“The people of the area have been crying” – Lagos State arrests 52 prostitutes organising ‘Ladies Night’

by Adeniyi Abdul

Lagos State isn’t playing; not if you’re a prostitute, that is.

The Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit on Wednesday night rounded up 52 commercial sex workers on Isaac John and Toyin Streets in Ikeja, after being informed that they were organising a special “ladies night”.

Chairman of the Task Force, Bayo Sulaiman revealed that the process of rounding up the ladies took about 3 hours. “We started moving round Toyin Street and later Isaac John Street to know where the prostitute usually stand to solicit for customers,” he said. “As soon as we were satisfied, we started arresting them. The exercise did not last for more than three hours.”

“Isaac John is where we have the Government House and it is a criminal offense to engage in harlotry by the sides of the road,” Sulaiman said. “The people in the area have been crying over the upsurge of prostitutes in the area and the traffic gridlock by the night club. We will not tolerate this anymore.”

“The state government will no longer condone this act of prostitution,” he continued. “These people are bad example to the youths. We have taken their photographs and finger prints individually; and when we apprehend them the second time, the punishment will be severe.”

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  1. I don't be leave condition push them into prostitution they choose it them self. prostitution is a thing of choice because they want fast money.

  2. pls dont just arrest them, help them with jobs also. If only the government will also do things the way T.B Joshua is doing, the (prostitute) will have no option than to retire from that evil act they are into.

  3. There is nothing that we can do for those ladies that they are doing Asewo, because that is there Business which kind of work is Goverment want to give them. Pls and pls Goverment let them do them there Business. That is my advise for Goverment.

  4. 1. Pic's funny as hell: see as she pick race.

    2. DaGrin said: "economically, most obinrin ti di ashewo." Na condition. Demand dey. And if they had a farm or shop, they might not be in this cheap business (they might consider high-class prostitution, for example.) So, yeah, show them a better way, don't just chase them 'cos they'll come right back tomorrow. Not a bad idea, actually, to have a sit-down with them about "a better way."

    3. What's more important is that they are safe (from violence, from STDs). That they are kept under a bit of control, in case some kids who travel in the dead of night see their bodies and are corrupted. Lol, kids can see enough skin in church nowadays. TV. Internet.

    Leave the ladies joo.

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