The Naira has truly lost its value: See what it’s being used for

by Azubuike Azikiwe

At present, the naira is being traded against the dollar at the rate of 179 to 1.

While every Nigerian is quick to blame the government and dwindling oil prices for the sharp decline, we may also be culpable.

We came across a commercial bus (Danfo) driver using the N1000 note as a makeshift fuel funnel.


That’s how bad the naira has fallen, and from the look of things, it can only get worse..

Brace up, folks….

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  1. I agree with Maxie
    Change is not an instant thing but we need to lay the foundation for the new generation to effect the change effectively. I believe there is a law against spring and spreading money (naira) in ceremony(ies) or any form of gathering, but to Nigerians is lik asking a cat not to eat frosted fish. so many Nigerians have been writing on money, use it to clean dirty fingers, how many Nigerians hav wallet and use it best don’t there

  2. Nigeria currency has really lost it value and giving rise to Dollar on the other side… ONly God knows the solution to this problem, Nigeria economy is down and it very obvious

  3. “So that police can ar*est that driver and pros*cute him”. Bros, na wha for you o! Dog dey eat dog? Ojuju dey gbeghe Ojuju? In the 15th century when Columbus returned from the New World and proclaimed the earth was round, almost everyone else went right on believing the earth was flat. They did not believe him. They continued to hold on to their ancient belief that the earth was flat. Then they died, and the new generation after them grew up believing the earth was round. That is how change happens. That is how the total change we seek for our beloved country we come about. Its going to come about by a new generation of leaders, and I see them rising. We just need to step out of the way when they burst into the scene. Our danfo compatriot, and the police, belong to the past.

  4. This is an insult to the nation, It is high time we start doing the right thing by converting some animals in our midst such as this driver to human beings by teaching them some leasons, the person who capture this babaric act should have indeavour to get the number of that bus for easy tracing, So that police can arest that driver and proscute him.

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