Stop attacking homes and business premises of Muslims – MURIC tells Fayose

Islamic body, Muslim Rights Congress (MURIC) has called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to stop the attacks on the homes and business premises of Muslims in Ekiti State. 

MURIC claims the attacks are carried out by “Fayose’s thugs”, citing the example of the attacks on a filling station owned by a prominent Muslim businessman, Alhaji Sulaiman Akinbami and other marketers.


MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, according to Daily Post said, “MURIC strongly condemns this impunity; we call on the Inspector General of Police to quickly intervene and restore law and order. We demand adequate protection for Alhaji Akinbami and his property in the state.

“Governor Fayose is victimizing Alhaji Akinbami for being a practising and committed Muslim. Akinbami is not really Fayose’s target, it is Islam. Fayose has demonstrated his hatred for Muslims in several ways before.

“He insisted that he would bulldoze the mosques inside the petrol stations if they were used for Jum’ah prayers. In obedience to the draconian order, the owner, Alhaji Akinbami stopped worshippers from coming for Jum’ah service.

“Yet Fayose was not satisfied; he gave orders that the evening Arabic classes attended by little children should stop and pronto, the owner complied. Again, he instructed them to stop the Sunday morning Asalatu activities. Akinbami has also obeyed but Fayose appears dissatisfied.

“The governor was alleged to have threatened to deal with Alhaji Akinbami during his media chat on Monday and complained that he could not tolerate Alhaji Akinbami’s business ventures because the latter is from Osun State.

“It will be recalled that the governor had threatened to bulldoze the businessman’s petrol stations few weeks ago because there are mosques inside the complex.”



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  1. Paul Olajide Obateru

    Bottom line: we are racing towards Armageddon. Book of revelation – written in symbols sheds light on the reasons behind this mess. Rev 9 – the locusts represent the first jihad. The word locust in Arabic is very similar to word for Arab. The first jihad covered the entire range of the desert locust – Spain to Afghanistan. That was the first woe. Mohammed dreamed of overthrowing the roman empire which was nominally Christian but had corrupted the purity of Christ with idolatry, greed, murder,. The emperor Leo 3 tried to ban idols because he saw the threat but he died and idolatry became entrenched. The 6th trumpet was the arrival of the Turks -symbolized by the Euphrates. Horse tails were symbols of power in the Ottoman empire. The fire, smoke and brimstone was gunpowder. They overthrew Constantinople aka mystery Babylon. Rev 9;20 but the people who survived the Turkish jihad did not repent of idolatry, thefts, immorality and murder. And there is the west today – depraved, corrupt, immoral – porn is rife, greedy, murdering the unborn and now they are debating /pushing for euthenasia. They have not repented and so we have the 3rd woe. Another Islamic jihad. This one will be more brutal than the turks because we’ve had the bible in our languages for centuries. Nations have had massive moves of the holy spirit and rejected it. It’s judgement time.

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