state NSCDC boss may have been redeployed to Oyo state but he should probably have tendered his resignation after his dismal outing on Channels television where he could not muster the website of the NSCDC, creating a toxic environment for what should have been a routine question. His oga at the top response launched a thousand internet memes and would have been unforgivable in the private sector.

Nyesom Wike

The president cherishes complete loyalty above everything else including competence and so it is that Nyesom Wike was asked to supervise the education ministry after the sack of Professor Ruqqayatu Rufai. Running a pivotal ministry and fighting political enemies are about as different as night and day, only someone forgot to mention it to Wike. He attacked the striking lectures with the ferocity of a toothless bull dog and made a mockery of himself with his gutter tactics in a bizarre press conference. Thankfully his bluff was called and the students are back in school.

Doyin Okupe

Because enough is enough.

Sule Lamido

The governor of Jigawa state has been involved in a long running battle of wills with president Goodluck Jonathan but that is besides the point. In November, 2 of his sons; Aminu Lamido and Mustapha Lamido were arrested and detained by the EFCC over money laundering charges amounting to tens of billions of Naira with roots traceable to the state account. While the governor enjoys immunity and cannot be prosecuted now, this particular scandal stinks to high heavens. How he manages to justify it is incredulous. And why the people of Jigawa aren’t bothered is bothersome.

Andy Uba

Senator Andy Uba has been different things in his chequered political career- special assistant/money courier to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, short-lived governor of Anambra state, senator of the federal republic- but it his current position that earns him a spot on this list. Senator Uba for some inexplicable reason chairs the senate committee on electoral matters. This after his brother Chris Uba became the biggest godfather in Anambra state since no one else. This also after he conspired with Obasanjo and former INEC chairman Maurice Iwu to impose himself on a long-suffering Anambra populace. How he gathers the moral gumption to preside over electoral matters surprises us till this day.

Did we miss anyone out? Let us know.


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