The Breakout! Y! TV: 22 AUGUST, 2010.


Chude Jideonwo

Shade Ladipo






Intro: We have with us Tosin Martins, the Olomi crooner from way back. The man who gave us an all time wedding song that refused to fade, how does it feel giving us that song?

TOSIN: Well, for me, it’s more of foresight and as it is said, seeing is believing. It’s not the only phenomenal song.

Does it feel like a burden being called the Olomi guy?

TOSIN: No, not quite. It’s like that because it was my first contact with the outside world.

Before this, you have been in the musical scene, even before the Olomi song, does that push away your past music history?

TOSIN: It does not do anything to my overall career. What matters is to be relevant in the present.

Are you a gospel artiste?

TOSIN: I am associated with all the songs from secular to gospel to a little of hip.

Are you signed with Storm Records?

TOSIN: I have always been with Storm Records, from Classic to Vintage and we have come a long way. Storm has been around for long and I have always been with them.

It’s typical of an artiste to have their own labels these days, take for example Skuki. Why don’t you have your own record label?

TOSIN: The question remains for any artiste to ask, ‘what is the record label that is suitable for you as well as the financial capacity. If you can create your own label, you would have to choose the bed you want to lie on.

You have a new album; this album has artistes from Jesse Jagz, MI and so on.

TOSIN: Yes, it all comes from my relationship with them. You have to look for a way to key in and stay relevant.

The packaging looks more of an international level.

TOSIN: That was because we had the launch at Maryland, US.

There’s ‘Made in Nigeria’ Remix?


What songs should we look forward to?

TOSIN: ‘Omo mi’ with Ice Prince, on the Gospel end, I have Ololufe on the album. It came naturally.

Why did the album take so long from the last to this one?

TOSIN: The music game has changed from how it used to be (from structure to writing to recording) and there was issue of finding the right stable. The press also determines the flow of the game.

It is the public (laughs), the public dictates the flow.

TOSIN: I think the press should create the medium for our kinds of songs and not just Hip Hop always.


Now we have the African American – Sauce kid. Is this your first album?

SAUCE KID: Yes, it came out July 31st from Storm Records.

There’s this thing about your songs. I like your coinage of words.

SAUCE KID: That’s my personality, my style, all the creativity with words. For me it’s all about versatility and expression.

Jide calls in from Maryland…………….. My sister likes you a lot Sauce. Pls say the sizzle sinzle for her (laughs).

SAUCE KID: Does your sister have the album? Tell her to get it.

How easy is it shuttling between Nigeria and America?

SAUCE KID: I am here to get everything but the reality is I have a daughter in the US who just turned two. I juggle between being a father and an artiste.

What’s the plan?

SAUCE KID: The plan is to look back 2/3yrs and say I have come a long way. The plan is to make a proud father to my daughter. I play basketball, back flips but rapping is for me simple.

People say Sauce is arrogant.

SAUCE KID: I’m built around reality and fairy tale. I’m built around being real. I’m a real person who tells it as it is.

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